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Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania! WWF / WWE Pro Wrestling Comics From Japan!

August 20, 2019

The following video is intended for adults
only! It is not safe for work in anyway! Please make sure you don’t watch it around
your co-workers, your kids, or your grandma! This is your FINAL warning! … And if you are under 18, don’t tell
your mom. I’ve been in Japan for almost 20 years,
and I now present to you the strangest, weirdest and most profane thing I have ever found in
the Land of The Rising Sun. A manga series about Hulk Hogan! You might say, really? Was Hulk Hogan, and by extension, the WWF
THAT popular in Japan to warrant its own comic series? Well, The WWF and New Japan actually cross
promoted their stars often in the early 1980s, so Hulk Hogan and many other names of the
day were well known in Japan. The manga series is called Yappa! A-Hogan Yo! Meaning in English, simply, HEY IT’S HOGAN! This whole time, these books have flown under
the radar of the English Internet. Which has basically been a constant one up
circle jerk of who can deliver the most obscure things to make fun of. So I submit this to you! Can anyone top this? Maybe! And if so I’d like to see it! The series was written by Minoru Shibayama
published by Kodansha Media. Yep. The same group who made all those Nintendo
Manga books I’m always talking about. From personal experience, I’d say that the
audience and age range of Nintendo fans and WWF fans overlap, especially in the 1980s. But these two series couldn’t be further
apart. The Mario books get a bit risqué at times,
but nothing too bad for boys just being boys. But the Hogan books are a whole nother planet. I am literally IN SHOCK that these things
ever got printed!! Hogan’s schlong is out on nearly every page!!
and he’s not the only one. There are tons of obscene jokes. and if overt
sexuality isn’t enough theres a few that get pretty gory too, though in a cartoonish
way. The series began in May 1984, not long after
The Hulkster started his first WWF title run after defeating the Iron Sheik. Since this thing happened over 30 years ago,
and Kodansha doesn’t actually exist anymore, theres not much known about the books. I do know there were at least 6 books made,
all of which are pretty hard to find. I found book #3 which was hella expensive,
as far as books go. The books are not one continual story line,
but rather a collection of individual stories told each week. They are pretty short, some are only 2 pages
but a few make it to 6. In book 3 there are 40 stories. And I am going to pick the best stories from
here that are the funniest and easiest to understand. I mean some of stories feature old pop culture
jokes that were funny in Japan 40 years ago, but we wouldn’t really get. It’s kind of like if you went to a foreign
country and told a where’s the beef joke. Funny to us, no one else gets it. They also feature some Japanese pro wrestling
talent that we might not know, and honestly, I don’t know! So if you can actually figure out who some
of these people are, let me know! But some of them DO feature recognizable WWF
Superstars or just have stories that are simple gags. It’s not a countdown of the funniest ones
per se, but I will put my favorite one last so you can end this video with a big laugh. Oh and there is one more thing. Another Japanese company DID put out a graphic
novel about Hulk Hogan that accurately chronicles his life from bar band bass player, to WrestleMania
III (to WWF Champion) It’s actually pretty good, but that’s not what you came here
for. You came here to see this! So lets get right to it! The first story is for all you gamers out
there. Its called Famicom A-Hogan! The story starts with Hogan showing off his
WWC championship belt and afterwards he locks it away in his wang shaped locker. And says, its time to play some Famicom! That means video games, if you aren’t a
gamer, which I’m sure everyone here is but ya never know. Yeah I know! I know what your looking at and yes its hysterical,
His Fu-Ma-Chu is in using one controller and his dong and ball bag are using the other
contoller, but what is he actually doing with hands, writing something? I have no idea. Well anyway after a long play session he decides
to go to sleep, and no comment on his sleeping position. But in the middle of the night, suddenly the
lights flick on and Mario and Ninja JaJa Maru-kun show up and steal Hogan’s WWC title belt
and run away with it through the TV!! This is ironic to me because in the Super
Mario Land Manga which came out later, Mario meets Hogan in that book too! Anyway, Hogan jumps in right after them and
is put right inside a video game! Its a stretch I know, but they do try to make
