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Live Wwe 2018 Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H Wrestlemania 29

December 22, 2019

So Xenia So sickness idiot The Beast incarnate Uwe champion a heavyweight champion Michael twice booked the arm of Triple H the basement surgery The same man who trained brock lesnar red rockets from a train Vader he’s trained mr. Perfect Curt Hennig he’s Four beers on the line half interest less there is Flare both were forced to retire at WrestleMania bard versus Lester Triple H loses but you broke Triple. H’s arm To the disk And a legend bounced right off the announce table Now triple wins did him and his friends his father-in-law mr Rick Manning laughter Oh Carm and Triple H wants to get payback but he is getting strings over His right shoulder Right because Triple H was just championship at WrestleMania history and we could be seen his last Triple H loses this the last will watch out here these steel steps Lester bouncing a couple of minutes old and it’s already Mild crossing the face of Lesnar First off no emotion For Triple H bitch was committing career suicide Referees just powerless he do anything less than love to hurt people – one of the things he doesn’t look he just said Get in position to see if trip This all dated back to last one you get the impression that bracha just enjoyed every second of this go see Brock is in heaven right now whose career this is an animal feast in Just momentarily could that’s bad for Triple H I have to stop dish for Triple A just say This guy’s going to get dangerous and Jonathan you get a bit carried away the trap stop this match something you better think about what a great throw first I am The arm going through the table to go by Triple H 1 that is close twice by Brock Lesnar and here So Nizam’s that glare from which believes is private Terran hand Actually you think about it the gate This is it again willing Triple H on Triple H back to the ring now it’s Brock When the game think he thinks he’s Billy moment no Lester f5 f5 Have a look at this Triple H lunch have lately legal Gritter that’s the career and is a war by the game kick down on pure instinct Imagine the power of braga anything shoulder this Stay down Triple H out of control Look at this guy’s Lester is untamed Steals around 13 time world champion like It said no-holds-barred there’s got to be another Lesser is torture but how does Triple H continue to The pedigree again last half break on the ropes if you can trigger the rug so we’ll try the roof break trip the lakes district Typically was sick at a time broke it again a third time he’s relentless chipwits arms Garvey useful at this point, oh Look at this the game look at the pressure here look at last year’s face solutely in heaven but look at the game he’s Hit This is this is these two men endure For desperate measures Damn world champion Elbow Oh Intestinal fortitude If they triple Eight’s he countered it’s like Triple. H’s this with a hammer the Wills of both men Triple Eight are you kidding me

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