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Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 179 – Full Episode – 19th March, 2020

March 26, 2020

You have simplified
our decision, isn’t it? Dear, you can’t even control
the bowler. How will you hit a goal? You can go and play
in your colony. These matches are not local. We have teams coming
from Mumbai, Kolkata and Goa. You get that? Yes, sir.
This wasn’t Yogi’s best game. But he can manage, sir.
– Please stop it. He couldn’t do
simple dribbling. So, how is he going to face the opponents
in the actual game? Hey! What did you say! Well, sir, he’s saying,
he couldn’t play well because of his shoes.
– Is it? A bad workman blames his tools. Yes, sir. This football match
is very important for him. Sir, actually,
Yogi is in need of money. He can earn so much money
only through this game. What do you mean? You want me to include him
in the team so that he gets the money? Mr. Mishra, did you hear that?
Did you hear them? You can’t even hear. You won’t be able to hear
if the other player calls you. Mr. Singh, Rana,
include him in the team. He was the captain
of his college’s team. In spite of having speech
and hearing disabilities he took his team to victory. In 2017’s championship,
you were the captain of your college’s team, right? Yes, sir.
Yogi had hit nine goals, sir. I remember your game. Are you sure you’ll improve? Are you serious, Mr. Mishra? It’s quite evident.
He can’t perform. He will do it on the ground.
Let’s give him a chance. We can at least take him
on bench. I hope so. But what need are you in? I mean, you’re doing this
for money, right? Sir, Yogi wants money
for this wife’s treatment. That too,
in another 15 days, sir. If he plays
the entire tournament he may be able to earn some..
– Sir, please. Sir, please include him
in your team. Sir, please. Mr. Mishra, this is nothing
but emotional drama. I have a gut feeling
about this boy. I have seen him play. He has lost the touch
but he will improve. Mr. Singh, give him Rs. 50,000. Champions don’t behave
this way. I’ll see you on the ground. “Hey!” Buddy, let’s go home
and tell everyone. We have got Rs. 50,000.
Yes! Yes! Yes. Buddy, she won’t understand.
Let me explain her. I’m anyway liking her, buddy. Buddy, let me talk to her. Well.. Actually, his wife
needs to be operated. We’re quite influential clients. We have an appointment
with Dr. Wilson. Hey, stop all this nonsense
and come straight to the point. Hey, that’s what I’m doing. I’m maintaining the standard
of 1.5 lakhs. You get that? Well.. So, where was I? We had to deposit the advance. Patient’s name?
– Well, it’s Gunjan Srivastav. I’m answering her, right? Gunjan Sharma Srivastav?
– Right. Did you talk to Dr. Arora? Who’s that?
Well.. Buddy, Dr. Arora? Sorry. I didn’t get him.
– Ma’am, he’s saying it’s 1.5 lakhs. We will deposit
another 50,000 in the evening. Yes, ma’am. Actually, we’re
short of Rs. 50,000 ma’am. Ma’am, keep this money
till then. God will bless you.
Oh, Lord! Sir, actually, this
is not needed. What! Just by shedding some tears,
the treatment is totally free? I mean, are you serious? No, actually the payment
was made an hour ago. What! Yogi, the payment has been made. The surgery will be done
in another two weeks. But you will have to deposit
ten lakhs two days prior to it. Who made the payment?
Well, I mean.. Yogi, the payment
is already made. Ma’am, who made the payment? I’m so sorry, sir.
But this is confidential. And I was not on duty
at that time. Oh, buddy. Who’d be having
such a huge amount? Buddy, could that be Mr. Shiv? I’d suggest, let’s go home.
I hope she doesn’t get us wrong. You got selected? In IIM club? Yes, Mr. Vivek. He used to play
football in college, right? It proved helpful.
They recognised him. Mr. Vivek, the organiser had
already watched Yogi’s match. You know what he said
once as he saw him? He said, that’s like our player. Am I right, Surjit?
– Yes, Mr. Vivek. He paid him Rs. 50,000
right away. So, Yogi will surely gather
a few lakhs in next few days. That’s more like it. We can manage to arrange
the rest of the money. Ma’am, Yogi may even won
match of the match. You know what’s the prize amount
for man of the match? It’s five lakhs. Five lakhs? Yogi Gunjan’s operation
is anyway confirmed. So, do this.
Go and deposit the advance. Vivek, Kabir,
give him the money. – Sure.. Yogi what happened, dear? Aren’t you happy? You can return Vivek
and Kabir’s money later. What do you mean.. Yes, someone has already
deposited the advance amount. Who did? None of us had
such a huge amount. Mr. Shiv also refused, right?
– Right. Pari? That’s all right. We’ll find out
who has made the payment. Even if Pari has made
the payment what’s the problem in that? We’ll return her money. Come on!
Don’t worry. Yogi!
Show him the letter. Why are you staring at it, Dad? Did you think that Yogi
is incapable of doing anything? That he’ll sell mom’s jewellery
as well as this house. You were wrong! Sir, Yogi has got selected
in the IIM Club. It’s a very big tournament.
– Yes, sir. He’ll get Rs. 40,000
for playing a single match! There are 7 league matches,
Uncle. That means, Rs. 2.8 lakh! After that, the quarter-finals,
the semi-final, the final! Rs. 60,000 for each! That means, Rs. 1.8 lakh. Rs. 5 lakh
for The Man of the Match and Rs. 10 lakh
for The Man of the Tournament! Yes, sir. If he wins
two Man of the Match awards our work will be done. And Yogi who according to you
is mute and deaf doesn’t need your money anymore! Another thing.. The hospital amount of
Rs. 2 lakh has been deposited. That’s good. Dad, you were considering
brother to be useless, right? Look, what a great job
he has done! Ask him what he has done. All he has done
is to stop Yogi. He has cursed him
in front of everyone! Vivek, what are you saying? I’m saying the right thing,
Grandma. What happened, Uncle?
Why are you silent? Please say something. Now that Yogi has got success,
he is tongue-tied. Won’t you say anything?
– Vivek! That’s enough! Why don’t you say something? What will he say, Mom? Yesterday, he’s said everything
that needs to be said. Has uncle ever been helpful
to anyone? All he has done is complain.
– Quiet! Absolutely quiet! Kusum.. – None of you are worthy
enough to speak about him! Come here. Come here. Look at him. Look at him carefully! He’s Prakash Shrivastav! And even today, he’s
much greater than all of you! You are not able
to understand, right? You are not able to understand
who paid the deposit amount at the hospital, right? Then listen. He has paid the deposit amount.
He’s the one!

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