INTER 0-1 NAPOLI | ANTONIO CONTE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “We needed to move the ball faster” [SUB ENG]

February 14, 2020

What are your thoughts on this 1-0 loss to a Napoli side that, as Gattuso just told us, he set up in that way because you have to show respect
to top sides like Inter. They had men behind the ball in a 4-5-1 formation,
leaving little space. Maybe 1-1 would’ve been a better reflection
of the 90 minutes. How responsible are Gattuso’s tactics for the team’s failure to create openings
and win the game, Antonio? Gattuso spoke about Inter being a strong side, but I’d reiterate that for me, after Juventus, Napoli have the strongest squad in the league despite performing below expectations
in Serie A. If you beat Liverpool in the Champions League, you beat Juventus and Lazio in the league and you beat Inter in the Coppa Italia, it means you’re a top side. Let’s not forget that Napoli have been
Juve’s main rivals in recent years. They came here with a humble approach tonight to play a defensive game. We were up against ten men behind the ball. Mertens stuck to Brozovic and in such games, you need that moment
that changes the contest. We had chances and overall,
I think we deserved more. As you can hear, Antonio lost his voice
during the match. It had started going beforehand. Over to you and let’s be quick with Antonio, so he can go to his press conference after. Hi Antonio. Hi. I think that despite everything,
we were never really troubled. Maybe after all the nervous energy
used up in the derby, the team was possibly lacking that ruthless
streak and competitive spirit this evening that you normally want to see from your players. The rhythm and intensity
weren’t at their usual level, but that’s normal, given the team
wasn’t under much pressure tonight. Napoli played a defensive game and didn’t give you space to attack in behind. Yes, more than intensity, the derby certainly used up
a lot of our nervous energy. There’s no doubt about that. Having said that, I made five changes
for this reason, to try to inject more energy,
both physically and mentally. I don’t think our intensity was lacking. I believe we moved the ball too slowly, but when you’re up against a quality side that is making sacrifices for one another and they’re all trying to dispossess us, it becomes hard because when they win it back, they can also attack into the open space
and be dangerous. I don’t think I can blame the lads for much. They gave everything, but having said that, Napoli and Gennaro did well
to produce that sort of display. It was very defensive and he convinced them to defend as a team. – Thank you, Antonio.
– Thank you.

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