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Men’s Soccer an International Family at Boston University

November 17, 2019

Soccer is probably the only sport that’s
truly played every place in the world. When you’re a soccer player, you’re a
soccer player. And you’re being judged on how well you
play soccer and not where you come from or what your religion is or anything like that. BU has always been an international student body. So I think that always made it easy for us
to attract international players. Our team is very diverse, we come from so
many different countries. A lot of Americans have learned the same style
of soccer from youth all the way up to college. International students bring in a different
culture, different experience, and it’s just awesome to have a mixing pot of people
on our team. You’re going to learns so many
things from different cultures. Like, through the Swedish guys, or the Belgian
guys, through Peter, like I’ve learned so many things from him. I’m from Makeni, Sierra Leone, it’s off
the coast of West Africa. Where I’m from everyone is just happy no
matter what the circumstance. So I try to bring that to the locker room. Like guys from Iceland, from Europe, they
have a lot of football knowledge they bring to the table. Europeans have a lot of football knowledge
because we breathe football, football is life and we just grow up on it and I like to say
I bring some Belgian flair in the sense that my strength is my technique, I’m not the
biggest guy on the field obviously and dribbling, getting past players, turning away from players
is the flair that I bring to the team I guess. Soccer is very physical here, and everybody
is very hardworking every practice and I think it’s the American culture, like they just
train and train and train. And it’s very good to have guys on the team
that is like that. Let’s go boys. Family on three, family on three. One, two, three, family! When you take the soccer part out of it, it
shows our team how similar we all are. An 18, 19 year old kid wants the same thing
whether he’s from California or he’s from Iceland. They want the opportunity that’s here, they
want the education that’s here. Once you get over the accents, we’re very
similar in who we are and what we want. Everyone in the locker room makes you feel
like you’re welcome here. And it’s not exactly back home, but this
can be your home. Being on this team has helped me to progress
in so many different ways in the classroom and on the field. The biggest effect it’s
had is that the family I got through it here and all the brothers and friends that I have
here and they will be there for the rest of my life. (cheering)

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