Kansas State Wildcats: Press Conference – Chris Klieman (September 3, 2019)

September 11, 2019

whoo good afternoon everybody we were
excited about the win on Saturday going back and looking at the film a couple
things up the guys played really hard we played really fast played with great
emotion some technique errors and some alignment errors we talked about a
amongst the staff amongst the players yesterday we’ve got to get cleaned up
some of those things we’re first game stuff and some of them were just you
know just playing fast but without with not great technique at times and
alignments and stuff and those are gonna happen in the first game we got to get
those cleaned up moving forward we’re excited about having another home game
was a great crowd electric crowd and I know the guys appreciated the fan base
coming out and now we’ve got a bowling green team that’s coming off a big win
and playing with some confidence and so we’ve got to have a great game plan and
throughout the week and get ready for Saturday On the message to the team to repeat the performance this week… yeah you know well one thing
that I’m big believer in is whatever you did last Saturday has no bearing on the
next Saturday positive or really negative in that respect you’re judged
each week when you go out there and you’re judged on Saturdays but in
essence you need to win each day you need to be able to prepare Monday
through Friday to have a chance to be successful on Saturday and that’s kind
of what we talked about with the guys at our preparation I thought was really
good against Nicholls State and and there’s a reason why we had success on
Saturday because we were prepared and we prepared for two weeks for Nicholls now
we only have five days for Bowling Green but if we have that same kind of mindset
within our preparation on a daily basis we have a chance to be successful on
Saturday On what he saw from the defense in the opener… well I think some alignment airs we had
on defense you know we missed a couple of fits a
couple of gaps missed a few tackles that we need to be able to clean up I thought
we had a you know talking to the defense we had a few too many explosive plays
that you want to try to eliminate and I just you know we didn’t have many snaps
so it’s easy to find airs and those snaps and obviously for us we need to
play more snaps you don’t want to play more but we need to play more to have
better evaluation on some guys but I just know there was a lot of technique
airs that coach Hayes and the defensive staff talked about On individuals standing out in last week’s contest after watching film.. I was really pleased with Revis coming in and playing a number of snaps and in a backup role but
you know played enough that he played as many probably as a number of the other
guys having curly probably played similar there I thought Revis did a
really nice job of playing really physical so I was impressed with him on
defense I thought Jordan Mitty did a really nice
job and he did some good things Jonathan Alexander made a really big
play that we knew he has we know he has big playability and was able to make a
big play and so you know those things stood out to me a little bit Lance
Robinson was really good on kickoff had three tackles and did everything
technique wise we asked him to do and made some plays On Malik Knowles’ drops and attributing those to first-game nervousness… yeah probably made some made some really tough catches and then couple balls that I would say Malik
would would say himself he needs come down with and obviously we’ll continue
to go to him because he’s a special player On Nicholls being able to execute a couple big plays… yeah just more than anything a misfit
you know we we we were out of a gap so maybe they motioned one time and we
there touchdown run they motioned and we didn’t align correctly and they were
able to decrease one there and then a couple of times maybe one time late in
the game when they had a long run we just got misaligned again and it’s
little things that you know we keep harping on and talking about that will
hurt you in a critical game when the score is a lot closer and so those are
the things we just we have to continue to work on continue to clean up because
we cannot get beat with our own mistakes of alignment errors if somebody makes a
great play that make a great play but we can’t give them you know free yards On K-State’s offensive line… I thought we played really well up front
unis rushed for as many yards as we did and protect the quarterback like we did
a number of guys played and that was the other thing we were we were pleased with
to get as many guys in the game that we could because we need experience behind
the the starters that we have but I thought they they played at a really
high level and played with great energy and did a really good job communicating On the difficulty of preparing for Bowling Green and their new staff… well it’s difficult to to prepare for
those guys because we’re watching obviously their one game and then
watching other games from different staffs where the coordinators were and
so you don’t have it in a blowout win like like they had you it’s kind of
difficult to say well this is what this is what they do you know there’s there’s
some carryover from what we’ve seen with the coordinators from other schools but
you know it it’ll be a work in progress you know we’re watching film of past
years you know as well as not just that last game On what Bowling Green does well…. run the ball tried outnumber you at the
point of attack with a lot of things that we would do offensively a lot of
motions some alignments you know they do a good job with their receivers and
tight ends blocking as well to try to you know just create mismatches try to
create your in force your corners into being run players by cracking your
safeties and just the different it’s so many multitude of formations and running
some similar plays but doing it out of a lot of different formations and then
whether it’s a or a motion trying to change your eyes and our eyes on defense
have to be right this week we we can’t look at some of the eye candy that’s
motion and cross in front of us we have to focus on our keys On running back Tyler Burns… I don’t know everything that transpired with Tyler I know that he wanted to visit with me in
