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Meet new UWM men’s basketball coach Patrick Baldwin

February 26, 2020

Hi, my name is Pat Baldwin. I’m the new
head basketball coach of the Milwaukee Panthers. I played a couple years in
the United States after I graduated from college and then after
that I went to work for three years and you know, I had a conversation with my
mom and she told me you should do something that you love not something
that you like and she knew basketball was a passion for me and so I got back
in shape and ended up playing in Croatia for two years. It went beyond my
expectations. You know, I spent 16 years as an assistant coach and I started
at the Division II level and the last four, a tremendous four years, with my
alma mater Northwestern. It was our goal to find someone with tremendous character, who would honor the commitment of our student athletes here at
Milwaukee. We were looking for a proven winner with experience developing
student athletes both on and off the court. The first question the Pat asked
was how do you provide support for students that are going to be great on
the field but may need some additional support or may need some
development and work on the academic side. But take care and have that concern
is the first thing you asked about, that said a lot to me. Milwaukee, this city is
a foundation built around hard-working people. I want everybody to understand
that and that’s who I am. I work extremely hard and Milwaukee
is me. I will bring that aggressiveness and that determination and that desire
to win. That’s one of the reasons why I want to be here. I know the tradition
here. I know the excellence in basketball. We’re going to be obviously brand new
but this is going to be an opportunity for us, for you guys, to see exactly
what we what we’ll bring to the table.

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