NEW Royal Rumble PLANS! WWE Thinks THESE Stars ‘AREN’T SPECIAL!’ & Most DISLIKED Of 2019 – Round Up

December 27, 2019

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we’re gonna be talking about the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar heading into the
Royal Rumble something that we have no idea about right now is who he is going
to be facing at that big event the first pay-per-view of the year the last time
that we ended up seeing Brock lesner on-screen was a Survivor Series when he
defeated Rey Mysterio to retain his WWE Championship he then took a bit of a
Brock lesner hiatus which we already used to and now he said to come back or
at least report suggests that Brock lesner next match will be at the rumble
so he is set to come back and build off a feud for it within the next couple of
weeks over the last two weeks we have discussed the fact that WWE have been
trying to build off towards a rematch between Brock Lesnar in UFC rival Kane
who he be in about two minutes at crown Jui in October but there is also a high
possibility that this match instead would take place on WrestleMania
therefore Brock Lesnar needs an opponent for the rumble a new report from case I
see to indicate the Brock Lesnar could be defending his WWE Championship
against either Kevin Owens or Randy Orton which when you look at it it
really makes sense these two guys are the two big babyface of the red brand as
of right now there is a bit of a problem and that is that Randy Orton has been
feuding with AJ Styles and WWE been holding off a one-on-one match between
both of them at a pay-per-view we didn’t get at at TLC we did got on a Monday
Night Raw but that ended in interruption anyways so it feels like WWE is trying
to build it off for us to get the at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view the
other issue is that a yes Kevin Owens is the biggest face on Raw right now for
the men’s division but he is Fury with Seth Rollins which we also didn’t get a
singles match at TLC due to injury and so on so WWE’s gonna drag it out all the
way up to the Rumble but maybe Kevin Owens gets a breather from it since now
we got some more gos a babyface added into this saffron and say ope Kevin
Owens feud and Rey Mysterio in the mix and all of that which we’ll talk about
that at the end of this run that what we’re talkin about Monday Night Raw
anyway certainly a lot of planning and a lot of shifting that WWE is gonna have
to do to get this done but other than that realistically speaking and who else
could Brock lesner face besides maybe another rematch with Rey Mysterio which
I wouldn’t be against because their Survivor Series match was actually great
now that is something that I would like to see but switching it to the opposite
side of things and not so much things that we like in 2019 but instead of
things that we did not like as we get a list of the top three most disliked WWE
YouTube video in 2019 and this is a great transition because a Brock Lesnar
brutally attacking Rey Mysterio and his son it’s WWE’s number three most
disliked YouTube video in 2019 with 39,000 thumbs down clocking in at number
two we got Seth Rollins hitting the fina Bray Wyatt with a stomp this video has a
ninety eight thousand dislikes as for number one we gotta take it back at two
early on this year and this is when Charlotte Flair replaced Becky Lynch and
the anticipated WrestleMania match with the involvement of Vince McMahon and so
on Charlotte Flair managed to get herself into the WrestleMania match to
face on and Ronda Rousey this was at the peak of Becky Lynch rise
to the top which was so organic so of course everyone was pissed off about it
so this video ended up getting 73,000 dislikes good thing that Becky was added
back into the match and it became a triple threat back into the news at this
point it is well documented that Matt Hardy’s deal with WWE is slated to
expire in early 2020 up until recently with the
company booking him and quick squash matches on Raw WWE hasn’t done much with
him once his brother Jeff Hardy went down with an injury that resulted in him
getting surgery this week Matt Hardy once again took to his official Twitter
account where he commented on the top-five returns of the decade that was
sent out by WWE which of course included the hardy boys return on WrestleMania 33
the interesting thing about this is that this led to Matt Hardy taking WWE for
the inclusion as well as stating that he knows they aren’t currently considered
to be top talents he indicated the following thanks for the inclusion at
WWE I know we aren’t currently considered top-level talent but this
return left an incredible mark on pro wrestling history in terms of logistic
and surprise as well as happiness and triumph this one tops the list for many
this is one of the many tweets that Matt Hardy has kind of sound off on WWE and
giving us hints that he is gonna be out of the company once the contract expired
speaking about top guys that WWE are using as they should
over the last week or so we reported on the fact that the revival we’re
necessarily getting the best treatment from the WWE right now and things are
just not looking up for them and after the last episode Smackdown was clear
that the WWE will continue the comedy stuff with this legit wrestling tag team
it started two weeks ago we’re on Friday Night Smackdown – water trip doing his
entrance that was intentional and it was meant to be the star of their comedy
gimmick that then continued on the last episode what we got the revival loose –
heavy machinery in a Miracle on 34th Street match now feature Legos and the
match was produced to put over Otis and Mandy Rhodes apparent blossoming
relationship which in a way it worked because Otis was high or throughout the
night but for the revival it didn’t even stop there cuz we also got Elias coming
out and singing a song to the tag team that just more or less humiliated them
on top of their loss that they just took now wrestling
that CEO is reporting the following a WWE source was asked why the sunny shift
for the revival and they indicated the following Vince McMahon expected them to
sign new contracts by now and they haven’t so this is what he wants to do
