‘I saw him smooching with it!’ ZSJ is furious at Tanahashi’s title reign! (#njdest)

September 13, 2019

裸の気分だ… まぁほとんど裸同然の格好してて
アホみたいなこと言ってるけど 棚橋が俺のベルトを巻いてるから
裸みたいな気分だ あいつがベルトにキスするのを見たぞ 俺のなのに!
何て真似を! 棚橋 お前のことを
見くびっていたようだ… 何度お前を病院送りにしても
必ず戻ってきやがる! 作戦変更だ… お前にロンドンで恥をかかされた
同じことをお前にしてやる… どうせお前の人生最後のベルトだ
思う存分楽しめ 別府で取り返してやる
お前は一度も防衛できずに終わる Beppu? 東京ドーム カッパー・ボックスの次が
別府だと? ふざけるな! If I never give up…
If I never give up… Although they avoid my hip attacks,
if I hang on until the end… Then I can find another path to victory. Even though they kept avoiding my hip attack,
it still ends with a hip, somehow. So, instead of a ‘School Boy’, my new move is
‘After being dodged, try another hip attack’. That’s my new move for next year’s Tokyo Dome. That’s my new move. But you’re revealing that tonight? Yes. A pre-release. What do you intend to do with that move
on January 4th and 5th? January 4th and 5th…
Well… If I get lucky, I get to be in the
opening match, the New Japan Rumble. I hope so.
I don’t know whether it’ll be on the 4th or 5th. But I’ll keep perfecting the move. I will put my all into it,
for January 4th and 5th. On this Destruction tour,
we’re not in the Junior tag title picture. But that doesn’t mean I’ll lose focus. This tour is a big deal, right before Junior
Tag League. I’ll start stacking up the wins. I’ll keep winning until the end, in Kobe. I’m in the zone of eternity now. My body is resilient. My condition is perfect. Speaking of conditioning, I can now lift weights I couldn’t before.
So, I’m breaking through my limits. And here’s this tour, now… I’ll tag more often with my rival,
Coach Taguchi. Also, I’ll tag with the ACE, Tanahashi.
Could this be any more awesome? I stand to gain a lot of experience on this tour. Both Tanahashi and Taguchi have titles,
don’t they? I want a title, too. I will bring a new wind that will take
3K to the next level. How’s it look? My British Heavyweight title.
How does it look on me? There are plenty of preview matches throughout
this tour. Although Zack’s got a bag of tricks… I’ll force him to show me
all he’s got on this tour. I’ll show mine, too.

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