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How Vince McMahon Sees CM Punk? Why Paige Did Not Appear? What Will WrestleMania 36 Look Like?

March 25, 2020

Here is your news for
March 23, 2020. We’re starting today, with
news from WrestleMania,
as for the first time in the event’s 36-year history, the
show will reportedly be
taped in advance. This story, which was first
reported by PW Insider’s
Mike Johnson and later confirmed by both Dave
Meltzer and POST Wrestling’s
John Pollock, is that the show will be filmed this week. According to the report, last
Saturday, the next two
SmackDowns were taped, whilst this Wednesday’s edition
of NXT has also taken place
and was taped on Sunday. Tonight, the next two episodes
of Monday Night RAW will be
filmed, and on Tuesday and Wednesday,
WrestleMania 36 will be filmed,
before being aired on April 4th and 5th. Given how unpredictable the
world is right now, it certainly
makes sense for WWE to tape their biggest show of
the year in advance, as we
just don’t know whether even small gatherings, such
as the small crew involved
with WrestleMania, could be outlawed in the near
future. After WrestleMania airs in
early April, the future
remains unclear of what will happen next for WWE, and
with NXT UK TakeOver
Dublin and Money in the Bank the next events for the
company, WrestleMania may
not be the only Pay Per View to happen without a crowd. One man who won’t be at
WrestleMania this year is
CM Punk, as though many fans are still hoping the
former World Heavyweight
Champion returns to the ring, that may not happen
after all. Recently, Punk made a
comment that WWE begged
him to work a match at WrestleMania this year, but
it turns out that no such
offer took place. In fact, according to Ring
side News, when Punk’s
name did come up during booking the Showcase of
the Immortals, Vince Mc
Mahon immediately shot it down, saying Punk “is not
to be trusted, and has
serious issues.” The fact that Punk would
make up stories that the
WWE was begging him to return for WrestleMania only
further proves Vince’s claims,
and whilst the Straight Edge Superstar is enjoying
his time on WWE Backstage,
don’t expect to see the Best in the World back in
the ring, any time soon. From one WWE Backstage
host to another now, as Paige
has remained an active member of the WWE since
her 2016 retirement, and
last week, was supposed to confront SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley. After the segment was
supposed to happen on the
March 13th edition of smackdown, it was moved
to a week later, and whilst
Paige did appear to announce Bayley’s title
match at WrestleMania,
she did so via satellite. During the latest Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave
Meltzer commented on Paige not appearing live, saying: Paige made announcement
by Skype because she
didn’t come and I don’t know if she could have, well
I guess she could have.
She was not one of those willing to come. There have
been other people not willing
to come and WWE has been — both companies have
been really good about it. It’s
like ‘You’re not willing to come, fine, no problem.
’ So they did the tape thing.” Paige is currently in self-
isolation in her home in
California, and its good to see that WWE are being so
flexible with their stars, during
this unprecedented period. Now, the 24/7 Championship
has been in WWE for just
under a year, and whilst fans didn’t like the title at
first, it has gone on to become
one of the most popular aspects of the company. This week Riddick Moss’
record-setting reign Champion
ended, as the WWE reported the title change
on their official Twitter
account. In a video, Moss can seen
jogging with the title, but
when a referee appeared in a car, Moss quickly figured
out what was coming. Sure enough, R-Truth
emerged from the boot to pin
Moss and regain the title, before driving off in the
ref’s car, without the official. The irony here is that had
Moss listened to the ***’s
advice to leave the house only when necessary, then
he’d probably still be the
24/7 Champion right now, and we have no doubt that
the former champion will
be looking to get his title back, as soon as possible. We’re looking again at
WrestleMania, as though the
showcase of the Immortals is usually the finale of the
company’s biggest feuds, this
year could mark the start of another big feud on the
SmackDown brand. On last week’s show, it was
announced that Bayley will
defend her title against Naomi, Dana Brooke, Tamina
Snuka, Lacey Evans and
Sasha Banks, though the match was originally
planned to be the Boss
versus her best friend. During Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke
about how this match could lead to a new feud, as
he said: “The gimmick is that Bayley
is all mad about a six-way.
