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Original Enzo & Big Cass ROH Plans REVEALED! AEW Want Dean Ambrose?! WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

August 20, 2019

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Let’s Have a Drink Christopher Travis Merryman! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHA
NEWS, I am Luke Owen. Have yourself a Superclick Party by giving us a subscribe and pressing
the thumbs up, and leave a comment down below to answer our question of the day: Which wrestler would you cast in a superhero
movie? We’ve got a packed show of news for you today – including AEW’s interest in
Dean Ambrose, surprising news about their possible TV deal, and the original plans for
Enzo and Cass in Ring of Honor and how they’ve shaken up the backstage scene. But first! There are some really big movies coming out
in 2019 – from Avengers: Endgame to Godzilla: King of Monsters to Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.
And the trailer for one of the most hotly-anticipated films was released yesterday – the Orion remake
of Child’s Play. The trailer not only shows off the new origin story for Chucky, but also
Mark Hamill’s voice of the iconic character and and… wait, what? Oh, right. You meant
the other big trailer from yesterday. The one with the wrestler in it The new trailer for Fast & Furious Presents:
Hobbes & Shaw was released yesterday, which showed Hollywood powerhouse The Rock team
with Jason Statham to take on Idris Elba in a battle to save the world – weren’t these
films originally about street racing? But more importantly this trailer gave us our
first look at Roman Reigns in the film. The newest Smackdown Live signee will play the
brother of The Rock in Hobbes and Shaw, and looks to be getting heavily involved in the
film’s climax. And Roman Reigns wasn’t the only wrestler
in the movie news this week, with Variety reporting that John Cena is in line to star
in James Gunn’s sequel/reboot The Suicide Squad – which will see Margot Robbie and Jai
Courtney return to play Harley Quinn and Boomerang respectivly, with Idris Elba joining the cast
in an unknown role. Interestingly, Variety’s Justin Kroll added on Twitter that the role
Cena is up for was originally lined up for Dave Bautista, but he pulled out due to scheduling
conflicts. So we’re going to have to wait for that Cena and Batista team-up movie. It’s
got to happen one day, right? And despite still being classed as a “free
agent”, John Cena was not drafted to either Raw or Smackdown in the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up,
which saw Roman Reigns jump to Smackdown, AJ Styles join Raw, Intercontinental Champion
Finn Balor head to the Blue Brand and – more ground-breakingly – Eric Young was waaaaay
in the back of this Raw graphic. Look, there he is. Hi Eric! One name that had been heavily speculated
to be joining the main roster was Pete Dunne, particularly after this year’s draft was
originally called the International Superstar Shake-Up, and after Dunne lost his United
Kingdom Championship to WALTER at NXT TakeOver: New York. Triple H has even said in the past
that Dunne is a future WWE Champion, saying there aren’t many “with a future brighter
than him.” And according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the
reason Dunne and former United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate were not called up to the main
roster was because WWE felt they were more valuable in establishing the NXT UK brand,
with Meltzer speculating that Vince wouldn’t have pushed them anyway due to their size
and promo skills. Speaking of wrestlers on the British wrestling
scene – segue – and PROGRESS announced yesterday that Jimmy Havoc will have his final match
for the promotion on Day 3 of Super Strong Style 16, calling it the end of an era. Havoc
was announced last month to be joining All Elite Wrestling, and he tweeted of the PROGRESS
match, “Not gonna lie, getting a bit emotional about this one.” And if you’re not going to be around for
Strong Style 16, you might be able to bid farewell to the man himself in person – if
you come to WrestleTalk’s screening of Ready to Rumble at the Prince Charles Cinema on
May 7th – with the PCC inviting Havoc to celebrate his run in PROGRESS by coming to the screening.
And not only will we be showing Ready to Rumble, but we’ll also be recording a live WrestleRamble
podcast afterwards discussing David Arquette’s wrestling career in WCW, WWE and his resurgence
on the indies in the last year. We’ve got some other surprises lined up, so get your
tickets to see WrestleTalk live by clicking the link in the video description below. And Havoc’s newest employees All Elite Wrestling
had some interesting news about their TV deal. Since the promotion’s announcement in January
this year, there has been a lot of talk of a TV deal in the works. In the last couple
of weeks it’s come to light that All Elite Wrestling is likely heading to Turner, to
either air on TBS or TNT – the former home of WCW Monday Nitro back in the 1990s. This came from a report by The Wrap, who said
that Turner would be presenting All Elite Wrestling to media advertisers next month
on May 15th, but added that nothing was official and no deal had been signed as of yet. Dave
Meltzer and The Fight Oracle also backed up this report, with Meltzer adding the show
would be a two-hour live broadcast in a prime time position starting in October, but refuted
The Wrap’s report that AEW could have an off-season. Tony Maglio of The Wrap recently featured
on 411Mania’s Wrestling Interviews series to discuss AEW where he revealed a very interesting
new tidbit about the deal. According to Maglio, “My understanding based on the people I’ve
spoken to is that it would be more AEW paying for its time on TNT than Turner paying AEW
for its show… The truth is, when you’re talking to Turner, [they’re] a very well-established,
very well-off company inside of gigantic parent company… [AEW is] not the UFC. It’s not
WWE, it’s not MLB… And I think currently, AEW has way more to prove than Turner has
in terms of trying to get them to come to their networks. I think AEW needs this deal
more than Turner does.” Dave Meltzer has since refuted this claim
on the Wrestling Observer message boards, writing, “Time buy is false. It’s the exact
