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January 21, 2020

hello everyone my name is Feroz Khan and
this is let’s play cricket I welcome all of you to my channel to subscribe and
like so that we can discuss the cricketing tips and professional cricket
in this forum let me introduce myself I am a professional former professional
cricketer and currently I’m a businessman his channel would be
dedicated to cricket and cricketing stuff we’ll be talking about how to play
professional cricket let me introduce him before I start let me introduce
myself I started my career at the age of 15 I guess it was bit late to start the
career which I would not suggest I started my career from the city of
Kolkata a city of joy people call it my my journey of cricket begin as I was
playing for my local team mahalo team this is how I started my
playing cricket you would say girly cricket this is where people started to
notice that I played pretty good so everybody started telling me you should
join an Academy because you really play well
so I still ignored them because I know my father would never encourage me to
play cricket so I ignored couple of years I knew because cricket was the
game when I started playing at a very early age but not professionally so I
knew that I had cricket in me but there was no proper guidance to tell me how to
approach for the cricket to play for the to play better cricket in life when I
started playing cricket everybody used to say you’re good so by the time I
reached 13 I was 13 or 14 years of age when one of my uncle he really
encouraged me to join Academy he convinced my father that I really played
good he should support me but my father all rightie rejected and I was quite
disappointed and the same guy couldn’t go against my
father also I was little know so couldn’t go against my father so I
decided to wait another year to convince him that I could do better I know and
the only fear of my father I’m not saying it’s bad the only fear of my
father was that if I play cricket it will hamper my studies and that his only
focus was me to study and and to become a better person and and to get a job or
to do something else in my life because he knew cricket would not benefit me
which I would say most of the parents would think at this even at this point
of time that cricketing and sports doesn’t give in India especially in
India school doesn’t give anything but it’s not only about sports not only
about earning it’s about your liking which I would be talking about and I
would like to share my experiences with you so that the kind of mistakes which I
have done which I don’t want our people to do that so that they can learn from
my experiences and can be benefited so let me begin with how I started my
career as I said I was 15 when somehow I convinced my father that I can join the
cricket academy and I promise that it will not hamper my studies he said ok do
whatever you do and you have no support of my cricket but it should not hamper
your studies as that’s fine so I clearly remember I joined the Academy and I met
my first coach and until I quit my cricket he was my last coach so I didn’t
change my coaches whatever I am today whatever I would be speaking in near
future of my cricketing experiences I would like to give that credit to my
coach melanda so I clearly remember I was really good in batting when I was to
play for my gali cricket Oh Mahalo cricket and in Okajima I was always a
batsman and world second so when I asked my uncle what should I do
so he told me that when you join Academy you join as a bowler
asked him why they said if you were as a batsman you know the batsman only gets
one ball to get out and bowler gets six balls to both you know even he gets five
sixes and five balls still in or one wicket can win the heart so that’s
really stuck in my mind you know before approaching my first day of my Academy
so when I reach and from my heart I was always a batsman and for my skills I was
always a batsman but when the coach asked me what’s your name as a fellow’s
so would you do i said i ball i didn’t say i bad he said okay go ahead and
board so I so I started bowling soft a couple of bolts she said come here new
back I said yes I do instead of going bad up so when I pad up
he asked me to go in the nets I started batting he really liked my batting it’s
a stop bullying for now and start practicing in your back you know start
focusing on your batting so that’s how he he you know recognize that I’m
potentially a batsman so I started flourishing me you know
first year I remember I didn’t I was just doing practice I was just playing
matches here and there this is how the level starts in Kolkata and you are in
Kolkata you started playing from coaching level school levels and then
you go to second division first division when you do good then you get into the
state level and eventually when you do good you play for your country and and
my determination and my passion for the cricket was tremendously high and I was
highly motivated to play for my country to represent India I I did my best so
this is how I started and I first opportunity I got to play for my school
I do I really did well that was under 16 because I it was my board exams and I
was I was quite a performer in my school I started playing really well and
people started noticing me this is how I have my first limelight when I got the
spotlight that was playing for my school it was under 16 coca-cola cup I don’t
remember the exact year probably it was 96 97 I guess and that time we were
participating in a tournament was a district tournament where all the
schools were participating and I was the captain of my team and we were the
champions and this is how I got the lamp time and the first time my name
published in the newspaper I was really excited I score and all the matches
which I played a half century and I used to take wickets at the same time so this
is how I got a little bit of limelight by playing for my school and this is how
my father also wrote this first year of my coaching you know I started scoring
runs and I stand or people people started noticing me that I really play
well and after playing the school level I I got an opportunity to play for the
