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Jai Hanuman | Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman | Bajrangbali | Hindi Serial – Full Episode 01

December 1, 2019

Hail, Maheshwar! Hail
Lord Mahadev! Hail Lord Vishnu, the
guardian of the world. Lord, you always reside
in my heart. My strengths are incomplete
without your devotion. Lord Shiva, this devotion
of yours has become.. ..a part of my existence. Vishnu is not Vishnu without
this devotion. My strength accumulates with
that of Shiv Shankar.. ..and takes up the
form of Hanuman. Yes! I’m the same Hanuman. Hanuman will appear in the
form of my 11th Rudra form. But Hanuman appearing in me
in the form of devotion.. always with me. He also stays in
front of my eyes. In the form of your devotion. Those whose devotion
is stronger.. ..Hanuman always stays with
him taking different forms. Mixture of Vishnu’s devotion
and Shiv’s strength.. ..will take the new incarnation
in the form of Hanuman. Let’s begin with the story
of Hanuman’s incarnation. Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! Narayan ! Narayan! Hail Lord!
– You’re blessed! You’re welcome in Vaikunth,
Narad. Narayan! Narayan! Lord, not in the form
of Brahma’s son.. ..but I’ve come for your sight
being one of your devotee. I know. Because of
your devotion.. worships me in
the form of Narayan. But I also know that your
arrival always have.. ..some special indications. Narayan! Narayan! You exist everywhere, lord. Nothing is hidden from
you in this world. What new news I can give
you that you don’t know. Only knowing is not
enough, Narad. Being inspired to know is
also equally important. And a clever devotee like
you only can do this. Tell me. For what special
indication you have that you.. ..want me to pay attention to? Lord, I can’t see any
end to the enmity.. ..between Gods and Demons. Whenever god tried to defeat
Demons with your help.. ..they were being oppressed
momentarily.. ..and again attacked on
God with double force. This time Demons are excited
about something new. They have captured heaven
and have kicked off Indra.. ..and rest of the
gods from there. War between gods and demons
always give birth.. new world after
every deluge. All good and bad strengths
of gods and demons.. ..crashes with each other.
And whenever demons.. ..and their evil forces
reaches extremity.. ..I must take the
new incarnation You’re great, my lord! I’ve come here to Vaikunth
to know about this. Please tell me when will you
take the new incarnation.. destroy the evil forces? Why are you silent, my lord? Why are you just smiling
and kept silence? I can’t answer you
for this moment. You must wait a long for this. Long waiting? Don’t you think
till then earth will be.. ..suppressed with
the demon’s sins? No, Narad. Before that some
important incidences.. ..will take place which will.. ..leave it’s impact on
the world and religion. Before that demons and gods
together will do something.. Together? Narad, can’t you see that
my life partner Laxmi.. not with me at this time? I was about to ask you about
mother Laxmi but.. But you were so scared with
the fear of demons.. ..that you forget
to ask about Laxmi. I beg your pardon for
this mistake, lord. Now tell me, when will mother
Laxmi return to the Vaikunth? Laxmi is residing in her
disappearing form.. ..somewhere deep in the ocean. Many precious wealth are lost
in the ocean along with her. I’ve heard about this
precious wealth. But if she’s disappeared
in the ocean then.. ..will you please tell me
when will she come out? How will she come? Gods and demons must do the
blending of ocean for this. And after the blending of an
ocean there’ll be a revolution. And those hidden strengths
will appear from the.. ..revolution, which will
become the cause.. ..of my next incarnation. Hail, Demons’ master
Shukracharya! Hail Lord Shiva! This will destroy the entire universe. I will save the earth from destruction. I will consume this poison. Alcohol. Drink it. Pavadev! Dhanvantari is
here with the nectar. Nectar is for us. If nectar is for god then
what is there for us? We must get this nectar,
Pavandev! Catch him! Hold him! Ugrasen! Follow him!