you feel like its a game with things like power meters and jumping platforms. Hogan has to endure a 5 on 1 handicap match. To win, Hogan takes a oscillating fan and
vomits into it! The vomit turns everyone into flying turds
who are blocking Hogan’s belt. Hogan says he knows the right technique and
stomps on each turd and then lands on his belt, which sends him back to the real world! Mario and Maru-kun comment on how Hogan is
such a skilled famicom player. But wait? I guess it was all just a dream. The next story is called The impossible task. Hogan is studying in the library. His head often displays in Japanese whatever
he’s thinking or feeling or doing and so now it says STUDY. He’s so serious about it that he freaks
out to scare anyone off so he can sit alone and study. Then a cute girl shows up and Hogan is love
struck. She says she can’t find a seat and Hogan
makes sure he can offer her a seat, right next to him. The girl is impressed by all the books he’s
reading and he says he’s studying to be a doctor. His forehead says GYNECOLOGIST! Tee hee. She thinks that admirable and he says to himself
that she’s falling for it. Then Animal from the Road Warriors later known
as the legion of doom spots hogan and tries to be friendly. He tells him to best it lest this girl prefer
him over Hogan. When the girl asks if Animal and Hogan are
friends he denies it. Then Animal flips open Hogan’s skull takes
out his brain and removes it with a giant soft serve looking turrrd. Yeah, those things go way back, long before
emojis. Hogan and Animal bicker a bit but eventually
this girl’s boyfriend shows up. He’s a total slob and has a flatulence problem
on top of it. He says “ lets go see a porno movie,”
and off they go, leaving Hogan all alone. The next story is called Secret Power. Hogan is training and the other guys are shivering
and have fevers. Its supposed to be winter, to help fill this
out. But Hogan is showing off how strong he is
and how he cant get sick no matter how bad the weather is. The he tells everyone in the gym thats because
his wang has the power of the tiger! Yea I looked it up and 1986 was the year of
the tiger. So maybe every year they did this gag with
a different animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Hogan continues to prance around naked while
the other guys warn him, he’ll get sick if he doesn’t cut it out. Eventually lunch is served. A giant slab of beef! Hogan cuts himself off a big piece but instead
cuts right through his hand. Now I can’t actually follow what’s going
on here. But somehow Hogan turns into a cow, which
would have been the year before the tiger. Everyone runs around trying to find a cure
but eventually decide that they need to drain the cow blood out of Hogan and when they finally
do, he returns back to human form, while all the guys in the gym drink his blood. What the WWF is going on here!? The next story is called called Santa Claus. Yea its Christmas time! Hogan and I think Dump Matsumoto are walking
past an elementary school and see some kids having fun with an RC race car. The kid who owns the car said it was a Christmas
present. One boy looks a bit down, and thats because
he didn’t get a Christmas present. This moves Hogan to step up and volunteer
to be Santa Claus and be a “big brother” to all the world! He put a pair of antlers on Dump one off they
fly! But along the way, Hogan spots a girls dormitory
and some laundry hanging on the line. He takes some bras and just goes total pervo
on them! Oh and by this time he’s naked. Eventually the police catch up to them and
threaten arrest. But hogan jumps down from the building wearing
all of the underwear he stole, scaring the bejesus out of the cops. The whole things ends with the Hogan being
shot at!! The next story is called Powerful Momoko-chan. Hogan is hanging out with the Road Warriors
and he tells them that he’s getting ready for a date. Hawk thinks his date is an orangutan but Hogan
assures him that its actually a very cute girl! Theres a knock at the door and Hogan’s date,
Momoko chan is there. The Road Warriors think she’s so hot they
spooge in their pants!! But the reader has only seen her face at this
point, the next page they get to see how she really looks! Yea she’s a body builder! Animal quips that at first it looked like
Beauty and the beast and now its just The Beast and The Beast. Hogan and Momoko Chan hit the town and Hogan
says “Lets go see a porno movie” Is that some kind of running gag? Then someone in the crowd steals a backpack
and runs away. Momoko Chan throws an unknown projectile at
the criminal knocking him down, and then sits on him to keep him at bay. She returns the backpack to the rightful owner. And what exactly did she throw at the perp
to stop him? Well, she ripped off Hogan’s head and threw
that!! Did you know Hulk Hogan had TV some commercials
in Japan? Let’s take a break and when we come back,