second division leak so I signed one club I don’t remember the club name I
think was CCD I remember yes that was a club name so first here my my course I
don’t expect anything you just go and learn I know how they play I said all
right so I was really patient I was doing whatever I was asked to do I still
take them as – I was as to take water for the teammates as to listen whatever
there is to say I still learn how they play what is approach of playing the
cricket but it was today’s cricket and of it semi Test match so this is how I
started my career and first here holier I couldn’t I didn’t get any chance
so I remember wish to have only one sorry eight matches in a year I remember
I got an opportunity because my good behavior that I was very consistent I
was very one time and I was good in Nets so they decided
to give me an opportunity in the last match and I remember in my first match
and for the season it was the last match before my credit with the first match
when I scored my 42 runs and I was really happy and they were really
impressed and they signed me for the second year and I started playing
regularly and it was not a good year for me so iced I was not so consistent with
my scores because over the years I’ve learned you know how to develop your
mint because cricket is all about mental game it’s all about mental game how
mentally you are prepared so this is now I started my career after the second
year then I’ve switched to another team was called salamati
and I signed another team and from I remember that here I was the highest
run-scorer 8 odd moduli scores somewhere around 4 450 to 500 runs I guess I
remember and that get I was everybody disappointed of my mistake which I did
because every year my father used to take us you know to a home town for a
couple of months and so when the season ended so we decided to go to a home town
for a couple of months so I told my coach I have to leave but my coach was
telling me you know you did pretty well you may have chances of getting selected
at under-19 Bengal team so I said all right so I’m looking forward to it so
after I my season ended I went to to my hometown and that time we didn’t have
mobile phones neither my for my house had a home
connection as well and by the time I came back after two months and my coach
the first thing he told me to get out and I was really surprised and shocked I
said I said what happened sir he said your name is there in under-19 mineral
team because of your performance it was a camp and my name was in there were the
26 people selected based on their performance and I was one of them and it
was a camp of one and a half months and by the time I came back was only two
days left so so disappointed you know couldn’t tell my father how disappointed
how disappointed I was all my hard work you know it was a dream come true to
play for at least under-19 because if you play in the nineteen you get a
really great exposure and in your cricketing life and for any cricketer
who’s starting professionally so so when I went there and it was just two days I
attended the camp but I think the damage was done no mind and final 16 they had
to select and my name was not they eventually which was quite expected so I
was really disappointed but I did not lose my heart I said I will I will work
really hard you know and from now on I will I will give all my hard work my
determination and I will work more harder so after that performance of my
second division I got promoted I were selected to one of the teams I’d signed
a first division now first division is the league in Kolkata where you perform
well based on your performances how you score you get selected in state level
which is ranji trophy from Bengal so this is the tipping point here I have to
perform really well because this is the time when people will notice you
selectors will notice you selectively I notice a performance is so this is the
level I wanted to reach so this was a very special moment for me to play my
first further division lead so again my first
tier of the division League didn’t go that well it was performances and hidden
dead but then I switched over to another team it was arranged as I remember I
started scoring runs pretty good but you know I started playing years over here
you know but I couldn’t get through but there was a time then I decided that I
have to quit now and financially I was not good because I tell you that I did
not own up my I didn’t have my own gloves I didn’t have my own paths and I
didn’t have my own I didn’t have my own band for a batsman and all it’s very
important to own your own equipment because the kind of confidence it gives
you playing with your own equipment it will not give playing by borrowing it so
anyhow I have no regrets by borrowing you know since I did not have that
capacity at that one of time to buy it you know let me share one more thing you
know I played cricket since 1996 to 2002 since then until 2002 I couldn’t own up
my own equipment of my own bat that was my biggest regret in my life so in 2002
I decided to quit because in cricket the age limit is quite essential you should
know you know well you know where you can take you and so that that point of
time I decided to quit the cricket it was very tough decision for me to make
it because a boy was always passionate from childhood to play for his country
if not at least for a state I couldn’t represent in the state or my country so
it was for me it was very disheartening very disappointing because I could
anything else other than playing cricket so that I decided to quit the cricket
and start my career in another field then I started to move on and started my
career in different field the education which I had I said I would like to carry
on with that so I decided to come down to Delhi and this is where I started my
career and I worked in an IT company for almost 11 years after eleven years I
didn’t play any credit any cricket at all and anyone touch the bat because I
was I couldn’t see the bat I know because was so emotionally I was
attached to this game I couldn’t play you know the kind of cricket I wanted to
play the kind of level I wanted to play but again it was my passion you know and
