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Nicki Minaj Gets Candid on Travis Scott and Why She Doesn’t Need a Man

November 21, 2019

First of all, congratulations. This is number one
in 86 countries. Yes. Now, when you were number
two behind Travis Scott, it seemed you got
upset about that. But why do people say things
like “upset” or “angry”? When someone says how
they feel, they’re not always upset or angry. Well what were you feeling? I felt like I wanted to punch
him in his [BLEEP] face. Because– What are those emotions
then if that’s not anger? No, no. It’s not anger. It’s just what’s right
and what’s wrong. What’s fair. I’ve had a number two
album, and I never cared. It’s just that when you have
a number two to someone who’s selling shirts and
merch and selling passes for a tour that’s not
even announced yet, it feels like you’re
being tricked. It feels like, you know, someone
is playing a game and, like, beating you at a game as
opposed to just selling music. I want to sell music. Right. So you’re saying that’s
what he was doing? Yes. Yes. He sold a lot of
t-shirts and sweaters. And tour passes. And so we’re not
going to have that. OK. All right. Yes. So he didn’t– so I wanna say,
he didn’t have the number one album. Queen was the number one album. And by the way, I lost
out on 12 hours of sales in my first week, because
it was a secret album. So I was going to drop it
while I was on Queen radio. And then I did it. And then 12 hours
later it came out. So to even have that much
to do such a huge number is a big deal. So I want to make
sure I say this. Because sometimes people
think that you’re ungrateful. And I’m, like, the most
grateful person in the world. I love being grateful
and remembering that things could be worse. OK? I started from nothing. I’m one of those people who– I get it. But I don’t like being bullied. And I don’t like being
taken advantage of. And sometimes people use
scare tactics against you because they know,
especially as a black woman, that people will call
you angry or bitter. And so now, it’s
almost like we’re not allowed to defend ourselves
or stand up for ourselves. And I’m not going to have that. Don’t have it. No. No. You are not gonna have it. No. Good. All right. Let’s talk about your love life. Why? Because. Last time I got it out of you
that you were with Nas, and I– No, I didn’t say I
wasn’t I was with Nas. I said I chilled– I hung out with him. All right. All right. So you hung out with Nas. And he and I are
still good friends. Good. Meek Mill you hung out with. You hung out with Drake. No I– no, no, no. All right. No. I was in a relationship
with Meek for a while. But not Drake? And it was very toxic something. But we had some good times. And we ended that. And then, no, with Drake, I’ve
never been in a relationship with Drake. No? OK. Whose new boy? There is new boy, right? Hmm. I have my people. I know. How do you know? How do you get these– I’m know who’s giving it. I know he’s giving this
information to you, Ellen. I don’t even talk to him. Whatever. No. Well, there was–
there is a new boy, but he and I kind of like
fell back a little bit. And then, [LAUGHING] and
then there’s, like, a newer– Oh, but there’s a new boy. So there’s a newer new boy? Yeah. How new is this new boy? Fairly new. Like, as long as the
hair’s been on your leg? No. He’s been around for
a couple of weeks now. All right. But I don’t– I don’t have a boy. Look, I’m just chilling. I’ve always been in a
relationship my whole life. I was in a relationship
since I was 15 years old. This is the first
time that I’m single. And I’m happier. I’m more free. And that’s OK. Good. All right. I used to feel like
I had to have a man. I swear. My whole adult life. I used to feel like
I had to have a man. And I want every woman on here
to know, you absolutely don’t. You can go– Amen, sister. I want women to know also,
you don’t need a man.

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