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IELTS SPEAKING Online Test | Topic: A Speech | Band 6.0 |

January 7, 2020

Yeah I can hear you.
Oh wow that’s so good. I’m Jason Alright let’s get started then. Okay The
first please introduce yourself and tell me about if you’re a student or what do
you do? Okay. My name is Tran, T–R-A-N, Tran. I come from Vietnam, and I am 19. sorry yeah? Are you a student. Yes
I’m a student. I’m learning about English language in my in Huflit, my
school name is Huflit. I learned more about English like pronunciations
psychology something like that. Okay so let’s let’s talk about sports. Sorry? Yeah
do you like to play sports? Uh a little bit Do you play ever do you ever play sport?
Yes I used to play volleyball, badminton. Yes – that just two. Do you play often?
Uh no not realIy. I played because volleyball is one of my subject at
school, but I really like that. Yep um Is volleyball really popular
in your country? Uh yes I think because like volleyball is an interesting sport
and everyone likes to watch, but in big city people like volleyball more
than in other cities. What do you think is the most
popular sport? Soccer, maybe. Yeah this is play like you can play anywhere
anytime, so I think that is more popular than volleyball. Yeah do you think it’s
important to play sports? Yes, I do. Of course because that playing sports gives you more energy like you practice more, and you will have more
relationship like you can play with your friends have more fun time like that
Yeah. Cool. OK let’s talk about noises. Noises? Yeah noise. Do you mind loud noise? I don’t like loud noise. I I just like I
like I don’t hate loud noise, but I don’t like it just in some situations on
some occasions you need loud noise, but in in some time I don’t like them. What kind of noises you come across in your daily life? Do you often hear a lot of loud noises?
Yes. Like the traffic in Saigon, it’s like lots of lots of noises, and I don’t like that noise much because it’s because it’s hot it’s so hot in Saigon, on and you
have to hear that noise. It can make you not feel good. In my school, this school
have lots of students, so every day I heard lots of things. Yeah and my name
how there is a market. So every day when I wake up, I always hear the noises from
the market.Yeah. Are there any what kind of sounds
do you like to hear? I like anything the sounds of
birds those the water like this yeah. I like this out that it’s make me relax
a lot. The sounds of the wind. Some is all the sounds about nature.
I like the sound from nature more than the sound from people yeah yeah. Do you
think there’s a too much noise and in modern society?do you think is too
much noise? Yes, I do. I think I think that’s there are
lots of noise like it’s come from everything. Everything can happen always
like that especially from the traffic because it’s so crowded. Okay let’s go to
part 2. Okay. You have one minute to prepare
and try to speak between one and two minutes. Okay. Okay that’s right, so can
you see the question? Uh talk about a speech or a talk that you attendant right? yeah talk
about a speech or talk. Yeah okay, so one minute to prepare. Okay whenever you’re ready. Okay just
talk something about that right? uh I don’t have one of chances to
to watch lots of – to attends some things, but uh there was one like. In last
year when I first goes first the first time I go to school, my I have a meeting
from all of my teacher to introduce about my major about my school about
their money everything. Like this is the first time and I have an attend
something in my school. Like every people that introduce is my teacher and some of
other students, and it was really great I think because I I know more about my
school. I have time to meet some new friends because when I come to my school the first time, I always go along, so this is
one of the chance that I can meet new people. And I it helps me know more why I do
this school, why I, what I should do for four years in my college, and
what should I do to learn better yes. Cool thank you very much, and let’s go to
part three. It will be maybe a little bit more advanced or maybe more abstract
and maybe faster – so um do you think it’s important to arrange speeches for
school children to listen to? – Yeah? Can you repeat? Do you think it’s important or school
children to listen to or attend speeches? Yes I think that is important because the student can learn the way that the person people
that they talk, the way to introduce something, or the way they talk about
something. Like how they use their micro, how to use their mic, how they
speak, howthe way they talk and I think that they can learn more from the others’ speech. Yeah what kind of a speech do you think would be useful for for
children? I think that speech about skills, soft skills. Wise skill is
important, and it’s more useful because a student in Vietnam people they just
learn about all in the book. they don’t learn more about real life, so
I think that all speaking about real life is help it’s useful. Yeah what kind
of skills do you think they should learn in school? I think that the ways to talk
with new people, communicate in public like who communicate how
to presents something in public or how to do all the paperwork, you know, the
office. Yeah sure um in Canada for example um we have a class where
they can learn about how to like assemble or repair cars do you think
