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January 12, 2020

Joltter are you red hot or ice cold? What a question to begin with
I know, I don’t know dog poo in the snow You’re definitely ice cold. I know I’m ice cold then you’re red hot today I am I’ll take that okay funnily enough before we get into the boots. I just realized that I’m even wearing sneakers that are Matching I’m also wearing Sunkist, but they are also blue and red But anyways later Allah Brandi’s finalized pack are the funny thing is that this is actually a pack where you get two packs? In one pack Wow Wow so if you buy a pair of vapor you get it in both color we all oh Now that would have been epic I know that’s the next thing you should do not need but but you know There’s a red pack this red side of things There’s a blue side and things basically to expand on the whole our Dappy pack thingy out with the chimp Oh last year But just roll it out unto everything so we’re gonna see plays all over Europe every team the place in blue will obviously wear them The blue the blue pack and then every other team will wear the records so a lot more s That’s like the general rule of thumb. Let’s go through the boots. It is they do look pretty good. Where do you wanna stop? I think we’re just gonna start here Yes with the magista opus focus – how are the boots first and foremost? Reason to call always yes decent-looking this one. You know it’s not bad. It is also crazy it also comes in blue The the cool thing is that the red is is like it’s black and red whereas This is more like Navy and blue, which do you like I like this one more yeah black and red yeah agree? Okay, it also comes as an Oprah again black and red actually you know the more. I look at it the better I think it looks yeah, I saw it for the first time and then I thought you It’s a little bit boring, but the fact that this is like it almost looks like a like a heaven It are where were you where you mix the black with some gray? I think it it looks it looks decent for somebody was calling it I’m just gonna talk about the boots you do your thing III think it actually looks pretty good like wider And it’s it’s always been good are this I think you know Just browsing through all of them. I think all of the colorways look decent yes No, they’re not life changing like hope low cuts whole cuts whole cuts Low cut hyper it up. Here. You know, but it’s cool Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I think basically I like this one more than This one, I know and it doesn’t have I really like the fact that it doesn’t have like this split designed Uh, I like the split design, but it just makes it look even more stealthy this um. This is actually very nice I know I know Not by looking. I think you know, but I think this is cool, too. You know an Allred hypervenom with a red outline I think it looks I Worried I always had a thing for red boots ever since I was a kid you know all red boots This is something to I think that the Georgia Hachi Wore a red Puma things back in the day. That was those with the bass. We also got a high cut Hypervenom phantom 3df in in it’s probably or more like a really dark navy. Then it is anything else It’s it’s just before that this looks better than this Almost It depends like what your view on the sock is I think this one is this this looks a little bit Faster and like yeah, you know with it the silicone coating here that the like it looks a little bit more Premium where you can actually see the Navy knit here. I think might just be me might just be me tempo tempo solid-looking I like the rent one more that I like the blue one same I Think this is just a bit too baby blue, yeah in my opinion will look nice in the City kids it will it will but all boots were basically Superfly now that is a fast looking boom my great god Wow, wow wow wow yes, obviously sets Nike on the inside I’m not very in front of that this looks more like a like a normal super fly as we would know them I Also, think it obviously looks really really yes basically takes the lock in the loose super fly and painted blue instead of orange Yes, but it works. Looks. Good. Looks really good paper Stand up and stand up and get your applause I like the the Power is it like in let me oh I like that I guess series. I’m dead serious Again, I’m not a baby player um so it’s all good. Ah But it’s nice. It’s nice nice. This is fantastic What about the other one? I think but this is more like I Actually like this more than the lock in the loose as well because again it is locking let loose just with with like a different It changed the orange and r22 blue basically yeah, but but I like it. I think it’s a little more um The the the lock in the loose with uh with the wife’s wish it looked a little bit You know confusing with older like the bright colors I think here the swoosh and the Nike stuff pops a little bit more hmm. I like that a lot. I think this is OK 3 3 seconds the best-looking boot You go I’m gonna go with this. I think this is very nice. I I would agree with you although That’s very good bad, but there is no Competing with the red paper Levin. I’m just I’m just gonna say. I think I think you know overall This is actually a very good looking You know initially when we saw it the first thing you said to me was that it’s a little bit You know coin compared to the lock and let loose and I can see where you’re coming from it’s the more toned-down but then again It’s actually you know listen match it with the right kit. It’s gonna be killer. I know it’s not Life-changing no you know no, but I think it’s a decent pack I do have to say that I think I enjoyed their locking let loose a little bit more just because of this like you know Yellow vault ish bites. It was orange, but go on you know what I mean it moved – Are we talking about the same pack luck is rising fast? Which one is that? Rising fast oh that’s like the the baby blue navy theme. This is what I think that catch Okay, it was not this one lock-in lot anyways like in general I think first of all it’s cool that you know oh shit yeah, man. I think this one just pops are you coming? Okay J. Mike this video is about the fire and ice pack that Lenny went which is talking what you story just talking Yeah, so see. I I this is a little bit more radical It’s a little bit more vibrant my I get what you say, but on the other hand This is a they really use these colors well III I Get what you’re saying you can’t really go wrong with orange and black and it always looks good And I know it reminded you a little bit of the og hypervenom Yes, that’s probably also why you liked them, but but I think that this is toned down in a really cool classy stylish way And and I like the fact that we’re going back to more Should we say it’s okay to have black boots as like a elite colorway on-pitch colorway. Yeah, it brings back You know then when the boots pop and when when colorways pop they really yeah I mean you know here the vapors are gonna. Pop a lot more because the Oprah’s addendums on the boot pack off dog yeah And one more thing I need to to mention is the fact that on the vapor the border around the swoosh has gone Which I think looks really clean. It’s just yeah, just it’s one of the things. I noticed though I mean Why else you have a such a sharp eye for a guy with glasses oh? Thank you. I can still see what I actually can’t see with a glass You try you try see what you can tell no, okay, okay? Before we here we get all all into just fun and banter here We talked about the best food on the table final words before we round it Imagine if you and your friend you wear the same bullets yet you wear the same size Oh, yeah, and you you mix it up. You mix it up. Wow that’s a bold move. Just think about it Okay, if you can find a homey who’s wearing the same boots and you want to be a true baller? You know wow we’re probably Going, probably gonna kick the shit outta you, but that’s it is what it is. It is what it is guys What do you think off the new fire and ice pack and which is the cooler side off the? Pack usually let us know in the comment section right down below also
Don’t forget to check out our upcoming play test Which is gonna be right down here until then there’s gonna be something else click It make sure you subscribe by clicking the green bubble somewhere over our heads Show us some love leave us a thumbs up on the video and spread the word by sharing a video with your friend Who is your also? You’re right? Besties and without the signing off camp peace out I’m too white for that. Oh my god