opposite. Look at sports rights, Bellator, Matchroom, UFC on ESPN, people are offering
tons of money both for weekly live programming and also to get their streaming services starting.
For what it’s worth, Voices of Wrestling are also reporting that AEW are not paying
to get on Turner. revealed last week that the
Turner deal is the most likely, but there is still a decision to be made about which
channel it will air on, saying “it all hinges on the roster of talent they can get” adding
it comes down to if “they can get a big enough roster of wrestlers and enough recognisable
ones.” Which is interesting when it comes to a tweet
from former Impact World Champion Austin Aries, who posted what looks to be a contract with
the caption, “Signed, sealed, delivered. Vegas just hit the jackpot…” The reason this is interesting as Las Vegas
will be the home of All Elite Wrestling’s first official show Double or Nothing, which
takes place on May 25th from the MGM Grand Arena [30]. The show will also see The Young
Bucks defend their AAA Tag Team Championships against The Lucha Brothers, Kenny Omega vs.
Chris Jericho, Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Kylie Rae, and Adam Page vs. PAC. And
last week AEW announced Fyter Festival for June, which will see Omega team with The Young
Bucks to take on PAC and The Lucha Brothers, as well as Cody Rhodes vs. Darby Allin. And following that will be AEW’s Jacksonville
show Fight for the Fallen, with a portion of the proceeds going to victims of gun violence.
And the promotion announced two matches for the show this week, with Brandi Rhodes taking
on former Impact Knockout Champion Allie, and Kenny Omega facing CIMA. But could there be another big name joining
the All Elite Wrestling ranks? Following the 2019 Royal Rumble, Pro Wrestling
Torch reported that Dean Ambrose had decided to not re-sign his WWE contract and would
be leaving when it expires at the end of April. While many thought this was some sort of worked
storyline, it appears to be very, very real. With WWE advertising Ambrose’s final match
on the Raw After Mania, Ambrose saying his final farewell to the crowd at the Barclays
Centre in Brooklyn, and the final chapter of The Shield airing this Sunday on the WWE
Network as they’re broadcasting a house show match of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and
Ambrose teaming one last time to take on the formidable and unbreakable BARON CORBIN MIDCARD
OF EVIL. As mentioned earlier in this news episode,
one of the reported reasons that the All Elite Wrestling deal with Turner has not been finalised
yet is because AEW need more recognisable names on their roster than they already do.
Along with Austin Aries teasing a signing, there has been some speculation about Dean
Ambrose jumping over to All Elite Wrestling once his WWE contract comes to an end. However Dave Meltzer has noted in the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter that although All Elite Wrestling “would like him”, he writes:
“we’ve heard nothing in that direction.” Names that won’t likely be joining the All
Elite Wrestling ranks however are Enzo and Big Cass, who are now going by the names nZo
and CaZXL. The duo made an appearance at Ring of Honor
and New Japan’s joint G1 Supercard from Madison Square Garden over WrestleMania weekend
in an angle that was supposed to appear like a shoot. The G1 Supercard seems to have had quite an
impact on Ring of Honor backstage. The show was received well by fans – though our superchat
was just filled with people talking about the WWE Hall of Fame – and had great matches
like Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White, Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi vs.
Tetsuya Naito and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship three way that all got rave reviews.
However, those matches all came from the New Japan portion of the show – with all of the
Ring of Honor segments like Mega Ran, the six-man street fight, Dalton Castle turning
heel, the debut of The Beautiful People – who rebranded themselves as Allure with Mandy
Leon – and the nZo and CaZXL segments not being overly praised. Fightful are now reporting that there has
been a shift in power in the backstage creative for Ring of Honor, with Sean Ross Sapp writing
that Joey Mercury has gained a lot of influence along with Bully Ray, while longtime creative
lead Delirious’ input has decreased. Sapp reports, “Those that we spoke to expected
this to accelerate as time moves on,” adding that the changes can be seen with nZo, CazXL
and the Beautiful People being brought in. And despite no one from the New Japan side
of the G1 Supercard event reportedly knowing about the nZo and CazXL spot taking place
ahead of time, it did gain some social media traction. However, neither man were at the
most recent Ring of Honor TV tapings, and Dave Meltzer has now reported that they’ve
not being booked for anything else moving forward. Meltzer reports, “There were key
people very upset with [the G1] segment internally and [there was] internal divisiveness whether
to do it”, adding, “right now there are no plans to bring them back, but there are
also different people with different viewpoints involved with creative and it’s not clear
how the wind will blow.” Meltzer reports that the original plan for
the angle was just to see nZo grab Mark Briscoe, and for Mark to push him off – playing off
when nZo legit tried to hijack Survivor Series last year [55]. Security would then cart him
away and make it look very real. The idea being, if there was some buzz about it then
they could follow up with another angle, but if it was received negatively they could just
sweep it under the rug as they didn’t film any of it. Instead a larger brawl broke out,
and that may have led to nZo and CazXL not being booked by the promotion again due to
how poorly the angle was received by fans. Thank you for watching and a special thank
you to our Patreon Pledge Hammers, some of which you can see scrolling their way into
our stomach. Watch myself and other WrestleTalkers play Smash Bros Ultimate with Joker by clicking
the video over there, and get your tickets to see WrestleTalk live in May by clicking
the little image. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was Mecha News.

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