still my passion so after doing eleven years of job I I started to quit again
so I decided that I don’t want to do the job I want to do something on my own I
want to start my own business and I was that I was at very good level of my
career so my bosses were saying that you’re doing a big blunder by living at
this point of time you are getting a decent salary decent post so what do you
want to do I said I don’t know I have no idea what I’m going to do but what I
know is that I’m not going to do a job at this point of time because I’m very
saturated I’m not justifying my salary so this is the civil this is the reason
I want to quit and by the time I got married and my wife literally supported
me he said follow your dreams you know irrespective what may come in your way
I should never you know leave your dreams you should always follow your
heart after my coach she’s the one who really supported me in whatever I’m
doing today and whatever I have achieved today she has played a very big role in
my life so Creed was to her as well so I started
to do a business so we started and I was quite successful in my first venture
and I went to because my wife is Mexican I went to Mexico from there we started a
business through USA and we started a couple of project stayed there for a few
years and we decided to come back to India and India we started a business
again it’s it’s a successful business so then I said okay now my I’m already by
the time I came here was already 35 so back then I came here when I came back
to India I I saw a few people you know playing cricket and this is how I
started my cricketing I have started my cricket cricketing life once again I
started following my cricket passion all over once again
I saw some people playing you know cricket and my society and I asked them
can I join them I started practicing with them one of the guy offered me one
match to play I said why not so I remember I was my first match was
it’s a corporate match I would say I played a with India TV some media
corporate internal corporate tournament so I scored my first match some eighty
six months so it was quite good and that’s how I I got my passion back to
play cricket again so that’s what I’m saying on them the
motive we had to make this video is irrespective your age respect to which
part of your life you’re standing right now
I should never I know give up your passion
I should never give up your dream okay doesn’t matter you haven’t played for
your country but still you know the kind of happiness which gives me to play
cricket even at this time of my life I know whatever I do in my life yes I have
whatever I achieved whatever little average in my life you know I’m happy
I’m content with my life but I I don’t know it only cricketers those who are
cricket lower they would understand me what I’m talking about the kind of kick
it gives you you know when you play cricket nothing and anything else you
know you get that cake so this is for you guys which I’m talking about that
you know I’m sharing this story I’m sharing my experiences so that you know
you should not give up your dreams never you know give up your dreams you can
start at any part of time and I was out your passion the day you decide and do
it this is the philosophy of my life so this is how I started playing again and
by now I have started because my first mind as I shared I know it – it was
after 15 years I have picked up my bag once again I was 486 and I was quite
happy I said still nah some cricket is left in me so I would like to definitely
give it a try I tried you know a couple of more games I didn’t succeed so I said
okay maybe it was a fluke maybe you know it was one odd game I did well and
continuously a couple of in performed so I was quite disappointed
but then again when I started playing again practicing more I was coming into
shape and I started performing not consistently you know and then I kept in
a couple of games now right now currently I’m playing with few teams
currently I’m playing with a couple of teams it’s a corporate team and we play
tournaments in Delhi and NCR which is quite competitive semi-professional I
would say the reason behind of making this channel is that whatever
professional experiences which have gained over the years for my cricketing
career I would like to share those experiences with you guys
so that it can be benefited I would be sharing some professional tips I know
how to start your career and how to start playing I’ve been in my upcoming
videos I would like to I will I would like to demonstrate the batting the
bowling fielding and all that SPECT of the
cricketing not only that I will not be only limited to coaching you know or
tips or advices but also I would like to help the youngsters which get to buy I
will also like to cover those shops and for how much you can you know what would
be the budget which equipment should buy which is the essential equipment to
start with these are the stories these are the videos I would be coming
up with this first video I wanted to share my little experiences I wanted to
talk about my background stay tuned stay tuned guys shortly I would be coming up
with a new video regarding the professional tips about the cricket and
the experiences and how you can achieve your professional goals hope you guys
have liked my brief introduction thanks for watching me guys so stay tuned guys
keep subscribing my channel thanks once again have a good one thank you you

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    You know Feroz Australia 🇦🇺 loves cricket 🏏 I used to play cricket at school as it is compulsory here to play cricket at school. You would know in the cricket world the best cricket player many would consider is Australian Sir Don Bradman. If you ever come to Australia 🇦🇺 I’ll definitely take you and Nana to Sir Don Bradman’s Cricket Museum which I’m sure you will enjoy. Best Australian cricketers in the last 10-15 years are: Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne, & Michael Clarke. Looking forward to seeing your videos and specially your telling us about Indian cricketers like
    Sachin T etc… Regards, Feroz and keep up your cricket aspirations and dreams.

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