some even crazier stories are on the way! Break No wonder they called him the Huckster! The next story is called Conditions of Pro
Wrestlers and it features Super Fly Jimmy Snuka, Davy Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid! The three of them show up at Hogan’s gym. Hogan takes one look at the three of them
and says they’re too small and don’t even have any muscle. Hogan even pets Dave Boy like a dog! Don’t say it. I know! Like a British Bull dog ha ha ha. Well the three of them gang up on Hogan and
say You don’t need to be gigantic if you’ve got speed! Meanwhile someone sneaks into the gym and
slips a pointed can of cola into the machine. Enough to kill a horse, they mystery man says.. Superfly Jimmy Snuka says that he’s thirsty
after giving Hogan a beat down. Which by the way, you KNOW this is fiction
because when would Hogan EVER job to these guys? Snuka gets a can of cola, the poisoned one
in fact, and Hogan swipes it for him and takes a drink. Hogan freaks out and says its poisoned and
to call an ambulance. But Superfly Dynamite and Dave Boy just split
the scene. Which means they just left him to die. But then Aigan stands up and says now that
they’re gone, he can have all of it for himself! And that’s the end of this story! I guess he like, doesn’t die! Oh well! The next story is called Cinderella! You’ll love this one. Hogan plays the part of Cinderella, while
Riki, and Animal play the mean stepsisters. of course they make him cook and clean and
be their servant. But when he does a lousy job of it they throw
him out of the house. While he’s outside he takes a leak then
Hawk appears as the fairy godmother and uses his magic to give Hogan a beautiful dress
and a coach shaped like a wang complete with a pig to drive it to the castle! Don’t forget that he only has until midnight! He shows up and immediately ruins everything
by taking the prince and holding him in a bear hug, killing him!! A fight breaks out with the royal court, and
all of these parts are played by other wrestlers, and Hogan ends up fitting with them until
midnight! Which after that his clothes turn to to rags
and he makes an escape. The cops are looking for him, because don’t
forget, he murdered the prince!! Well to keep things tied to the Cinderella
fairy tale, the police go looking for the suspect by taking the glass slipper and having
everyone in town try it on. Oh and since it was Hogan’s it means the shoes
are 32 inches long! The cops show up at Hogan’s house and to beat
the rap he takes a giant mallet and smashes his feet to even bigger size and since the
shoe didn’t fit, you had to acquit! The next story Is called Officer Momokoko
Chan, yea she’s back! The story starts with Momoko working her day
job as a police officer, someone asks her where the closest cast station is and she
says if he’s out of gas, she’ll just carry the car to where he needs to go! Hogan spots her and the two catch up and get
reacquainted! Its been about 6 months since they last met
after all. But remember she’s still on duty and so
when a kid walks in the path of a car, she leaps into action! She puts her hands into the ground and rips
the concrete out from under the car, like a rug to stop it and Aigan saves the little
kid, but Hogan stubs his toe and says he hurt his foot. Momoko chan say she knows something she can
do to make him forget all about his hurt toe. I know what ogre thinking and were ALL thinking
the same thing. She rips his arms off his body and says, does
your foot hurt anymore? Of course not!! The next story is called Women are a Weakness. Hogan just successfully defended the AAWA
heavyweight title. A delivery girl shows up with everyone’s
dinner order and Hogan sees her and because he thinks she’s so hot, his wang turns into
a snake and he demands both the food and the girl. Another wrestler,. I actually cant tell who its supposed be,
comes to her defense and they take it to the ring. On the line is the girl’s honor and the
title! The match starts and they go back and forth. Eventually Hogan drops trou and takes a dump
on his face! To distract Hogan, the girl flashes him and
everyone else in the arena! Hogan though, hulks up and gets ready for
the famous leg drop so the girl gets desperate and gets fully naked! Then tackles Hogan and he lays down for the
three count! I mean wouldn’t you! Its a rare sight any time Hogan cleanly drops
the belt! The delivery girl is the winner of this bout!
AND NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW AAWA CHAMPION!! That’s all for this episode, Will I revisit
these books someday? Thats up to you ! Tell me what you think ! I
hope you enjoyed this deep look into one of Japan and wrestling greatest lost works. In some cases a very deep look at things you’ll
never find in the squared circle, but its all in books!

