Judo Føroyar – Vlog & Competition Highlights | NatWest Island Games XVIII Gibraltar 2019

February 18, 2020

He attempts a throw and That was ippon, that was really beautiful He lured him into a throw, that was really well done I didn’t think it was alive.
Oh it’s so cute. So each of the teams that has come to visit us, has brought a small container with water from their island. They will now proceed to pour the water into our fountain feature which will stay there throughout the games. Dánjal, you won the bronze medal Yes, it’s better than nothing. I made some mistakes so that’s that. Bárður, you won the gold medal, how was it? It was amazing. It could have gone both ways, but I got him in the end. Gunnar has also done well, he won three and lost two And the ones that he did lose, especially the first one that was like if it was football, it would have been own goal. It’s going good, Jógvan Páll has done his job. Actually really well. He was a little lucky in the last match, he did something Toppled himself, playing stupid. It’s not legal, but they were they were good to him. He had already won, but it’s not allowed Now he has received two penalties.
Yes two warnings. He’s gotten nervous I think, I don’t know what’s going on. He has to work now, there’s no way around it. If the match ends with these three penalties, then it’s the other guy that wins Yes, then the other guy wins
Of course you lose, but it’s a shame to lose by penalties It’s actually unnecessary most often I wasn’t able to see anything he did wrong, but apparently It would be terrible if he were to lose by shido the referee looks so gloomy He lost He lost by shido Jógvan Páll Kristensen loses the final by three mistakes That was a regretful way to lose I don’t know if you could call it a catastrophy You just don’t do that He doesn’t look too content either.
no he doesn’t look content. but I don’t know, he’s not satisfied with… I also didn’t think it was… I’ve competed internationally now since I was 14 years of age and this is the first time I’ve experienced that they are after me, because of a match I had previously, where I celebrated a little bit that I’d won and these old men couldn’t take it, here in Gue… where are we Gibraltar, they couldn’t take it this is also probably the lowest level of refereeing. The only referee who is worth a damn is the one we brought. And he was out during my match So actually, they took the gold from me by giving warnings to me, when I just fought control judo and tried to eliminate me using penalties, because they didn’t want me to win. Bronze medal goes to Maud Wickström from Åland and Maiken Bringsberg from the Faroe Islands The bronze medal winners are Sanna Willford from Åland and Silja Johannesen from the Faroe Islands For Nicolaj, the first opponent British Champion on the British national team, so there we had not even he himself expected anything special, but as it happens in sports, he got an ippon and it was all over For Búgvi, it’s gone as expected Yes, now we’re at the final for today in the -81 weight category It’s Búgvi Poulsen facing off against a man from Menorca Oh, a waza-ari, come on He had a bunch of points in a row there, but the referee is not fazed If I were referee there’d be two consecutive waza-ari and now Osae-komi Now there’s a hold-down and we just need 10 sec, then he’s won Did he tap? I don’t know what they’re deciding here, we’ll see Now he decided in favor of Búgvi, it looks like he’s won this final. Yes, we also thought there was a score before, but now… It’s gold for Búgvi Poulsen in the under 81 weight category Búgvi Poulsen celebrates with the Faroese crowd beautiful images here He got a good hold of me in the start There was a lot of pressure and something gave in in my chest but I just had to keep driving on and hope for the best. But I felt pretty early on in the match, that he wasn’t as strong as the previous person in the semi-final So I had high hopes right away So it was all about all the time pressuring, putting him on the defensive and then in the end, you managed to get another waza-ari What happened there? the judges seemed to speculate quite a bit. One might be tempted to say the refereeing in Gibraltar is not on-par but um What happens is just plain and normal judo, he attacks and I drop him, meaning I take over his throw and he comes onto his back So I knew full well that it was waza-ari But I just pretend like I don’t know anything, because I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to provoke anything I can leave that up to the coach They eventually concluded that it was waza-ari, though it took a while Yes, and the funny thing is then, that I have two waza-ari and have won the match but still he starts the match up again and then the Menorcan just came over to me and gave me his hand and said we’re stopping here We both knew it was over, but the referee didn’t know it was. And the gold medal winner is Búgvi Poulsen from the Faroe Islands Second bronze medal to Sigmundur of the Faroe Islands Silver medal goes to Sanna Nolsøe Djurhuus from Faroe Islands It is Petur Sigurð Johannesen who has entered the ring now The gold medal winner is Petur Sigurð Johannesen from the Faroe Islands Now Edvard Johannesen is going to fight I don’t know what that’s called, it’s some crocodile throw he has. I think he’s designed it himself. That worked out Gold medal goes to Edvard Sigurdson Johannesen from the Faroe Islands Magnus Pauli Glerfoss, we’re back here once again. The Faroe Islands are in the final How are your hopes for the final, do you think it will be five matches or do you think it’ll be over before Yes, I think they’ll win 3-0 and that’s it I don’t think Edvard and Sigmundur will get to participate This is the final for the men’s team event in judo and it is the Faroe Islands against Saaremaa The Faroese have done well up to now They’ve gotten into the final, which is against Saaremaa who only have four competitors, which means that the Faroese will win a match, without a match so to speak The first match is about to start Bárður Lenvig Against the man from Saaremaa, we’ll get to see what our young man is capable of He attempts a throw and That was ippon, that was really beautiful He lured him into a throw, that was really well done Now it’s Jógvan Páll Kristiansen, who’ll win without fighting No opponent to fight against for Jógvan Páll, a shame for him maybe Here comes Búgvi Poulesn, so it shouldn’t be much worse If he wins this the match is over, 3-0 to the Faroes Yes, then it stops The other man knows he has to press on, I think we’ll see the “flying Japanese” Yes, there it is It worked, it almost worked that was ippon Yes you two: Búgvi Poulsen and Bárður Lenvig, congratulations on yet another gold medal Thank you Bárður you went on the mat first, how did you experience that match? It was really exciting, but it was good and I knew I had the Faroe Islands behind me, so I just pressed on I did my best and it worked out Can you describe how you won? I knew him before and I thought if I do my best and lock him down I can find a hole, where I open him up and then I threw him Búgvi you also managed to win pretty fast What was the deciding factor in your case? Well the match started with us going in and feeling each other out. He is pretty strong I feel right away So for me it becomes about not getting too close to his body Then I take something I usually use and it worked right away Bárður, how does it feel being part of the Island Games? You were in a good mood yesterday, this just makes it even better I assume? Yes, this is really good It’s something I haven’t tried before, it’s amazing I’ll feel it in my body for a long time after in winter snow covered Thou drawest me to thee embracing me near magnificent islands, by God named beloved. The name which men gave thee when they thee discovered Oh, God bless thee, Faroes my land

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