Naomi and Alexa Bliss BACKSTAGE ISSUES After Smackdown Incident! (Naomi’s WWE PLANS In Question)

February 14, 2020

So Smackdown recently ended with a fatal four
way to determine the number one contender for the Smackdown women’s championship. Now, this match actually had a lot things
going on and the result of the match also brought up a lot of discussion so let’s
dive into it and break it all down. So this fatal four way gave the women a well
deserved main event spot on Smackdown. Carmella and Dana Brooke, who haven’t been
involved in any storylines recently, were both finally involved in a match with real
purpose. Same thing goes for Alexa Bliss. Since losing the women’s tag team titles,
Alexa Bliss has just been involved in a series of pointless filler matches, so it finally
put Alexa back in a match that meant something. And for the last participant, the returning
Naomi, it was looking like it would be the perfect spot for her to pick up the big win. Naomi made her huge return at the royal rumble
after being away from the wwe for several months. Many assumed that Naomi will be taken serious
after the long break away from the company and could be a fresh face for the title picture. She was heavily featured at the royal rumble
and even confronted Bayley the following week on Smackdown. Naomi delivered a great promo and even brought
up the fact that Bayley has never defeated her. So off that segment alone we all assumed Naomi
was being teased and hinted at as being the next challenger for Bayley. But WWE decided to go in another direction
with the fatal four way determining the number one contender for the title. Something else that also caught a lot fans
attention was that Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Dana Brooke all made their entrances off
screen during the commercial break. While Naomi was the only one to have her full
entrance featured on screen, which some fans also took that as a hint that Naomi was going
to be main focus of this match and most likely the winner. Although the match was advertised as a fatal
four way, majority of the match was just Alexa Bliss versus Naomi. A lot of viewers also picked up on some tension
and miscommunication going on between Alexa and Naomi and they weren’t in sync for large
parts of the match. An example of this miscommunication can be
seen when Naomi is setting up Alexa on the top rope for a big move. However, Naomi never gets to do the move because
Alexa just shoves her down and goes for a pin. So that whole spot definitely looked like
both superstars had different things in mind. So with Alexa and Naomi being the main ones
featured in the match, many fans assumed the winner would be one of the two, but that wasn’t
the case at all. Carmella came in at the last second to super
kick Naomi and pick up the win. Now Carmella winning was something that really
wasn’t expected and came out of no where. It’s been a while since Carmella has had
a championship match so she’s a fresh match up for Bayley, but the main problem here is
for Naomi. After teasing a feud the week before, many
fans assumed Naomi was next in line for the title but that obviously wasn’t the case. Some fans also didn’t like how Naomi had
to take the pin on her first match back since her return. You had Alexa Bliss who was already knocked
out and Dana Brooke who could’ve taken the pin, but to go with the returning Naomi to
take the pin definitely was a strange call. However, there is some story that can be pulled
from this. Naomi’s shoulders were off the mat during
the pin so wwe could do the classic story of Naomi coming out and showing the instant
replay, which could lead to a triple threat between Bayley, Naomi, and Carmella Another direction you can take Naomi in is
of course the underdog direction. Have her lose matches like these to help get
fans behind her even more. We saw this happen with Kofi Kingston in 2019.
where after he lost several huge matches, fans really got behind him and that lead to
his wwe title run. So wwe could possibly be saving Naomi’s
title match for something bigger like Wrestlemania or even Summerslam later on this year. So it doesn’t seem Naomi will be completely
forgotten about, but once again, her taking the pin was a bit odd. As far as Bayley and Carmella goes, there’s
a lot of story to tell there as well Bayley and Carmella haven’t had much interaction
on screen, but the two of them are close friends behind the scenes, so they should put on a
great match But what are your thoughts on Carmella winning
and Naomi taking the pin? Do you think Naomi taking the pin was the
right call by wwe? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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