– Yes, papa! Hail Lord Vishnu! Bad news! Lord, Rahu
has run away.. ..with the nectar. If he’ll
feed it to the demons.. ..they will become immortal. Please do something
to get back to us. We belong to it. My lord,
please so some justice. Arrange to bring it for us. Indradev! Gods! I’ll look after
this matter. And do the justice. Gods have complete right
to the nectar. You please don’t worry. – But
when will we get it? And how? “My eyes are full of nectar.” “My lips are full of nectar.” “My touch is full of nectar.” “My entire body is
full of nectar.” “Which nectar you’re searching
for, o crazy?” “My eyes are full of nectar.” “My lips are full of nectar.” “My love is a boon.” “You’d never know
my intentions.” “My feet is full of nectar.” “And my entire behaviour
is full of nectar.” “My grace and blessings
are full of Nectar.” “Which nectar you’re searching
for, o crazy?” Brahmadev! This is my nectar!
Give it to me. Will you drink it? Your demon’s leader is Rahu. This hurried doesn’t suit you. But you tell me, girl. Why
didn’t you snatch away.. ..this pot from my hand? Cant’ you understand
this simple thing? Nectar is meant for drinking
and supplying.. ..not to run away with it. This is our nectar.
– Yes. We belong to this nectar.
– We want it. No! We hold right to it. All of you will get it. Lord Shiva, who gulped
the entire poison and.. ..saved your life, has send me
here to feed you this nectar. Look at me. Look at the
love filled in my eyes. Now tell me. Can I be
unfair with you? – No. Then listen to this
request of mine. Both the parties please
make a raw. That means demons in one raw
and gods in the other? If that’s the case then feed
the nectar to us, first. No! I can’t be unfair
with anybody. Each drop of nectar
is very precious. This pot is so big. Everybody
will easily get one drop. Ok, fine. Demons, you
please make a row here. Gods, you too please.. Please be alert! God knows
who this lady is? But when we’ve accepted
her proposal..’s not advisable to
create any chaos now. You just take an appearance
of God and sit in their raw. And take up the nectar first. Cheating! We’re being cheated! He’s not a god! He’s a demon. We’ve answered to the
cheating with cheating. This beautiful lady was
partial towards the gods. If I’d not sit in god’s raw.
All the demons would.. ..have been left out from
having the nectar. Rahu must be punished for this. Indra, now I’ve become immortal
by having the nectar. You can’t do anything to me. Demons must pay for
this cheating. Gods! Now you belong
to this nectar. But Rahu must be punished
for this. He’ll surely get it. Demons enemy Vishnu. You’ve
cheated with the.. ..demons by taking up beautiful
girl’s appearance. But your divine wheel
also couldn’t kill me. Because now I’ve become
immortal by having the nectar. Vishnu, so what if my
head is cut off.. But my rest of the body will
live in the form of Ketu. And now demons will
never spare gods. And this Sun and moon has
pointed fingers at me. Time to time I’ll keep
attacking on them. Vishnu, eclipses of
sun and moon also.. ..will take place because of me. I’ll take up all their
brightness on this day. Bad news! Hail, master! I know the purpose of
your visit, my child. Had you consulted
me before blending? Don’t you think Vaidyaraj
Mali disobeyed my order? The result of disobeying
my order.. in front of you. I know
Rahu’s head is cut off. I also know that Gods has taken
up nectar with cheating. Didn’t you have the equal
right on that nectar? With whose permission..
