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NIVIA football size 5 SIMBOLO – Match ball for indian grounds / grassy grounds

September 24, 2019

hello, friends welcome back to my channel
PCFC (park circus football club ) and today’s video is all about Simbolo.Currently, it’s
my favorite match ball let me remind you that I have not used any other high-quality footballs
apart from the Cosco premier and Nivia shining star.I yet have to use and experience the
Nike and the Adidas footballs so let me know about any other football you think which is as good or better than the Nivia Simbolo, so without any further delay, let’s begin.Nivia
Simbolo is described as a match ball playable on grassy grounds and suitable for all weather.
The outer surface of the ball being described to be made of PU material, with a total of
32 panels, handstitched crafted for a high performance. I ordered it online from Amazon under Cloudtail India. this ball is difficult to find in retail stores and the prices vary.Buying from retailers will cost more. I don’t know why Nivia does not have its price provided in their online website and why don’t they update any changes made to the design of the product. Inflating the ball was easy- breezy and the
bladder easily took the shape of a perfect sphere the first day. The panel of the Nivia
Simbolo is neatly constructed and the shape of the ball is just perfect. The perfect roundness
of the Nivia Simbolo makes it very well balanced football and juggling with this football feels
delightful. The responsiveness of the football gets enhanced
as the football rolls very smoothly because of the perfect spherical shape of the ball. The Nivia Simbolo has a premium feel because it is well padded to provide soft touch when your feet comes in contact with it while dribbling,
juggling heading and shooting. The bounce of the football is determined by
the thickness of the outer surface and the quality and the responsiveness of the inside
football bladder. the bounce of the Nivia Simbolo is just sublime. Similar or even better
in comparison to the Cosco premier football, the bounce of the football feel great while
juggling with it and even if the Nivia Simbolo is provided with soft touch it has not compromised
its bladder’s responsiveness, which majorly contributes to the bounce of the football.The
Nivia Simbolo reacts very responsively when you shoot the ball with the right part of
the feet. The ball owes a lot of its advanced to its
perfectly spherical shape and well-balanced weight. Because of these attributes, Nivia
Simbolo is very stable in flight and doesn’t wobble much and is quite reliable. The weight of the Nivia Simbolo football is
more heavier in comparison to the Cosco premier which is why it’s most faster in flight. Nivia simbolo is a perfectly well-balanced
football which you can play in football matches. It has a soft touch for comfort, good weight
to offer stability, sublime bounce and responsiveness and good durability when played on grassy
grounds. it’s an overall performing ball which makes it so wonder its the I- Leagues
second division official match ball. This ball definitely should be in your Amazon wish
list or football kit if you are a semi-professional footballer or even an amateur who is particular
about the overall experience of football. Buy from the link which have been provided
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