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LED-Spiel: Soccer 2 – Mattel Eletronics (1979)

December 10, 2019

Because I didn’t find it in the Internet yet, a short presentation of Soccer 2 by Mattel a game of 1979 in this case with the manual in German language who doesn’t know this will wonder what’s happening at all so i’ll show let’s switch it on, there are two modes easy and advanced it works like that: the bright spot is yourself the blinking spot is your teammate the darker spots are defenders of the opponent let’s ignore the drawn soccer field for now these numbers show where we are “5” means “zone 5”, the “U” rather is a “V” for “Visitor” if we want to start we have to press “score”button we have to start with a pass and now I am the bright spot and can move now a diagonal pass to the teammate I’ll leave the field on the right side and re-enter left side and advance to “zone 4” now i pass upwards, and try to run right have to wait since they block now you can see how i can pass to my teammate straight horizontal …and keep on running The own player disappears when passing and you steer the teammate. Diagonal pass.
You have to catch this one or the turn ends. let’s get through Well…. I am… I am in the 1st zone now. which means that I can shoot on the goal now But the defenders stopped me for now. Let’s press “score” again. The game will show the current score:
“00”=visitor “00”=home” and “39”=minutes H9=home, zone 9 I didn’t catch the pass, turn ends. U1=I can still go for a goal at Zone 1 have to wait until the goalie moves And scored with a diagonal shot! It is 1:0 now. Should rather be 0:1 in real soccer I guess. Home team again. From right to left now. That means the game is for 2 players, who will play by turns. another diagonal pass H2, and from H1 I’ll be able to score a goal again. Yep, H1 Kick… Scored!! 1:1 Other players turn again.
Check descrition of the video
for differences in the advanced mode.

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  • Reply Teletracer December 12, 2018 at 9:41 am

    I had a few of these hand held games back in the day, but I never saw this one. I am amazed it still works! Good find, and good presentation.

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