In The Ring with Mexico’s Ultra-Violent Wrestlers

September 6, 2019

We are here in Tulancingo, Hidalgo
home of extreme wrestling in Mexico. We are going to meet the people that
brought this type of wrestling from Japan to Mexico. Wrestling is one of the most important
cultural events in Mexico. It’s a form of entertainment
among Mexican families that has been practiced
for more than eight decades. It’s become so popular
that they began wearing masks in the style of
American superheroes. Today, a new style of Japanese
wrestling is growing in Mexico and the US. Renewing an old tradition
with extreme violence. Ultra-violent wrestling. Extreme ultra-violent wrestling is a
style that unlike traditional wrestling ends on the first fall. They use weapons to hurt
their opponents. Thats why wrestlers start the
fight with all of their energy. In Mexico one of the most
recognized companies is DTU or Total ultra-violent disaster. We are outside of the carwash BM where one of the first extreme
fights took place in the country. We are going to meet Crazy boy,
founder of DTU, so he can tell us a little bit
about the history. Here is where the total
ultra-violent disaster started. We started almost 10 years ago. This was a carwash. And now it’s… the Tulancingo coliseum. It’s here in Tulancingo, Hidalgo
where DTU was born. When I had the chance
to travel to Japan. That is where the style of extreme
wrestling is deeply rooted totally different from what
we do here in Mexico. We started to gather wrestlers
who had that style. Of… of more risky wrestling. Different types and modules
that they could deal with. Of this new wrestling trend in Mexico. At that time there was Pesadilla,
Aeroboy, Violento Jack. With whom I started this dream I had,
this extreme dream. To, to create DTU. I’m Obet, I’m a professional wrestler. My Dad was a wrestler and I would see him
and that’s why I wanted to do it. In this case they come with me and when they would say;
“I want to be in the ring” Get in, but lets do things right. Obet started training his kids
when they were very young. They are willing to give up some a
aspects of their childhood to become professional wrestlers. I started as a traditional wrestler, classic wrestling. But, in 2004 when a company
with extreme wrestlers came, it caught my attention. At the time, nobody was doing
extreme wrestling here in Mexico. I think you don’t take
care of yourself. There is no way of how to
take care of yourself. You can see all of the cuts
in the arms, face Those are the consequences. Arena Fiction is on of the oldest
and most important rinks in Mexico. Tonight DTU is fighting against
the American company GCW. I see you have the weapons
here to show me how you use them. This is a cutter and
it has a lot of… If you are witty you can
use it in many ways. You can use it to cut the
forehead, arms. That’s its main use. -It’s pretty dangerous, no? Yes, you have to be very witty
and go crazy in the ring. These lamps the moment
they hit any part of the body, we mostly use the head. They explode and the glass flys
and it cuts you, cuts you. Honestly, all of this has its tricks. It took as years and
years to learn it. We like it too much,
we like it too much. Not just anybody can go in
and break a lamp. They can do it, but it’s
not the right way to do it Obviously you are going to get hurt or
get cut. You can’t get away from that. But… you try to get the
least cuts as possible and not hurt the audience. Since your whole family
are traditional wrestlers, What did they say when you told them
you wanted to be an extreme wrestler? I was like, I was like the
black sheep of the family. My grandfather would always say; “Thats not wrestling, thats bullshit.” “You’re going to hurt yourself,
you’re not going to last.” I had to show myself that I could
do this and I could do it right. And to show them that
its not what they thought. Good or bad I gained
my fame in wrestling I’ve always thought that you
have to sacrifice things to obtain others that are better
or something good. I’ve had to sacrifice many
family gatherings, with my daughter. When you start they pay
you very little. Or sometimes they don’t pay. So yeah, you suffer a lot. Far away from your family,
you don’t eat at your regular times. Because you are traveling.
It’s very very complicated. Before starting the match,
DTU sells their merchandising and greets their fans. Something that very few
wrestling companies do. The young wrestlers,
Irving and Edwin! I almost pooped myself,
I almost didn’t realize. It’s incredible how
the ring can change you. Being in there and feeling free,
you are another person. It’s very beautiful. They’ll either clap for you
or you’ll get your ass kicked. The smile of a little boy when
they take your hand and tell you that they
like how you wrestle. Thats, thats something incredible. You can say that at DTU
we teach them how to wrestle. In DTU we aren’t their teachers. But we guide them side by side. To somehow achieve their goals. Reach their goals and
complete their dreams. Thats why being in DTU is a dream. For Cyclope and other
extreme wrestlers pain is a small toll to pay for
doing something they love and to fulfill the passion of the crowd
that follows them in every victory.

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