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Living Well – Winter 2020

March 25, 2020

welcome to this edition of living well
making the most of your senior years I’m your host Terry Troye a oftentimes
our senior years give us the opportunity to pursue lifelong dreams and delve in the
passions that we were only able to touch on in our younger years on today’s show
we’ll introduce you to seniors who are living life to the fullest and not
letting age put a damper on their interest their talents or their dreams
will fill you in on the latest athletic craze it’s called pickleball and it’s
designed for every age every skill level indoors or out and as much fun as you
can imagine if cooking is your passion we’ll show you how to prepare a healthy
version of one of the best comfort foods known to man
meatloaf our fitness guru Val Collins is back with some tips on how to navigate
your local fitness center and how to make sure your workout is not only safe
but geared to your body we’ll discover the most frequently asked questions
seniors have about retirement legal issues then we’ll catch up with Adrian
Albidress who will walk us through some new legislation call the secure acts and
what it means to your retirement plans but first whether you sing in the shower
sing with your family or sing professionally you know how rewarding
singing can be well one of the best examples of the joy of singing can be
found right here in Harford County let’s drop in Auto rehearsal of the upper
Chesapeake chorus of the Sweet Adelines yepper Chesapeake chorus is a women’s
barbershop chorus we sing barbershop style acapella harmony and that’s us
very special kind of singing and it’s also one of the main one of the only
American art forms is barbershop and the harmonies the chord ranges in
barbershop really create what we call an overtone where you hear a fifth note
that’s not being sung it’s the physics of sound and when it comes together and
everybody’s singing correctly on the same vows this note will go up above you
now not everyone can hear overtones but you can feel them it’s that goosebumps
you get it’s that you’ve you almost feel a vibration one of the things I really
enjoy about the chorus is that we’re more than just singers where our friends
where we’re support for each other we love each other we we are there for each
other through the good and the bad the singing is almost secondary to the
friendships and the and the camaraderie that we get when we’re singing together it’s a wonderful bond that we have we
say we come for the music and we stay for the friendship when we sing Sweet
Caroline our audience invariably joins in singing with us and we encourage that
we just say ok come on this is an audience participation and they all just
have a good time and laugh with us the pleasure that I get and the pleasure
that I give to people who are listening to me or singing with me that is why
I’ve been doing this for forty five years because it just it’s part of me
when you start singing together and you’re making that harmony there’s
nothing better than that nestled in the serene heavenly waters
Park on the edge of bel-air is the Lyria dendron mansion the perfect setting for
a memorable wedding anniversary or special family gathering walk among the
gardens or gather fireside any time is the right time to plan an elegant event
at the livery of dendron mansion in bel air maryland call to reserve your date
now visit Harford welcome back to living well making the most of your senior
years here’s a question for you what sport combines the elements of tennis
badminton paddle ball and table tennis and it’s currently all the rage among
people of all ages if you answered pickleball you get a
gold star on your forehead pickleball is taking the country by storm it started
back in 1965 as a way to get every family member playing a sport together
but you won’t get an idea how much fun pickleball really is unless you get out
there and play so let’s head over to the church roll rec center where a group of
committed pickleball players are strutting their stuff on the pickleball
courts pickleball has gone crazy over the last
few years the reason is that it is easy to play it’s not quite as competitive
and a good bit more fun than cutthroat tennis I’ve been playing pickleball
probably about five years I just love the quickness of the sport and playing
with with friends making a lot of new friends it’s a fun thing to do I think
that is very popular because it’s easy to learn and almost anybody can play
kids adults seniors it is a game that you can play at various paces so it
doesn’t have to be a cutthroat game it can get pretty aggressive myself I’m
pretty pretty competitive pickleball is a very easy game to equip
yourself for pickleball you use a paddle and a wiffle ball and that’s it you
serve it just like you do in tennis there are eight dollar paddles that you
can use to get started in pickleball and there are so many players in the county
that have extra pickleball paddles that you can start off with a professional
pickleball paddle lend to you the game goes to 11 you have to win by 2 and you
can only score when your team is serving the social environment in pickleball is
amazing the pickleball community here in Harford
County probably involves four or five hundred active regular players and
everybody knows each other by first name I love playing pickleball here because
first and foremost it’s a form of exercise some people when I might not
think you get a lot of exercise but you truly do but second it’s the people the
friends that I’ve made just getting to know people it’s it’s a lot of fun I
can’t overemphasize how wonderful the community is the social aspect of
pickleball how much fun is pickleball it is it is a fun sport as we get older we often have to make