learning about automotive technology would be a good thing for students to
learn in school in Vietnam? Yes I think so because there are lots of
things that students in Vietnam they don’t know like the simple thing, the
basic thing that’s they need to know but they don’t know like how to fix your
car, your mortobike, something like that. What else would you change about school in Vietnam if you could change
something? First and the things that I want to change the most is
I want more classes that they can learn outside, not
inside school but outside. They learn thing like I live in. In some country,
they they live all like chemistry or physics or something like that and they
teach realized skills – like how to open a coffee shop some kind of tha,t and I
think that it’s really good, and I really wanted to like bring it to Vietnam
because people now student in Vietnam now they’re just learning a book. And
everything that in high school is more different than in college .So some
student they learn very good in high school, but in college they learn really
bad because they don’t know the skills. thank you Yeah what you what do you think is the
difference between high school and college? but more some more differences? I
think that high school they focus on the everything in the book. It’s just a lot
more, and college because you have to prepare to work in four years, so
you’ll have to learn more about real life skill like you have to know how to
make a letter, how to write email some kinds of subjects things like that, but
some high school they don’t know how to do that. Yeah
And the things that you learn in college, it just focus on one thing like in my
major and focus on learning English But in highschool e you have to
learn more thing more difficult thing thing that you don’t like, but you still
have to learn. Do you think that students can learn more from something like a
conference or can they learn better about studying a book?What is the
conference mean? Conference is like a meeting of people who share ideas. oh
okay studying from conference or a boat. A book a book. A broke? A book.
A book and yeah I heard that a broke. I think that study from other country uh I
think that’s both that it is both, but like you still
have to study from a conference but sometimes you need to read a book because there’s different things like
you can learn different things from both of that, so you have to choose both. yeah
how do you think education is changing? What what do you think will change about
education in schools in the next 10 years? I think that I hope that people
will like they don’t have to learn all the subject that they don’t want or they
really dominate in the future and they just focus on the future in the
future more when they were in high school not from their college. I think that more
country they recognize that, so I think other country will do that in the future.
Are there any subjects that you think people will stop studying? hmm are there
any useless subjects? Actually I don’t think that people should stop any
subject, but it’s just like just learn in some basics things and when there was
higher, they will choose on the things that they like not everything from that. Just
was something you must know something about a subject not everything about
that subject. Yeah um okay I guess one last question um do you think that um it’s
important for students to go to a classroom with a teacher or do you think
in the future more students can just learn online? I think maybe in the future
most student they will learn online. more with teacher because with
the teachers I don’t know, but it’s in my country not long not many student they
learn well when they are with that teacher like they don’t know how to ask question they just like doing it online is better than
asking the teacher face to face but and anything that learning in online will
make that you’re learning everywhere every time not just in 6 o’clock until 5 o’clock. Yeah maybe. Okay thank you very much I think we’re
all finished, and it’s nice to meet you. Have a good day. Take care bye bye

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  • Reply Testuru November 26, 2019 at 6:56 am

    This Speaking test band score is 6.0. These are the comments from the examiner.

    Fluency & coherence: 6

    Can speak about a variety of familiar and unfamiliar topics with a good pace and flow, though occasionally relies on self-correction and repetition, and answers are sometimes short or not fully developed.

    Lexical resource: 6

    Sometimes uses words inappropriately, but this does not majorly affect intelligibility. Can generally express ideas on both familiar and unfamiliar topics but does not demonstrate an ability to understand or use many advanced terms, idiomatic language, or paraphrasing.

    Grammatical range & accuracy: 6

    Some grammatical errors persist, especially in using the plural form or past tense, but this does not affect comprehension.

    Pronunciation: 6

    Can be understood throughout the test, but some mistakes persist, mostly with the misuse of long vs short vowels, or mispronunciations of certain words, such as "pronunciation" or "discussing".

    General comment: The student should be able to effectively communicate in most situations but should improve on certain weaknesses before entering an advanced workplace or academic setting in order to avoid any confusion.

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