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February 11, 2020

We’re here with Stefan de Vrij, one of the key figures in the derby. First of all, congratulations on the win, Stefan. Winning a derby always involves big emotions and doing so in this way is even more pleasing. Yes, definitely. We’re so pleased with the win but we also know there’s room for improvement. We had a bad first half
and they deserved to be in the lead. Our character got us back into the game
and we managed to win it. Could you explain what happened
in the second half? What did you say to one another and what did the coach say to you in the dressing room at half-time
to get you to react like that? The coach told us what he wanted,
what wasn’t going well and what we had to improve. Things went badly wrong in the first half, but as I said, we showed our character
and played with more desire. Luckily, we scored two goals straight away to get ourselves back into the game. We then managed to win it. Congratulations on your goal. You also scored a header in the derby last year, but this one is special and different because it helped the team
turn the scoreline around. Yes, it’s an incredible feeling. These memories will always be with me. Scoring in the derby and winning it
is a unique feeling. You sent out a big signal and
the league table speaks for itself, with Juventus’s lead now wiped away
and you’re now top. We’re all there and close by. It’s very tense. We just have to keep winning our games. There’s not much time for celebrations as you have a key Coppa Italia tie coming up. Yes, our attention is now turning to the next game because the Coppa Italia is one of our targets, so we have to prepare for Wednesday
as well as we can. – Thank you, Stefan,
– You’re welcome. Matias, the coach underlined the team’s reaction
and said, “Not everyone could respond like that
in the second half. I must congratulate the lads. Only a top side would be able
to turn a derby around like that.” Yes. At the end of the first half,
we were aware of the situation. We looked at one another and
said we’d find that extra gear, as it might’ve ended badly otherwise. We managed to score straight away to make it 2-1, which gave us a real boost and more strength. We were more aggressive and
turned the game our way. There’s a statistic about you in the derby: you’ve been involved in three goals
in your last four derbies. You’ve scored twice and got an assist. What is so special about this fixture
that brings out the best of you? Yes. Derbies are very special for me. I’m able to find that extra gear
and it’s been going well so far, apart from the first half. I’ve been a lucky charm to date against Milan, so let’s hope it stays that way. -Hi Matias.
– Hi, good evening. Congratulations on the goal, the determination and the competitive edge
that you gave the team. I’d like to ask you something about that. There was a tackle you made on Theo Hernandez
in the second half. It wasn’t a foul, but it was decisive
and showed the aggression that was needed at that time to change the game. It felt that from that point onwards, you changed as a team in every area, then the goals came
and you went on to win the game. Yes, thinking about it,
I do believe it was a key moment because it’s not about getting into scraps, but it’s about making your presence felt
to positive effect. Watching it back now, I got the ball. Certainly. I do think it was positive for the team in terms of getting going again
and being more aggressive. Hi Matias. I wanted to ask you about feeling like you have Inter’s destiny in your hands. When a big goal is needed, we don’t understand how, but you’re always there:
against Tottenham, Lazio and today, in one of the best games in Inter’s recent history. The first half was very tough, for you included, but you still left your mark on it. How do you do it? I don’t know. They are incidents that have happened so far. When it’s a big game,
I start to imagine what might happen and that certainly has a positive effect on me. Let’s hope there are more evenings like this one. Let’s hope so, thank you so much, Matias. – Ciao.
– Good luck. Daniele, what a crazy game.
There’s no other adjective for it. The first half was under par and one to forget. Something then happened at half-time and you took to the pitch
with a different attitude. Thanks to great character
and a positive reaction, you turned it around in a few minutes and sent out a big message. The first half was poor, mine included. I could’ve done more for both goals, but we showed our character
and that we’re real men to turn around a game that seemed to be over. If we’d played in the second half
as we’d done in the first, we certainly would’ve conceded more. It was a big test and a strong message to everyone. Has this derby taught you much? It shows that we’re a strong team and we always have to play at
2,500 kilometres per hour. If we let our intensity and focus drop,
we get punished. As I said, the first half was poor, mine included, but we then did well. We recovered thanks to our character and deservedly won a fantastic derby. Max. – Hi Daniele.
– Hi – Congratulations on the derby win.
– Thanks. There were uncertain moments in the first half, but these things happen. Did you speak to anyone
at the end of the first half? Were you able to have a mental reset
and get back into the game? It was tough, of course, but in the second half, you came out to deal with the toughest crosses and showed the determination needed in a derby. It wasn’t easy, so I congratulate you on that too. Thank you. I’d played the game three or four times
in my head this week, so the first half was very tough for me
mentally and also in terms of digesting it. Maybe I relaxed a bit in the second half. I don’t want to find excuses for my first derby. There’s no need. It was very tough. Having said that, I’m very pleased because my team-mates produced
a stunning display, so I thank them. As a goalkeeper, fan and player,
I’m really in seventh heaven. Daniele, I think the team’s strength
shone through. Besides the image you portray on social media, the reaction on the pitch
this evening was incredible. You said the first half was
under par for everyone, yourself included, but in the second half, you triggered unique emotions
that we’ll never forget. I’ll never forget them either. I won’t deny that I had tears in my eyes
after the fourth goal. It was a strong message to everyone that Inter are here, we never give up
and we win games one way or another.

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    Forza inter 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙 grande stefan e matias

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    Immenso de vrij 🔵⚫️🙏🏻

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    L'innocenza di Stefan quando dice : " Siamo andati nella merda nel primo tempo" 😂😂😂

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  • Reply Marco Prinet February 10, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    grande Padelli

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    Caro Elliot vendi prima possibile e vai via tu e questa finta dirigenza mai presente!

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