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Kim Su-ji makes history by becoming first S. Korean diver to win medal at FINA World Championships

December 3, 2019

kongjui 2019 Phenom World Championships
now young South Korean diver Kim suji surprised the nation last weekend with
an unexpected bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in Kwangju now
diving isn’t a particularly well-known a sport in Korea so it was a historic
moment for Kim and the country’s history in that sport our amine son went to Kong
jus to meet the unlikely medalist and follow this report South Korean diver
Kim suji became a household name on Sunday at the 2019 FINA World Aquatics
Championships by winning a bronze medal in the women’s 1 meter springboard she
is the first-ever South Korean diver to reach the podium at the International
Swimming competition the 18 year old diver says her medal winning efforts
came as a surprise even to her before I first stove I didn’t think I would win a
medal and all but the results turned out to be much better than I had expected
so my coach told me there was hope in the final round but I thought of it as a
joke but I’m really satisfied that I got such a great result came dove into the
water as many as 200 times a day in the lead-up to her history five times in the
final rounds of one meter springboard her monumental achievement was in the
one mirrored event which is not an official Olympic event in order to punch
our ticket to the Tokyo Olympics next year
Kim has to be one of 12 finalists in 3-meter springboard
I personally considered a 3-meter springboard individual event to be the
most important competition for me it’s the official Olympic event so I pay more
attention to this one metre is quite low and there’s limited number of turns a
diver can make but for 3 metres it’s higher meaning there’s more space to
make turns and more difficult moves kim was only 14 years old when she made her
Olympic debut in 2012 at London but didn’t make it to national team for the
next Summer Olympics in 2016 and now she’s eyeing for her next Olympic chance
I still have remaining competitions here in Guangzhou so I will focus on those
and if I do get to participate in the Olympics there’s many more places for me
to climb up to I will put more efforts to achieve those goals I was told to
have a big dream so I’m hoping for a good result in the Olympics
Kim will compete in 3-meter springboard preliminary rounds on Thursday and the
mixed dreamer a synchro springboard final on Saturday Amin’s on arirang news
Kwang soo

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