changes in our dietary habits reducing fats eliminating salt and cutting back
on all that sugar just because we have to make some changes doesn’t mean we
have to compromise on flavor and texture and it certainly doesn’t mean we have to
give up on some of our favorite comfort foods let’s drop in on one of Aberdeen’s
newest restaurants cafe Michelle and get some guidance on how to make one of my
favorite meals meatloaf well let’s do it the healthy way great tasting food is a
lifelong pleasure and you should never have to sacrifice flavor or texture
today at Cafe Michelle we’re doing a turkey meatloaf with a brown sugar glaze
let’s go in the kitchen here in the kitchen is where the magic happens and
today we’re doing our turkey meatloaf with brown sugar glaze we’re gonna start
with 1 pound of ground turkey and add that in 1 teaspoon of kosher salt 1
teaspoon of black pepper 1 teaspoon of dried mint garlic 1 teaspoon of minced
onions a teaspoon of paprika 1 teaspoon of dried parsley a teaspoon of ground
cumin and then 1/4 teaspoon of dry time after you’ve added that you’re gonna
take 1 egg and just crack the egg is gonna give you the moisture for the good
ground turkey meatloaf without that your turkey will be very dry then you’re
gonna add 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes when you’re cooking for seniors you have to
watch your salt so if you’re gonna use canned tomatoes you’re gonna look for
something that has low sodium after that you’re just gonna use your hands and
you’re gonna mash all of this together you need your breadcrumbs add it to this
after you’ve added your egg and all of your spices so that way you’ll have
it’ll ground together and it will hold if you do not then your meatloaf is
gonna fall flat once you’ve ground all of this and mixed
it all together you’re going to form it and put it into a loaf one thing you
have to understand when you are doing a meatloaf with
ground turkey or ground chicken it is not gonna form at all like you do with
ground beef it is gonna seem a little bit more loose and a little bit more wet
but that’s okay once you add that into your loaf pan
which I do recommend because it kind of gives you still that feeling that you’re
having a little meatloaf from when you were younger after that you’re gonna
make your brown sugar glaze this is the best part of it you’re going to take a
half a cup of ketchup again when you’re cooking for seniors you want to look for
something that has low sugar so you can either use ground ketchup that’s low
sugar or you can add and use marinara sauce add in your brown sugar to that
then you’re gonna take your whisk and whisk it together this is the best part
of the turkey meatloaf in my opinion because what it does is add a wonderful
flavour to it gives you a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of spice all
you have to do after that is take your glaze and put it on top and then just
coat it right across after you’ve done that you’ve put it into your pan you’re
gonna cook this at 350 to 550 degrees from 35 to 40 minutes until is golden
brown and it’s ready to serve here you have your ground turkey meatloaf with
brown sugar glazed steamed asparagus and roasted sweet potato not only is this a
healthy plate is an attractive plate and is sure to please everyone at your
dinner table we all know how important keeping
physically fit is and one place to really get into fitness is at your local
gym or fitness center but the gym can be an intimidating place
well fitness instructor Val Collins is back with some great tips on how to keep
your fitness routine safe and beneficial hi Dr. Val Collins again and welcome
back so today’s segment is going to be filmed
in a gym as you can see and we’re gonna look at three or four pieces of
equipment for balance for flexibility for mobility and for strengths perhaps
you have a piece of this equipment at home or you’re looking at purchasing it
you know you can always go to your local gym and ask the staff members there to
help you to understand a little bit more about these pieces well let’s look at
the benefit of the exercises with what we have for you today
let’s get started we’re on the rower I love rowing rowing is good for the
shoulders it’s good for the chest it’s good for the upper and lower back this
is of strength exercise but you real quick enough and long enough you will
get cardiovascular in there too there’s a couple of points that we want
to make sure that you get before you jump on that rower number one you want
to make sure that your feet are securely inside of the grips so make sure that
once your foot is in you pull on those straps so that they’re secure right
across the toes next when you come forward
to grab that roller you still have your knees bent before you start this is
where we start the row pulling in pushing with the legs reaching forward
softening the knees if you want to intensify pull harder come forward
quicker build up your pace as you go make sure you have that water bottle
handy for that break because hydrating is very important to exercise it helps
to get the oxygen to the muscles as you work out and you might want to start
drinking on the way happy rowing in this next segment I’d like to talk about
walking it’s one of the greatest exercise it’s a good cardiovascular
exercise it gets you sweating it gets your heart pumping it’s good for the
legs it’s good for the arms when you can get into the movement and guess what you
can do it on the treadmill indoors your treadmill is going to have some special
features that you want to make sure that you understand they usually will have a
QuickStart program where you can just hit a button and begin to get that belt
moving you want to start with your feet outside and then as the belt starts to