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    6. Vapor XI fire
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    5. I would go with Messi pure agility with laces it's quite comfortable expect once when I went to buy adidas shoes I went through adidas shoes and it had a thing on the side on the inside witch I didn't like but one of my teammates really like them he uses all the time.
    4.i would go with the mercurial vapour 11 from the floodlight pack / the CR7 chapter 3 superfly's,(except the superfly's) I've had them and there pretty good and comfortable and are for aggressive player like attackers and more attackive midfielders that like to out pace their defenders but I would say there good but not good enough to be at the top 3.
    3. For number 3 I would say 16.1/17.1/ 16.2/17.2 and sow on some of my teammates have them and there pretty good they say they're comfortable and are great for Sunday league and are great for turning and an average pace.
    2. I would say the hypervenom phantom 3's/ hypervenom phelon 3's and again some of my teammates have them and they say they're good for changing direction and running with pace and good for shooting with power and accuracy at the same time.
    1. Now my most favourite kids football boot of all time is the…… ace 17+ pure control you probably guessed it already but I've got them and I've had them one the first week it came out and I tested them and I absolutely fell in love with them the lockdown is great the grip with the ball is great the control you have over the ball like my uncle said either you control the ball or the ball controls you so the ace's help me control the ball a lot better the padding is great especially on the toe box area and the sides but when I first got them my heel would ache after games but then it got better it's a really good boot a really good purchase yes, it might be expensive but it's excellent for it price I would highly recommend it for someone only if they have a high budget. Jay mike I really hope you give me the purechaos's please get in contact with me if I win witch I hope I do

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