on whose suggestion.. ..this distribution took place? You too had the equal
right on nectar? Vishnu has cheated with
demons by taking up.. ..a beautiful lady’s appearance. He has been unfair with us. This behaviour of Vishnu is
not worth to be pardoned. Sukracharya’s plotting
mind will surely.. ..give the proper answer to it. Gods have challenged
our community. Demon’s troop has
lost their skills? Gods have forgotten
their defeat and.. ..have become proudly? Tell me! I want the
satisfactory answer to these questions. Your suggestions and order
is compulsory to.. ..solve this problem. You please guide us, master. The one who has cheated
with demons.. ..who has challenged
my maleness. One who has insulted
the demon’s master.. ..Sukracharya should be
punished the hardest.. ..for his offence. Call the war! Unite
and destroy the gods. Even the gods’ master Brahma.. ..had accepted defeat at the
war plan of Sukracharya. If Vishnu is a skilled
in cheating and can.. ..protect the gods. If we live
under this impression then..’s our biggest mistake. Master Sukrachrya is
capable enough to.. ..scatter away his
cheating plans. But, master. Gods have already
drank the nectar.. ..and have become immortal.
– No! My ‘Nagashtra’ (weapon) will
turn that nectar into poison. Kalnemi also have obtained
‘Brahmashtra’.. ..with his meditation. And many more they have
obtained in boon. Even Vishnu won’t be able
to stop the attack.. ..of these deluging weapon’s. Bring the deluge to their
world. Break up Indra’s throne. Snatch away all their
wealth and skills.. ..they have obtained with
cheating and being unfair. Crush them! We’ll rule all the three worlds. Demons’ culture will
be protected. We must fight with the use
of our magic skills.. ..and must get the
victory in hand. Shanu!
– Yes, master. You go and meet Sumali
with your troop. Protect Mali and Malyawan.
They are hidden. They are living in the deep
caves near the Vaitra river. Go and protect them
and their help for.. ..the management of your troop. Go! Don’t have any negative
thought and move ahead! My blessings are with you. In Hati and Bahya’s lineage,
their son Vidutkesh! His son Sukesh and Sukesh had.. ..three brave sons Sumali,
Mali and Malwan. With strong meditation they
got a boon from me.. ..and obtained strengths
from me. Demons’ king Sukesh’s son.. ..Sumali, Mali and Malwan’s..
– Hail! ..Sumali, Mali and Malwan’s..
– Hail! ..Sumali, Mali and Malwan’s..
– Hail! My brothers, we’ve
always added up.. the glory of our
brave forefathers. Now we’ve obtained
such strengths.. ..that even gods are
sacred of it now. We’ve used force and threatened
Vishwakarma.. do such thing for
us that no man.. ..or god or demon have
ever done till today. We’ve forced Vishwakarma to
construct a 20 miles long.. ..and wide golden city at the
bank of the south ocean.. ..near to the mountain Trikut.. ..on the top of Sumeru mountain. The name of which is Lanka! This Lanka is entirely
made of gold. It’s gates and palaces
are made of gold. This city is situated
at such place.. ..where no enemy can reach. Now all the demons will go
and inhabit there at Lanka. “Hail King Sumali!” “Hail Golden city Lanka!” C’mon, brave demons. Let’s
move towards the.. of demons, Lanka! “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail Golden city Lanka.” “Hail Mali and Malyawan.” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Golden city Lanka.” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Golden city Lanka.” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” My brave friends, being
in this Lanka.. ..we’ll extend the borders
of our kingdom. Now demons’ rule will
spread till the heaven. Till heaven. We’ll show our strengths
to the gods, humans.. ..and all those who consider
Vishnu as their god. We’ll compel them to consider
demons the bravest of all. Whoever who won’t consider.. the bravest
and their gods.. ..will be punished to death. “Hail, Sumali, Mali
and Malyawan!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” “Hail Lanka’s King Sumali!” Lord, we’re harassed
with this Sumali’s.. ..daily harassment. My lord,
who else other than you.. ..can save us? So, Lord Vishnu, you please
come and destroy these.. ..demons. Please destroy them. O saint! Keep quiet! Your
lord Vishnu has shut down.. ..his doors looking at our
strength and our wide troops. No! – You, helpless and
weak fellow! – My lord! Now neither your religion nor
your God could save you. O god! – Crush all those
who murmur Vishnu’s name. Kill all those.
– O lord!

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