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Observers speculate on Kim Yo-jong’s elevated status within N. Korean regime following …

March 25, 2020

there is a fresh speculation that the
sister of North Korean leader Kim jong-un could have been promoted up the
reins of the regime now this comes as kim yo-jong released her second official
statement on sunday through which she commented on a letter sent to her
brother by US president Donald Trump on possible cooperation in combating the
corona virus pandemic her Kim Hassan reports it looks like kim yo-jong the
younger sister of North Korean leader Kim jong-un has achieved elevated status
within the regime she released her second official statement on Sunday
disclosing that US President Donald Trump sent Kim jong-un a letter
expressing Washington’s intention to cooperate with Pyongyang to fight the
coronavirus kim yo-jong said president Trump’s letter signaled the exceptional
friendship between the two leaders but added weather relations between the two
countries live up to the personal ties between Kim and Trump remains to be seen
this could be a sign that she’s aggressively weighing in on Pyongyang
Washington relations as well as the inter-korean Agenda observers speculates
the two leaders could be preparing to meet sometime in the future the
statement implies the regime’s intend to maintain friendly ties with the u.s. it
could also be getting ready as there is the possibility President Trump who will
be reelected however kim yo-jong pointed out that
president Trump’s letter came at a time when big difficulties and challenges
stand in the way of developing bilateral ties impossible reference to US
sanctions on the regime Humason arirang news

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    One thing is wrong with North Korea They have no reported Covid-19 cases… what!?

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    hello✌😎😎✌North Korea 🇰🇷 News /03/24/2020

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