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Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Episode 15 – 17th October, 2016

January 9, 2020

Mr. Bachanlal,
we like your daughter. Tell us your opinion too. Ms. Kaushalya, your son Babbal
is a gem. What are you talking about? Babbal is a human being,
not an object. Do you need a boy who you can
store in your safe? Brother, he thinks our Babbal is
a gem of a person. Oh, I see. I’m sorry, sir. Well, your Mukti is
no less either. Thank you. Dad, they’ll make a good pair.
– Yes. Ms. Kaushalya. In my opinion, the boy and girl
should get to know each other. Let them spend some time
with each other. What’s the point in doing that? Are we going to disturb them? Do you mean this is
a noisy place? Can’t they spend time
with us around? But spending time alone
is important too. That’s what I said too. Go, Babbal.
And take this album too. Show her some pictures.
Okay? Get to know each other well. You need to spend the rest
of your lives together. Shall we? Yes, let’s go. Where are you two going? Grandma, we should get to know
Mukti too. She will stay here
all her life. Stay here, you two.
And keep quiet! Sit! Babbal! Call out to us
if there is a problem. Don’t worry.
Okay? Ms. Nagina says
you cook very well. Oh! “Beloved.
Beloved.” “My beloved.” ‘You bump into me
every time.’ ‘I hold you each time too.’ ‘Stop bumping into me.
You won’t have to hold me then.’ ‘I like doing that.’ You’ve held me so well. Well, I.. It was a mistake..
– It’s all right. Well.. Dear Lord..
– Appu. Appu. He’s critical. If we don’t do something soon then his life could be
in danger. There is only one way
to save his life now. I’ll have to tell the truth
to everyone. But that could pose a threat
to your life. We have no choice. Appu. I won’t let anything happen
to you. Perhaps, we might
never meet again. But we’ll always be friends. Don’t ever forget me, Appu. Appu. I won’t let anything
happen to you. Babbal and the girl
haven’t returned yet. Mom, I think they’re
getting along. Dad, how can they get along?
– They have. Is your friend a magician?
– Shut up. Ma’am.. What happened?
Why are you panting? Mom, she’s not panting.
She’s shaking. What’s the matter? Did someone
say something to you? I’ll thrash them right away
and teach them a lesson. Dad! What is it? Did
someone say something to you? Well..
– Ichcha, what’s the matter? Let her speak. Ma’am, come with me.
– What happened? Please come with me.
I’ll explain over there. Please come, ma’am.
– What’s wrong? Why are you rushing us?
Tell us. Please come, ma’am. Come on..
– Let’s go. ‘Did Ms. Mamta see Supra?’ ‘Oh, Lord!
What if she harms Supra?’ Appu.. What happened, Mamta?
Why are you screaming? What happened?
– A s-snake.. Are you crazy? How can a snake
get inside the house? Look carefully.
It must be a rope. A snake.. A snake!
– A snake! How did the snake get inside
the house? I-I don’t know, Grandma
It didn’t inform us of its arrival
to drink milk. Bring a stick quickly. ‘These humans won’t
spare me now.’ ‘At least my sacrifice will
make Ichcha come to her senses.’ Get a stick. But Grandma, it’s stuck.
It can’t harm us. Yes, Grandma.
That’s the reason I screamed. The poor snake is stuck here. It must be in pain.
– All of you are crazy. A snake only bites. Khadak, go and get
a stick. I can injure this snake
with just a punch. But the thing is that..
– Will you get the stick? Mom, Ichcha was saying
that a snake never bites until you instigate it. Yes, Grandma. The snake
benefitted us the last time. Yes.- Did you forget about
the buried treasure? Yes, Grandma. Perhaps, this snake is here to
tell us about a new treasure. Yes.
– We won’t kill it. ‘I should tell them
the truth now.’ Grandma, listen to me.
This snake.. Yes, I know. A snake never bites
until it’s instigated. All right.. You may serve this snake.
I’ll go get a stick and kill it. Let me see who stops me.
– No, Mom. Let go of my leg! Why are you hell bent on
killing this snake? We’ll ask it to leave.
Am I right? Let go of my leg.
– No, I won’t let go of you until you stop being stubborn. Don’t be stubborn.
I’ll let go of you then. Let go!
– No, Mom. Come here. Listen, we’re not your enemies. You’re a creature,
