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Michigan State vs Minnesota | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Men’s Basketball

January 17, 2020

– [Announcer] If you’re just joining up on college basketball you
won’t be surprised to see that Michigan State is leading The Big 10, the only unbeaten team
left in The Big 10 at 4-0 and they take tonight,
against a Minnesota team who they knocked out of the
NCAA tournament last year. 30 years plus in existence, the Breslin Center here in East Lansing, they win 87% of the time
when they take the court. Xavier Tillman doing some work down low. (crowd cheering) The junior big for Tom Izzo who gets him about 10 rebounds a game. Tillman, carves out space. – [Commentator] All
right there, you said it, carves out space. – [Announcer] Where should our eyes go? Other than right down
low, Tillman has all six. Tillman is playing a big
way to start this game. It’s Payton Willis, the
transfer from Vanderbilt, makes it a two point game. Wow, nice pass inside
and the two for Demier to give Minnesota the lead. Back in to Tillman, kicked to the corner, just got it off under the wire, and a three for Foster Lawyer. – [Commentator] Minnesota’s playing hard, great tip-in right there. – [Announcer] Second chance
for the Gophers and Oturu. Marble for Henry right back! (crowd cheering) Winston sets his feet,
and drills the three. – [Commentator] I’m
gonna tell you something. Great call on the timeout
by Tom Izzo and their staff. But that’s a play they have been running at Michigan State since Tom
Izzo’s been the head coach. – [Announcer] Henry the entry. Tillman arches his back and goes to work, nifty for two, a little
awkward got the job done. For Minnesota will there be enough scoring as they trail by their
largest margin tonight? – [Commentator] They’re tapped out. Gabe Brown knocks it down. (crowd cheering) (deep bass music) Henry, got it! – [Commentator] Wow! The vision of Cassius
Winston is exceptional. – [Commentator] Probably right. Brown, soaring for two! – [Commentator] How many
times have we seen this time of the day, this crowd,
this group for a game here in Breslin. – [Commentator] He played
Henry, and he can go back now he’s gonna play Cassius Winston. – [Announcer] Looks like a
yo-yo in his hands and it drops around the world with Cassius Winston! The dynamic point-guard
for Michigan State squeezed – [Commentators] Oh! – [Announcer] And a hammer! From Bingham. For now Michigan State
stays on top of The Big 10 with one more salvo from Cassius Winston. (deep bass music) And that will do it,
74-58 your final score, Michigan State are 5-0 in the lead. (deep bass music)

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