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  • Reply Gaijillionaire August 9, 2018 at 9:41 am

    What do you say? Can you believe this thing exists? I can't believe its never been talked about before! What story is your favorite? Let's commenting!

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    This is insane! I am crying because I’m laughing so hard! Does Hulk Hogan even know about this?? How could this be made?

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    2:11 That's some BIG COJONES right there!… You were right about this video not being safe for work!!!

  • Reply Tubewings August 9, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    The Kodansha company actually still exists. It's the manga magazine, Comic Bom Bom, that's no longer running (its last issue was December 2007).

  • Reply Seventy Eight August 9, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    More like this! Find as much as you can from Japan for us to laugh at!!

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  • Reply Joseph Reynolds August 9, 2018 at 10:22 pm

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  • Reply Shinya Uehara August 10, 2018 at 2:38 am

    To avoid legal issue or something, actually, the manga slightly altering each of those wrestlers' name into some stupid name as long as
    kids can recognize who is who.
    For one example, Hogan's name in the manga renamed as "Aho gan".
    "Aho" means "a stupid" in Japanese, yeah, stupid name!

    So, they might say, when the legal issue is happened "he is not hogan, he is Aho-gan!!".

  • Reply Gene Starwind August 10, 2018 at 2:40 am

    I'm just grateful it exists! This is the best/strangest find I have seen in a very long time, thank you! So…this predated Major Payne by a margin with the "take y'ah mind off that pain" gag!

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  • Reply jayray4200 August 10, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Is Roddy Piper ever featured in any of these stories?

  • Reply DejaVoodooDoll August 10, 2018 at 9:23 am


    The guy with the skeletal arms is Giant Baba. Think Andre's face run, but with added world title runs. Despite his odd physique, he was a national hero, and later gained a reputation as a rare honest promoter.

    The next two had less inspiring stories.

    Moustache is Stan Hansen, who was the ultimate gaijin stereotype – any excuse to fight was a good one for this over the top cowboy cliche'. His act was much more popular in Japan than in his home country.

    He played so rough, for real, that Big Van Vader's eye popped out of its socket. This didn't end their match.

    Bearded wildman looks like Bruiser Brody. He was hanging out in Japan for a few months of high profile matches without real finishes. A man who had no problems turning a match into a shoot incident, if he didn't like where it was going, he was both difficult to work with, and over with hardcore fans. So promoters had no problems trying their luck…

    In a few years, he'd be stabbed to death, in the showers.. There's still debate to this day, whether the trial that followed was a cover-up.

    At least, this is what I've heard about the 3. I don't know enough about them to know how much of it is true.

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    5:40 L-R, Bruiser Brody, ?, Hawk and Animal (Road Warriors)
    1:36 Stan Hansen (top) Bruiser Brody and Antonio Inoki (the chin)
    2:42 Stan Hanesn again
    3:35 Antonio Inoki (the chin) Stan Hansen throwing up the longhorns, Hawk and Animal at the front, Bruiser Brody with the "t" teeth, Giant Baba with the thin arms behind Brody, Andre ? behind Brody as well…

  • Reply Shawn Calley January 17, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Alright, lets try to indentify some people at 3:35 🙂
    In the back, Tiger Mask had been carried by Ric Flair, Killer Khan (fu manchu mustache) and King Kong Bundy (bald, beardless guy). The Giant with curly hair I believe its And(o)re the Giant. Guy with the Lucha mask could be Masked Superstar (Ax of Demolition in WWF). The guy with a hat and glasses on Andore's shoulder, I dont know his name but he was manager for Andre and Abdoullah the Butcher in Japan.
    DejaVoodoo Doll indentified Giant Baba (tall and thin almost skeletion like japanese wrestler), Stan Hansen (moustache) and Bruiser Brody (savage like, long haired bearded guy) and I agree with him on that matter.
    The guy with nunchuks could be Great Muta, the hair is similar and Muta would often wield some weapons like wrenches etc. but one time he was wielding kama at the opponet. I must say I doubt myself on this identification, mostly because Muta, or Kenji Mutoh, was really young back then and I dont know if he was top star at that time.
    Long chin is definetly Antonio Inoki, the living legend of Japan wrestling. The guy behing Inoki, on his left shoulder could be Tatsumi Fujinami.
    In the front row there are Road Warriors Hawk and Animal and behind them a japanese wrestler with a long hair could be Riki Chosu.

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