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Inter 2-1 SPAL | Conte & Semplici Post Match Press Conference | Serie A

December 2, 2019

In the first half we were a little bit sloppy and this allowed Inter to show their great qualities that we all know and fear. It seemed as if we wanted to concede a goal to then try and level the score, unfortunately they scored two goals and we weren’t able to do the same. It’s a pity that the same players that played a terrible first half in the second half were much better. It will be my job to show the players that if we play with confidence and courage we can cause trouble to great teams like we did today in the second half of the game. Because, in such a tough league as Serie A, if you play in a passive way as we did in the first half you concede too many chances and sooner or later the opponent will take advantage of those situations. This must not happen again and it’s a shame because we really played well in the second half. We started to play better even before we scored the goal and I expected the players to have some pressure playing against a great team in a difficult stadium. But many players have already played in Serie A so they should be used to these kind of scenarios. Today we played against a good side that comes from a winning streak but the second half shows us that we are capable of causing problems to good teams. Since we had nothing to lose we played with more calm and confidence and even though we conceded more in our penalty area I appreciated our permormance in the second half. If we had played the whole game as we did in the second half it would have been a terrible performance and we need to work on that, but if we had managed to score another goal and draw the match it would have been an incredible achievement. We need to exploit these little chances to get points in order to get closer to our goal of the season which we all work very hard every day to obtain. It’s a tougher ambition than last years but if we keep working hard and if we play more often as we did today in the second half we will achieve it. Obviously it’s great for all of us after fourteen games to have 37 points and to be top of a really difficult league as this year’s Serie A. In fourteen games we won twelve, drew one and lost one against Juventus. We have to be enthusiastic and proud of our permormances but, as I constantly tell the lads, this enthusiasm must not become arrogance. Because negative enthusiasm and arrogance leads you to think you are better than the other teams. And if this happens you stop playing with high intensity and start conceding more chances to the opponent and clearly this must not happen. From a difficult group in the Champions League as ours and from our position in the league we have to get all the motivation we need to be worthy of the colors we wear every match. We also have to understand that the only way to win trophies is to work harder every training session and every match. We will always need to improve under every aspect and I’m very grateful to all the players and to the hard work they put in training sessions. As I repeatedly said I’ve instantly felt the desire and the ambition of the players since my first day here at Inter and as we all know in the end hard work pays off.

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