with them the source added he wants to lock people in months before their
contracts pyre and if they don’t want to play ball then he’s going to push them
as comedy guys so that obviously by the time that they’re out of the company
they’re just a comedy act that not everyone wants to take them serious and
then the image is gonna devalue them as heat acting it is no secret that the
team deals expires sometime around April that swather has a little bit of extra
time since they throw his contract for a few weeks when he was injured there was
an attempt to push them as serious scene for a few months but ultimately in
addition to the contract not being signed yet
wrestling news that CEO indicate that at least one person in WWE and the Vince
McMahon doesn’t see them as more than midcourt act the one thing that we do
know is that if they get sent back to annex C that’s probably the only way
that they’re gonna resign with the company if things doesn’t turn out for
the better on Raw Smackdown considering that they will end up on aew WWE might
just offer them more money just to simply keep them and I give them up to
the competition but in the meantime as I said on to these contracts aren’t signed
it looks like they’re just gonna continue doing the comedy act it
probably also doesn’t help the fact of the revival just teasing an ADW move and
even taking picture with some tag teams on aew getting the internet excited for
something that might be coming next year Scott Dawson even took to Twitter
recently indicating that the team is struggling without rendering hashtag
help in hashtag F T RKO it’s a real shame that miss Whitman decided to split
the team up when they were just getting high on a weekly basis Randy on with the
revival could have been a hell of a three-man team heading into 2020
talking about a W former WWE superstar Ryback got fans talking after he showed
off a photo with executive vice president Cody Rhodes with the caption
stating 2020 hashtag feed me more chances are they run to each other and
they took a photo but it is worth mentioning that over the last couple of
months Ryba has talked about having an interest in joining the promotion once
he is healthy couldn’t lead to that in 2020 another interesting news pointing
out is the fact that Cody Rhodes recently revealed on Twitter that he
gave WWE permission for them to use the dusty Rhodes name once again which is
probably one of the only reason that we’re getting the dusty classics back
once again so get guy Cody Rhodes thank you for that even though it’s literally
gonna be part of the rival promotion and exceed moving into some other news as of
the last couple of weeks we got a reports indicating that both entrada
cinemas and over to querido are being positioning stars of the
future by raw executive director Paul Heyman this is all despite a report
several weeks ago that Vince’s man was done with trying to push Umberto querido
but the two wrestlers went head to head at TLC on the pre-show and vertically
you came out on top in a very good match and he also came out on top when they
had a match on Raw before the pay-per-view however on the row
following TLC and rather see an ama won a gauntlet match to be named number one
contender for the United States Championship
he didn’t technically win it but yes he was about to as WWE and then a out of
nowhere nonetheless all of this indicate that maybe WWE are finally gonna go
through with it as the plan is to push both of them within the same rivalry
that they’re in and make top stars out of them which is why WWE’s even
including Rey Mysterio into the mix which can lead to some classic matches
between any of these guys if WWE does commit to it like the plan
suggests that’s what went down on Monday Night Raw it was a pre-taped show as we
discussed before so we’re gonna go through it as quick as possible as it
wasn’t really that event for except for two things some mojo turning babyface
and maybe Chelsey green debuted from NXT but the show started off with Kevin
Owens defeating mojo Rowley in a No Disqualification match
leading to him get attacked by Seth Rollins an AOP Bobby Lashley defeated
sandrich Alexander and next week we’re gonna be getting Lana and Lashley
wedding so get ready for them Jim McIntyre defeated sac rider and also
attack the car Hawkins in the process the road will make champion Becky Lynch
a challenger a scout to a match that’s probably gonna be happening at the Royal
Rumble pay-per-view Alistair black defeated in local talent and body Murphy
defeated another local talent these who are gonna face each other in a
one-on-one match next week live on Raw ricochet defeated Tony nice Charlotte
Flair defeated Chelsea green the old sea defeated wrote on Team Champions the
Viking raiders and Randy Orton ever-growing defeated a local talent
rusev defeated no way Jose and I lie against probably the best part of the
night with a rocky road to sour and r-truth chase each other around New York
City in pursuit of the 24/7 championship that was won by Santa Claus the title
change up from acute ozawa winning it to Santa winning it and then our two of
ultimately of course regaining it for the 1 million time and for the main
event we got United States Champion Rey Mysterio defeats at Rollins would be a
disqualification then Rey Mysterio got dragged up by AOP
to the announce table Samoa Joe wasn’t having it he wasn’t happy with
everything that I hope he was doing throughout the night and he wasn’t happy
now he didn’t want to move so that AOP put rey mysterio through the table in
the end Samoa Joe got attacked by a op4 refusing and he’s probably gonna be
joining Rey Mysterio and of course Kevin Owens to go against AOP and Saif
within the next couple of weeks pointless as we mentioned at the
beginning of the Ronda there’s a lot of options that WWE could go with with Seth
Rollins at the Royal Rumble if they want him to have a singles match and if they
want Kevin Owens who may be face Brock Lesnar anyways guys that is what I got
for you if you enjoy find this informative don’t forget to elbow drop
it and hit those notifications join up a swing towards 200,000 subscribers I’ll
see you on the next one so stay savvy

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