move a little bit then start your walking just in case there is an issue
either with yourself or the Machine you can’t hold on to the sides as you get
started to make sure that you’re steady and look for the particular speed that
is comfortable for like a warm up for a like 5 minutes or so so not too quick to
start the other feature that you want to make sure that you know is where that
emergency button is now on this particular machine we have a stop and we
have a pulse and that will stop the machine once you get steady and you want
to increase that work all you have to do is increase your speed you can get your
arms into it some people like to hold weights while they’re walking I would
suggest that when you’re on the treadmill that you leave those weights
down because you want to be able to change buttons you want to be able to
grab the side if you need to and you definitely want to be able to either
pull or press that emergency switch some of the other ways that you can work on
the treadmill is to a run or a trot if that’s your game so again go slowly make
sure that your heel toeing through the work you can always bring it back down
to just a walk especially when you get ready for the cooldown
another way to use it keep the speed low increase the incline there will be a
button with up and down arrows and as you press it it’ll start to increase and
form a hill if you’re checking your heart rate as you workout usually right
on the handlebars in front you’ll see a little silver piece hold on
to that and you should be able to monitor your heart rate happy walking or
jogging the workouts not over we now have the recumbent bike and it usually
has a place for you to put your beverage so I’m gonna sit that right there so I
can hydrate as I go one of the reasons I chose the recumbent bike is it’s usually
easier for seniors especially with hip and knee issues to push forward rather
than pushing down so today we’re gonna look at some strength and some cardio on
the bike one of the first things that you want to know is where the handle is
to adjust the seat on this particular bike you grip it from the right and you
can slide the seat forward and back I’m gonna choose number four next you want
to make sure that your feet are comfortably resting on the pedals there
are some adjustments here that if you feel like it’s too loose or too tight or
you’re out of control then you can actually adjust them right there before
you get on the bike I’m pretty comfortable with this right now next you
want to choose your program there are manual programs and there are some
preset ones that you can choose I’m just going to go to manual which you’ll see
in a little bit and start pedaling you can start off with your hands forward
and close to the screen so that you can make the changes that you would like to
make once you get going you can go ahead and come down to the
lower set of handles which will also monitor your heart rate and then you
choose your speed on most recumbent bikes they do have a setting that you
can just arrow down or add arrow up to increase or decrease the resistance and
so you’ll have a look at that a little bit later
this is very good for leg strength you get to relax the arms from that earlier
work that we did and for some of the work that’s coming up shortly so go full
ride it’s good we’re in our final segment aren’t you
glad you don’t have to do them all at once here I’m holding a band a very
versatile piece of equipment this is like a gym in a bag you can carry it
with you even as you travel you can work your upper and lower body with it so
let’s look at a couple of exercises one of them that you’re very familiar with
is the bicep and so what do we do we hold the handles
place the band toward the floor step on it with one leg if you want a little
less resistance to maybe if you want to work out a little bit harder get a good
grip angle your palms forward and you can do one at a time or two at a time
anchoring those elbows and standing nice and tall with your shoulders nice and
square let’s look at another edit exercise you know the ladder will pull
down in the gym looks like a bar and you pull it down and work on that v-shape in
the back same thing with the band how do I increase the resistance by grabbing
the handle adding a little bit of the band like between my fingers getting a
good grip holding it right above my head standing tall abs in nice soft and
here’s my pull down I’m keeping the band very close to my body in the back as I
raise and as I lower I can alter that exercise by dropping one elbow to the
side and now I’ve got some work into the triceps do a few on each side and you’ve
got a total upper body workout we can add to some of the work in our upper
back just bring that band forward and as you open through the pinky squeeze into
the upper back get that little pinch that we talked about earlier when we
were on the rower how about the lower body you may ask okay here are the
handles drop it to the floor place both feet inside we’re going to be working on
the glutes and the side of the hips by simply pressing out you can alternate
you can do a few on one side and then a few on the other how do I alter the
exercise I still pass out but I press back a little bit
see that versatility in the band and release welcome to the band have fun
well thanks for tuning in that’s the end of our segment today we hope that you
found something in the segment that is useful to you and keep on working out
see you next time getting our legal house in order is an
important step as we enter into retirement and that comes with lots of
questions so we’ve enlisted the help of attorney
april-ish Shaq who’s here to help with all those frequently asked legal
questions hi this is April C Ishak of AC
