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Neville WWE Plans REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

August 30, 2019

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Undertaker’s WWE return is currently the subject of much rumour and speculation – with
John Cena saying their long-reported WrestleMania match can’t happen on this week’s Raw,
and Sports Illustrated claiming Cena will be facing Rey Mysterio in the Deadman’s
place. But there’s one thing that will always be
true with the Undertaker, and that’s his brotherly bond with Kane, where they’ll
always be there for each other. Apart from when Undertaker killed Kane’s
family by burning their home. And when Kane buried Undertaker alive. And when Kane locked Taker in a casket and
set it on fir- In what is apparently the Brothers of Destruction’s
first ever appearance outside WWE, The Undertaker turned up at a benefit event supporting Kane
running for the Mayor of Hard Knox County – where the Deadman looked like he was having
a gas. I guess Taker really puts the ‘pain’ in
‘political campaign’…so, err…how about that Neville? Segue. Neville WWE Plans Revealed? After dominating the Cruiserweight division
for the majority of 2017 – apart from that weird week where Akira Tozawa was champion
– Neville reportedly walked out on the October 9th episode of Raw due to frustrations with
his creative direction. He hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since, apparently
asking for his release and being “very happy” about his decision. That was until WWE reportedly froze his contract,
placing Neville in limbo – one of the most talented wrestlers in the world being unable
to work. Apart from rumors he might return following
last November’s Survivor Series, very little has come out about the situation. But now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
has an update, reporting “Talks are back open regarding a Neville return” – with
April being the target for his comeback, which would likely mean the Raw after WrestleMania. Meltzer confirms in his report that WWE did
indeed freeze Neville’s contract, as he was “looking at leaving”. This has presumably backed Neville into a
corner, where he might as well wrestle out the remainder of his term. It’ll be interesting to see what capacity
Neville returns in, as one of his reported frustrations with WWE was how he was booked
as a Cruiserweight – placing a ceiling on the level of stardom he could reach. Perhaps his return might involves be wrestling
outside that division. Watch the latest episode of NGW where the
Liam Slater/Joseph Conners mind games takes an exciting new turn! Click the video on the left to watch that
now, and make sure to watch the new episode when it goes live right here tomorrow. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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