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November 9, 2019

am ![ Gr bl oans ] Bweezness has been at a terrible
slog for some time. Yes.
Slo-o-o-o-o-o-og. I do hope we get
some work so-o-on. Mm…as…do…I. Arm wrestle? Yes! [ Both groaning ] [ Both sigh ] Hmm. Oh! I think I know how we can
spice this up a bit. Muscly Arm Magisword! [ Both groaning ] Please stop fighting!
Scary! Grup, dear, don’t be dramatic.
We’re not fighting. We’re arm wrestling.
-Yeah, duder. We’re just trying to pass
the time before the next gig. You guys are arm fighting
because you’re not working?! Is this the end
of Warriors For Hire? Noooooooo! Oh, geez.
Grup’s gone into vapor lock. [ Sighs ] That tone
is making me nauseous. Remember how
you talked down Zombie Pumpkin Magisword
that one time? Try that. Ohhh. Oh, it’s okay,
homey, buddy. Sis and I aren’t fighting, and we’re not —
currently — broke. Try to chill in 3…2…1. Oh.
Your voice is pleasant. Ah, thanks, Grup. I’m gonna go nap off
my anxieties now. They grow up so fast. You’re quite the dragon
whisperer, aren’t you? I didn’t whisper. [ Doorbell ringing rapidly ] A customer! A customer!

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