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NJPW: Let’s Play Pro Wrestling – Overview and Basic Gameplay

October 10, 2019

Let’s Play Pro Wrestling is the New Japan
Pro Wrestling Licensed Game available on Android and IOS but only if you reside in Japan. If
you’re not based in Japan there are still ways to access the game but we’re not going
to talk about that here. The game allows you to name and create a character
by initially selecting from a range of free body parts on a character creator screen.
Later on in the game you will be able to unlock more elaborate hair styles, physiques and
attires. You can do this by using the games soft currency, i’ll call it New Japan Silver,
or the game’s hard currency New Japan Gold. You’ll recognise certain attire and body
parts from your favorite New Japan performers. You can even opt to buy pre made packages
so you can assume the persona of the wrestler of your choice. Whilst your character will
resemble the Pro Wrestler you’ve bought you won’t immediately have access to their
trademark moves. There are a selection of in game moves available
to purchase, again using hard and soft currencies. A majority of the most desirable moves are
locked until you reach a higher level, so you’ll have to play a bunch to unlock that
V-trigger, One Winged Angel combo! Game play itself is pretty simple. You’ll
be able to equip your wrestler with 3 moves from your repertoire. Each of these will have
a point value assigned and a colour code. Typically Reds are strikes and top rope splashes,
Greens are throws and drops, and blues are submissions and pinning moves. Executing a manoeuvre in match is simply a
process of selecting one of your three moves from the button options at the bottom, your
opponent will do the same. Whoever picks the highest value move wins the round and executes
their attack. There are a few modifiers that will increase
or decrease a moves value when selected. First off there’s a colour wheel that determines
which type of attacks work better against each other. The manoeuvre in your 3rd slot is selected
as your finisher or “Super attack” and at times gives you the option of a timing
based minigame that rewards you with a numbers boost. When initiated a circle will pulse
in on itself and you need to trigger the attack when the circle has collapsed in the middle.
Depending on when you trigger you will see either a miss, good or perfect rating on your
timing. The better your timing here the better your reward. Aside from these mechanics you’ll
note more arbitrary increases and decreases as the match progresses, likely tied to your
success rate in game. Tag matches will also offer up additional
options in terms of tagging your opponent and executing a double team move. These actions
however are dependent on having enough points in your tag-team-o-meter to allow you to select
them. Overall “Let’s’ Play Pro Wrestling”
is a fun mobile wrestling game that could easily rival WWE Champions, among others,
for those interested in the New Japan product. There are a load more features for this game
that warrant further insight and review including items, tag matches and Gatcha. If you’d
like us to dig into any area in more detail please leave a note in our comments. If you
like this video and want to see more like this please subscribe to our channel in which
we’ll be reviewing any wrestling games, old and new, that we can get our hands on.

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    How can you play it if you are in America?

  • Reply Apacaveli Tha Don January 4, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    Dope how can you download it?

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