the spring about having an opportunity and I told him that’s what he’d get was
an opportunity to come back to the to the football team and I didn’t promise
him playing time didn’t promise him an opportunity to get a tour anything we
just invited him to come back and I think he’s got a lot of close friends on
the team and thought he did a nice job in the spring he was nicked up a little
bit in the spring and then in the fall he continued to progress where Tyler’s
made a difference for me as on special teams more so than running back we put
him on a number of special teams and he really showed the ability and more than
that that want to to be a part of them and sometimes that’s hard for guys that
you know I know I just want to be the running back I just want the carries
well he wanted to know how he could help the team and that was through special
teams and I know he played a number of snaps on special teams and then had an
opportunity to play some play some tailback late in the game and so I was
just pleased with his whole body of work through
the summer in the month of August and so we’re excited to have him back On what wide receiver Landry Weber did to earn a scholarship… competitiveness I just I love watching
him compete on a daily basis it doesn’t matter if it’s a if it’s a Monday in
April or a Tuesday in August the kid comes to work every day doesn’t have bad
days he stacks good days on top of good days and he’s always a guy you recognize
phenomenal special teams player that takes a lot of pride and then a guy that
worked really hard this summer to refine some of his route running caught a ton
of balls had a couple of big catches for us on Saturday and a guy that we feel is
somebody that we can rely on no matter if it’s first down or third down or on
special teams and when you can have that kind of contribution you you’re gonna
deserve a scholarship On the importance of recruiting Wichita and the state of Kansas… yeah really important we need to win
across the whole state of Kansas and people don’t understand that that takes
time to you don’t you just don’t come in here and all set and have great
relationships we’re fortunate that Taylor brats around that has a lot of
relationships but all of us new guys with the exception of Kalin are building
relationships and that’s something that that is that’s recruiting in itself and
you’re not just because hey we’re at Kansas State we’re new you’re gonna come
here from the state of Kansas we have to build relationships we have to invite
them in we have to treat them great when they’re here so that guys go back and
say you know what that staffs pretty good they they take care of you they
challenge you and that’s something that doesn’t happen overnight but it’s
something that we’re striving to do so we can win in the state One of the guys on the roster out of Kansas and especially the Wichita area is Denzel (Goolsby) for
good reason he put out a story on his dad earlier in the week and then we saw
the video Skylar postgame getting emotional with his teammates on Twitter
I think what if those two guys in particular I know they lived together in past. What about Denzel Goolsby and Skylar Thompson made you want them to be captains… They care so much about their teammates they care so much about you
know Kansas State football they’ve been a part of this journey for an awful long
time together and they’re really close and I know that guys look up to those
two guys for what they do on the field more importantly probably what they do
off the field conducting themselves the right way being servant leaders making
everybody around them better and those are two guys that I was excited when the
vote came out that those two guys were captains because two guys that I really
look up to two guys that I can bounce a lot of things off of because I I trust
those two guys and know that they’re gonna give me not what I want to hear
but what I need to hear On Jonathan Alexander’s focus and perseverance… well when he’s focused he’s a really
good player but he’s also for us young into our program and young into Kansas
State and yeah he’s still making some mistakes and some of that can be focused
it’s something that we’re harping on but I think it’s great when Jonathan’s
around the the Denzel ghouls B’s and the and the AJ Parkers and guys that have
been around here that have played a lot of snaps for us because Jonathan is an
impact guy and he’s learning our defense he’s learning the way we do things
around here but we saw it all spring too as far as the big play capability
whether it was an interception a strip something he got his hands on balls cuz
he had so much length in the seam and I’m excited because the longer he’s with
us the longer he’s practice and the more he understands them the better he’s
gonna be and I know one thing Jonathan’s got a lot of pride he wants to be great
and so we’re gonna continue to challenge him because for us to be successful he
has to be a playmaker On quarterback John Holcombe’s production against Nicholls… he did he did a really nice job we had a
set of plays that we wanted to try to run with him to accentuate his skill set
and he I thought he ran really hard I thought he ran really determined and
it’s something that down the line may become a part of a package for us that
we can utilize him in certain situations you know red zone third down goal line
whatever it may be time will tell but I was really pleased that when he got in
there he didn’t care when he got in he’s like okay I have an opportunity I got to
make the most of it and that’s what that’s the one thing that we did talk
about what the team is I don’t care when your opportunity is if it’s because of
an injury it’s because of us being up late or you’re the starter when when
your opportunity comes you have to make the most of it you have to be productive
and that’s one thing John was was productive On Jax Dineen and Josh Youngblood playing as true freshmen… well Jax became a part of the
mix when hardier got hurt and we didn’t know if we were gonna play jacks or not
and then when we lost Adam we were short a little bit of fullback and we pressed
him into into some time to see how he would respond he’s a guy that that I
