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John Fleck, Sheffield United & Potential Fulfilled

February 10, 2020

John Fleck’s career seems to have been spent
trying to fulfil potential. Finally, the Sheffield United man seems to be doing just that. Five Premier League goals and two assists
from midfield by the end of January was a decent return by anyone’s standards, but
for a player who not so long ago seemed destined to play out his prime years in League One,
Fleck’s seamless adjustment to the top level has been nothing short of remarkable. The subject of an unsuccessful £4 million
bid from West Ham United a year ago just as the January window was about to close, the
28-year-old’s form has been such that his value in the transfer market has increased
exponentially. Not bad for a player who arrived on a free
transfer in Chris Wilder’s maiden summer at the helm in 2016. Three-and-a-half years later, both are excelling
in the Premier League and Fleck has become an even more important cog in the United machine
since Wilder moved away from playing a No 10 behind two strikers in favour of a flat
three-man midfield. The new role grants Fleck licence to get forward
much more — a point underlined by a goals tally that is already a personal best for
a season. No wonder Wilder is so keen to tie the Scotland international down to a longer
contract, with his current deal set to expire next summer. “He has been incredible,” the United manager
says about a player once dubbed ‘the new Wayne Rooney’ after making his competitive
debut for Rangers at the tender age of 16. “By embracing every level he has played
at, he has moved forward each time. He also has a wand of a left peg and when he hits
the ball, it stays hit. Proper power.” That kind of praise feels long overdue, especially
for those who remember the hype surrounding him in those early days at Rangers. A year or so after making his first team debut
for the Glasgow giants at 15 on a pre-season tour of Germany came the notable accolade
of being the youngest player to feature in a senior final in Britain. That winner’s
medal, after coming on for the final five minutes of the 2008 Scottish Cup final victory
over Queen of the South, was expected to be the first of many. The reality, however, was very different.
He did enjoy a couple of decent runs in the Rangers first team in 2009 and then again
18 or so months later. But, by the summer of 2011, it had become clear that a spell
away from Ibrox would be in his best interests. Sheffield United offered a route out of Glasgow
but a mix-up with the paperwork as the minutes clicked down towards the end of the transfer
window eventually scuppered the move. Fleck left Rangers for good the following summer
in the wake of their financial collapse. Four years at Coventry City, by then mired
in crisis, followed, before Wilder brought Fleck to Yorkshire soon after succeeding Nigel
Adkins at Bramall Lane. The early signs weren’t overly encouraging.
Fleck struggled with the running during his first pre-season training camp with Wilder
vividly recalling the Scot “gasping for breath” in one demanding session. Now, though, the United manager says Fleck
“just goes and goes and goes”. Those energy levels have helped him get forward regularly
enough to create 30 chances for others — second highest in the squad behind Norwood — and
have 17 attempts on goal of his own. Fleck’s shooting accuracy of 64.7 per cent is the
highest among Wilder’s players. All this points to a career finally starting
to resemble the one expected all those years ago when Fleck was coming through at Rangers. Recognition from Scotland, long overdue in
the eyes of Sheffield United supporters, arrived last autumn with a first senior call-up. His
debut came in a Euro 2020 qualifying defeat to Russia in Moscow. One man who has been following Fleck’s progress
with interest ever since those early comparisons with Rooney is former Sheffield United assistant
manager Stuart McCall. As Gordon Strachan’s right-hand man with the national team, he
kept a keen eye on all those hoping to make the breakthrough at international level. “I remember watching John play for Scotland
Under-16s at Scunthorpe,” McCall, a five-time title winner at Ibrox as a player and later
appointed their manager, told The Athletic. “England won quite comfortably because they
were more powerful and that bit stronger. We did not have the physicality and were blown
away, in truth. “But, to me”, continues McCall, “he
was the best player on the pitch. He was only young but there was a real player in there,
no doubt about that. “I have followed his career ever since.
What I most like about him (now) is (that) he dictates and dominates games. Not everyone
is capable of doing that in the Premier League.” One of those United player who did not last
the journey between the divisions is James Wilson, now at Ipswich Town. He was one of
Wilder’s first signings in the same summer Fleck arrived from Coventry. “Flecky always looked a good player,”
the Welsh defender told The Athletic. “He was a big part of the team that won promotion. “Watching Flecky score goals and get all
this praise is no surprise to me. It might be to those who have not been familiar with
what has been happening at Sheffield United but not me. Flecky is a special player and
it is great to see things going so well for him.” Chris Hussey, another who moved to Bramall
Lane the same summer as Fleck but moved on after a year, agrees. “He was no different
back then to what he is now,” says the 31-year-old, now with Cheltenham Town. “Quiet and just
wanting to get on with his job with the minimum of fuss.” Fleck, for his part, admits feeling his time
at Sheffield United has flown by. “Those days in League One seem far away
now,” he says. “But it is only two to three years ago. We have come such a long
way in a short period of time. Now part of the international fold under Steve
Clarke, Fleck has a chance to make history in that arena, too. Not since the 1998 World
Cup have Scotland qualified for a major tournament, but March will bring a chance to book a place
at Euro 2020 via the play-offs; a home semi-final against Israel, with the winners to visit
Norway or Serbia five days later for a spot in the finals.

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