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Ole Miss Men’s Basketball: Mock Combine (2019)

November 6, 2019

[electronic music] Good, make sure we’re
good there, Logan. Push em out, push em out. It’s a quarter,
nine and a quarter. Good, now lean. So, hands together. Today was our NBA
Combine testing day. That’s how I like to
cap off our summer. Those measurements
are the measurements we give the NBA
scouts when they call, asking about a Terrence
Davis, Bri and Tyre, some of these younger guys. Big time day for a lot of us. This our chance, to test our numbers against the people we look
up to, pretty much. And see if we are getting
closer to our goal, or even at our goals. Boom, 79 flat. Out, out, out, out, out. 76 and a half.
100 and a half. 79 and a half, almost 80. All of our
measurements last year, as far as per metric stuff,
was within a quarter inch of what TD measured in Chicago. So we really pride ourselves on
giving them real numbers, not just inflating numbers up,
to make them feel good. And I’m trying to see if I’m
ready to play at my dream. And that’s the NBA. I was ready to do
every one full speed. We’ll get a half court time, and a three-quarter court time, just like Chicago. Don’t ask your time, you
don’t get them til we’re done. You come back for practice, we’ll have all the
numbers up and everything. First, I won’t have them, cause it’s based off your reach. You just gotta keep trying
to beat whatever you beat, don’t worry about the number, just better, better,
better, better, every round. [yells] Big arms. Up, up, up. Elevate, elevate, elevate. Good. [yelling] The verticality
drill is the best. Everybody wants to see
how high they can get up. Everybody loves to talk about
how high they can get up. I ain’t the one
to brag, but man, I’m finna go ahead and
show you what I do. Go ask one of them guys
who jump higher than me? Ay. [yelling] [grunting] The drills you saw are exactly how they
run it in Chicago. Laser testing for all our
speed stuff, using the Vertec. Finish, go, go, go! Good. That way when the
guys get to Chicago, it’s not the first
time they’ve done it. It allows them to understand,
athletically, where they are. It’s just a maze, that they kind of maybe
look up to, a little bit, they just got drafted, to kind of see where they
fall with those things. And then it also lets
them know which areas they’ve gotta get better. [team cheering] That’s a wrap. 12 feet, you just hit 12 feet. Especially when
you go to Chicago, some of these real leagues are starting to do some
testing like that as well. It’s a little nerve wracking
because of the drill, and they’re having
to explain it to you, if it’s the first time
you’ve ever done it. We don’t spend a ton of time
on it, but we do value it. We’ve obviously spent time
doing it in the summer, we’ll do it again in the fall. The key is to bounce
off this line. Watch this. One, two. Tight, tight, tight, tight. Watch him bounce off.
Boom. A lot of that stuff
is confidence, and understanding, exactly
what they’re trying to test, as far as, how many
steps left or right am I doing in certain drills? They’re confidence is how they feel good about
when they go to perform. Man, we just got in there. We worked, and we just tried
to do everything we can do. Test our vert, see how fast we learn
all the agility stuff. I think it was a successful day. I think that everybody
went hard, went full speed, and we looked good out there.

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