ishak LLC here in Havre de Grace Maryland I’m here today to talk to you
about some elder law and estate planning matters that you may want to consider as
you enter your retirement years one of the questions my clients asked me is
what types of legal documents should I have
I tell them three most important for your estate planning needs are a power
of attorney advance medical directive and a will the next question I often get
is what is a power of attorney and why do I need one a power of attorney is a
document that grants another person as your agent and grants some authority to
act on your behalf a power of attorney is always revocable as long as you have
capacity you also want to make sure that your power of attorney is what they call
durable because when it’s durable that means it will remain effective even upon
your incapacity which is the most important time when your power of
attorney should be effective a related question I get is whether the power of
attorney is affected after you die the truth is you cannot pass your powers
after death and your agent is no longer authorized to act on your behalf
at that point your will kicks in or if you don’t have a will person appointed
by the probate court so you really want to make sure that your power of attorney
knows the person you grant the powers to that their powers end upon your passing
another question I get is whether a living will an advanced medical
directive are the same thing in Maryland we incorporate in our advanced medical
directive and optional living will portion so you get to point your agent
to make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to and you get to
point your living will to pre-select your choices for medical treatment in
much the same way your power of attorney agent has Authority and financial
matters your health care agent under your advanced medical directive will be
able to assist you and make decisions for you in the event of your incapacity
a common question is what happens when I die without a will well in that case the
state has a set of laws called intestacy laws that will decide for you what
happens to your assets so if you want to take control over your situation and not
have the state law determined for you you should have a will my best advice is
don’t wait don’t wait until you’re in a health care crisis
or financial crisis before you need to make these decisions what I’ve told you
today cannot substitute for real legal advice each person’s situation is unique
you should contact a qualified attorney who practices in elder care law or state
planning law or you can contact the Hartford County Bar Foundation which
provides referrals and other resources that might suit your needs you may not have heard of the secure act
that was passed recently in Congress it’s a piece of legislation that will
affect lots of Americans and their retirement let’s get a breakdown of this
new legislation and its impact from certified public accountant Adrienne
Alba dressed junior hi my name is Adrian Albidress junior
I’m a CPA and I wanted to let you know that 2020 is a big year for retirees
because recent legislation was passed called the secure act the secure acts
stands for setting every community up for retirement
there’s many facets of this some of them affect small businesses there’s a lot of
rules but I really want to focus on what affects retirees so how does the secure
act affect your retirement account excellent question in the past you may
be aware that you’re required to start taking distributions from your
retirement account at a certain age in the past that was age 70 and a half
you had to start taking money out now it’s age 72 so you have a little bit
longer before you’re required to take money out of your account for some
people if you’re trying to defer your taxes this is a benefit another good
thing is that if you’re still working you could still make deductible
contributions to your traditional IRA after you turn age 70 and a half so
that’s a big change that benefits people who are working into their own later
years another question you’ll need to ask
yourself about the new secure act is how it’ll affect your beneficiaries if it’s
your spouse inheriting a retirement account the rules are the same they
could take it over just as if it was their own retirement account but it’s
different for non spousal beneficiaries typically you’re thinking children and
they’re going to have new rules that don’t affect them as favorably as in the
past in the past there’s something called a stretch IRA where when say your
child who say they’re 30 years younger than you when they receive the
inheritance of your IRA they could use their life expectancy to make
distributions from that account typically you could make a very small
distribution each year and really defer a lot of taxes make a very large impact
in their their financial welfare now there’s a maximum of 10 years before you
have to take the entire balance of your retirement account out so you’re your
beneficiaries may need to do a lot of individual
I was planning to make sure they’re handling their inheritance correctly the
new secure act brings with it a lot of changes some problems some great
opportunities what’s important to know how it’s going to affect you personally
I believe the best way to do that really is to talk to an adviser someone you
trust and make sure you have a plan in place to make sure that all your goals
are achieved as best as you possibly can thanks for joining us on this edition of
living well let us know about some of your favorite activities passions and
pursuits by contacting us here at Harford cable network until next time
I’m Terry Troye reminding you to make the most of your senior years

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