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Manhattan wrestling program looking to build upon successful first year

August 20, 2019

Bofinger, MTN Sports.” TheManhattanwrestling program is in its inaugural campaign. However,it has not been without numerous challenges. “We ve had some challenges as far as finding facilities. We were able to get practice mats from Belgrade, which was a huge benefit. We actually got eight kids out, which was a lotmore than expected considering none of them had ever laced up wrestling shoes or put on head gear before. So, it s gone really well. ” Manhattanwrestlers had no varsity experience and virtually no wrestling experience of any kind coming into the season. “My dad made me do a little wrestling camp when I was eight years old, but other than that, no previous experience to wrestling.” With his kids new to the sport, coach Raymond Debruycker is focused on getting better every day and not worrying about match results. “They re doing really well. Our goal is to get better everyday. We re not judging our season on wins and losses. We re getting a lot more wins as the year goes on. We re progressing, we re getting better, and the kids have had a great attitude about it.” The family ties of wrestling are what initially drew Porter Blanchardandmany of his teammates to the mat. It was just the fact that my family has done wrestling, they ve been a big time wrestling family. So, I just figured that our school finally hasthe chance to do wrestling, so I decided to join that. Although Coach Debruyckeris excited with the growth and progress made in year one, he s looking forward to what the future holds. “I want to see the kids enjoy the season, and I want to see them learn the sport and the dedication thatit takes. What I d like to see going forward is actuallythat they spend some time in the off-season working, maybe recruiting a few more kids. We have all underclassmen, which is really cool.I think if they re going to buy in and stick with it,we might be able to start making some noise in a couple of years when these guys get to be upperclassmen.” Looking at highs in the 20s and 30s for the most part in your

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