and so are we. Listen, we’ll lift the trunk. But after we do that,
go straight into your hole. Or grandma will kill you. Oh.. Kids, hurry up. If your grandma sees you
helping the snake she won’t spare you. Anyway, the snake will
go into its hole. But you two will have
no place to hide. Easy..
– Yes. Brother, it’s thanking us.
– Okay. Bye. Bye. Go. ‘Supra, leave the first
three windows.’ ‘The fourth window
on the right is Appu’s room.’ I won’t spare it, Khadak!
Where is it.. Where’s the snake?
– Grandma, the snake bid us goodbye and left.
– Shut up! How did it leave? Grandma, it’s good that
we let the snake go. It was in pain
under the trunk. It’s been released.
It’ll relax. Perhaps, it might guide us
to a new treasure. You idiot! If it’s in
our house, it will bite us. Mom, have faith in God.
Everything will be fine. You take it to God
once it bites. What happened, Ichcha? No..
Nothing. ‘It looks like the effect of
poison in my body is over.’ ‘Supra must have cured
Appu by now.’ ‘I’ll go meet him.’ Appu! Ichcha!
– You’re cured! Okay. It’s time for me
to go now. Take care of yourself.
– Where are you going, Ichcha? I’ll have to keep my promise. I’ll have to tell
the family members that I’m a shape-shifting
serpent. But what about your mission? How will snakes and humans
become friends? Everything is over. I’m going back to Naagistan. When will you come back,
Ichcha? Never.
– What! No, Ichcha.
Please don’t go. No, Appu.
I’ll have to go. I have promised him. Please don’t take her.
Please don’t take Ichcha. Please let her stay. A promise has to be fulfilled. Whether it was made to me
or the residents of Naagistan. Appu.. Ichcha will not go anywhere. She will fulfil
her first promise. She will stay here. Ichcha, today I have seen
how powerful love can be. Today, I have complete faith
in your mission and you. I’m certain that you will
succeed in your mission. Okay, I’ll leave now. Bye, Appu. Take care,
and hope to see you soon. You speak English? Yes. Snakes can speak
English too. I’ve lived amongst humans
for 10 years. I know to speak English. Hail the Lord!
– Hail the Lord! Ichcha, this is a miracle. You came to teach humans
that snakes aren’t bad. But today, a snake learnt
that humans aren’t bad. That was amazing! Who laughed, Ichcha? Y-You! I’ve come to congratulate Ichcha for facing every situation
so well. She has completed this mission
all by herself without any help. No one even came to know,
even though there were guests at home. You’re amazing, Ichcha. “Beloved..” ‘What if Babbal agrees
for the marriage?’ What happened, Ichcha?
What are you thinking? Nothing. Come on.
Let me introduce you to your new aunt. Come on.
– Yes. Watch some wrestling.
– They aren’t back yet. Appu.
Where were you? Ichcha was helping me
with my studies. What was she doing? She was tutoring him. Okay. Ichcha knows everything
other than her name her parents
and her address. Not only does she know about
the history of snakes she also knows
Appu’s syllabus. There they are. You’ve been
chatting for so long. Grandma, they must have been
discussing their wedding arrangements. You know everything,
don’t you? Let’s first ask the boy
if he likes the girl. Tell me, dear.
Do you like her? Grandma, I really like the girl. “Beloved.
Beloved.” “My beloved.” But she has a condition too. What condition? That I’ll have to separate
after our marriage. From all of you.
– Look at this, Mother-in-law! Today, she wants him to
separate from us. In future, she might also
forbid him from meeting us. She might even ask him to
refuse to recognise us. Oh, God!
If my son meets me on the street he’ll address me
as ‘ma’am’. I’ll feel terrible,
Mother-in-law! I’ll feel terrible! Mom, for the first time today,
she’s got a point. That’s why, Mom,
I can never marry her with this condition of hers. My son! Mister, may I say something?
Please don’t mind. Do you need invitation
to leave the house? Thanks a lot for coming. “Beloved.
Beloved.” “My beloved.” ‘Ichcha is done for.’ What was that? Dad.. Speak up.
What were you doing? Every heart
has a different story. Which one is yours? Watch and identify
on ‘Dil Deke Dekho’. Starts 18th October,
tomorrow night at 10:30 p.m. every day,
only on SAB TV.

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