think has a chance to be really good he’s just got to fine-tune some
techniques and some fundamentals and his focus and all those things but he has a
loads of ability and he’s a really good athlete moves his feet really well
really productive with the ball in his hands but he also has to be a dominant
blocker and has to know who he’s blocking and in the right technique and
so I’m excited because I think Jax will his best football is in front of
him it he’ll he’ll be a guy that I think will play more than the four that’ll
probably play most the year Youngblood is continuing to learn what
we’re doing offensively he has tremendous speed tremendous athleticism
we’re just trying to design some things to make it maybe a little bit simpler on
on him because he doesn’t have the experience that
oh that Malik does and Joaquin does and Dalton does where he can play more
Landry where he can play multiple positions but we also know that at that
position you need to have more than five guys four guys throughout the whole
season and so we thought Josh’s body of work was was good enough throughout the
month of August that we know his best footballs in front of him so even though
he didn’t catch any balls and stuff we thought he had some productive plays out
there and we’ll continue to to push the envelope with him as far as giving more
of the playbook Do you think he can play beyond the 4 game scholarship rule too? On the inside access and the importance of social media… give people that really want to be a part of these guys’s story these guys’s journey and the right setting I think it’s a it’s a great thing and
something that for our fans and and people to be a part of the journey that
these guys are going on I think is pretty cool On communication among the K-State staff during the game… I thought our communication
was pretty good you know at halftime there was very simple adjustments there
weren’t many adjustments on defense simply because we hadn’t played where
many snaps offensively we were talking about a number of things but I liked the
communication you know Scottie and Mess are real veteran guys that you know
can take over and accept input you know calculate the input decide what they’re
going to use and those two guys I think we’re exceptional as far as the play
calling as well and just listening to the input that guys were having between
series I thought was was really good and so obviously it was a first game there’s
some kinks that we have to get ironed out I think operationally offensively we
need to be faster calling plays we need to be faster in and out of the huddle I
kind of anticipated that a little bit you know they weren’t going fast Nichols
wasn’t so it’s not like we weren’t getting calls in those are things you’re
concerned about but we didn’t have those issues but it’s gonna still be a work in
progress each week and I know that they probably are talking about more things
that they need to improve upon that even I’m giving you just with their own
conversations among amongst each other each other On the health of linebacker Cody Fletcher defensive back Johnathan Durham… we’re hoping that Cody get support gets
to practice late this week that that’s the plan for him now whether that makes
him available I’m not sure JD’s probable for this week there’s a
there’s a chance he could play if not it’s not long-term for for him for sure On his overall sense on how the special teams played against Nicholls… I thought our kickoff team was really
good we made some plays Lance in particular made some really good plays
and so that was that was encouraging our kick return I know that we were a little
disappointing so I thought we had some creases and and we didn’t quite maybe
return them as long as far as we would like I think we missed a couple of
assignments that we need to clean up the punt we didn’t have one so that’s that’s
encouraging tell mess we’d like to keep that going if we could and then punt
return we were we were fine we need to catch the ball and we talked about that
we misjudged a couple but I’m confident and Philip because once he gets the ball
in his hands as you guys saw out there and the limited whether it was on a punt
or catching the ball or on a jet sweep the kids pretty electric so he’ll learn
from that On changing formations and personnel frequently on the first drive… that’s kind of what we do yeah that’s just what we do it’s it’s like a hockey line change with coach mess and trust me on defense that’s
difficult because you’re trying to decide who’s coming in who’s coming out
and and there’s certain plays that he wants to get in that are different
personnel and I think that makes it challenging on a defense when you’re not
saying I’m just defending one thing or one one group of people and
and also we want to get more guys in but that’s just I’ve seen him do this now
for a few years and that’s kind of what we’ve done On his own role on game day… over seeing both sides but
I’m not getting into the play calling out I’ll make suggestions or ask ade you
know we missed this we missed the back on this blitz or you
know we didn’t pick up this one make sure we get that cupboards things that
we see that I want to make sure that you know if I see it out of a naked eye you
know I asked coach Hayes one time you know we we blitz we lost contain make
sure we address that yep we had that written down or something with mass as
far as personnel grouping you know I thought we were trying to get this guy
in the game yeah we we did he was getting something fixed we’re trying to
get him in the next series but you know not not a not big into the game plan to
say hey here’s what we need to do now it was a game that was that was out of
reach I thought too so you know each week will be a little bit different but
you know when we’re on offense I’m quiet when we’re on defense I’m I’m quiet when
we flip over that I’ll flip over and get a chance to talk to him why the other groups out there On who coaches the safeties on the field with Joe Klanderman in the booth… then van still does take the lead with those guys I may grab
somebody when they come off the field and visit with them a little bit but no
van will do that

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