But Sasha, who is supposed to be Bayley’s best friend,
was mad until her name was
announced in the match.” They kind of got it pushed
with ‘we’ll do the six-way’
which will be the start [of the feud] and then we’ll do the
singles match when it’s
not so rushed.” If the plan is for Banks and
Bayley to face off at some
point down the road, then it’s likely one of them will be
turning face after Wrestle
Mania, though we don’t know who. Given that Bayley only turned
heel last year, it’s unlikely
that the company would be so eager to turn her back
to being face, so fans can
expect to see a face Sasha, possibly with the Smack
Down Women’s Champion
ship, after WrestleMania. We’re going back in time
now, as in the late 2000s,
one star who seemed destined for greatness for Mr
Kennedy. Not only did he beat five
former World Champions
in his rookie year, but the Greenbay loudmouth also
won the Money in the Bank
ladder match at WrestleMania 23,
guaranteeing him a world
title match down the line. Unfortunately for Ken, this
World Championship reign
never took place, as on the May 7th, 2007 edition of
RAW, Kennedy lost the
coveted briefcase to Edge, who cashed in on The Under
taker mere days later. Speaking on the latest
edition of Grillin’ JR, WWE
Hall of Famer and AEW Commentator Jim Ross said
that Kennedy was meant to
win the title from the Deadman, describing it as
“the biggest thing in his
career”. Ross went on to explain
what happened though,
saying: “If championships become
too frequent and they
change too often, they start losing credibility. Protecting
the championship, and the
WWE title, has always been a priority for WWE,
it’s a priority for AEW. Your
main title has to be embraced and protected and that’s
what Vince was trying to
do here with that decision.” Though JR is right in saying
that titles should not change
too often, it still doesn’t explain why the title still
changed hands when it
was meant to, but with Edge instead of Kennedy. Ultimately, fans never got to
see Kennedy win the big
one in WWE, as after a series of injuries, and hurting
Randy Orton in 2009,
Kennedy released from his contract, and would join TNA
2010, where he would become
a two-time World Champion. One person who knows all
about not becoming WWE
World Champion is Braun Strowman, as like Kennedy,
the Monster Among Men
has seemed destined for a huge win but has never
captured the big one. Last week, the former Inter
continental Champion caused
quite a stir online, when he criticized people who have
been financially affected
due to being unable to work during what’s going
on in the world right now. When one fan asked him on
Twitter what the WWE Super
star would do if he was going without money right now,
Strowman says that he isn’t
getting paid by WWE right now, as he’s not wrestling,
and is legally classed as a
private contractor. When asked to clarify if he was
being paid anything, the
Monster Among Men assured fans that he wasn’t
being paid, which is very
interesting, as WWE contracts do include a
downside guarantee. That means that Strowman
should still be being paid
something during this unpredictable time, and unless
the Monster Among Men has
a one of a kind contracts with the company, it’s
likely that he’s playing fast and
loses with the truth. We can’t say for sure what’s
happening with Strowman’s
contract, or WWE’s pay, but sometimes it’s better to
keep your head down and be
quiet, rather than dig yourself into a deeper hole. We’re taking a break from
WWE to look at AEW now, as
this week’s Dynamite will be much different than
what was planned. Originally, this week’s show was
supposed to be their Blood and
Guts special, but given that the show won’t have
a crowd, the company have
saved this special for a more appropriate time. Now, the show will see Chris
Jericho will confront Matt
Hardy in what is being described as the first ever
confrontation between the
two. When fans questioned whether
this was actually the first time
the two had faced off, Jericho clarified that this I
the first promo between the
two, and sent a warning to the Woken One,
that he’s going to get
schooled. This week’s edition of Dynamite
will certainly be interesting,
and whilst fans won’t see the Blood and Guts match,
there’s still plenty of reasons
to stay tuned in to TNT. Back to WWE now, and whilst
the company has got a lot of
use out of its Performance Center recently,
the majority of the building has
now been closed down. In following the advice of the
***, WWE has closed down
all training areas within the Center, and according to
sources, the only places still
open in the building are those that are to be used for
television shoots and the
live shows. This means that WWE will still
be able to film their weekly
content, as well as WrestleMania, but in this truly
unpredictable time, who knows
how long it’ll be before the company has to
close this area as well. Given how the world is right
now, the last thing a WWE
Superstar wants to hear are those two fateful words,
‘Future Endeavoured’, and
this week, Bruce Prichard spoke about what it means to
be released by the biggest
wrestling company in the world. As the Executive Director of
smackdown, Prichard sees a
lot of what goes on backstage, and this week,
spoke about some stars being
allowed to go off the script. He said: ““I think it does [exist]. I think
there is that opportunity and
what I mean by that is you take the opportunity where
you’re out on live television,
and everything’s live now, so go out and get over.
Go out and make whatever
material, whatever opportunity that you’re given,
make it your own and make it
the very best it can be, and go get over.” In 2018, Big Cass was fired
from the company for going
off-script, as he attacked a little person dressed as Daniel
Bryan, more than the Big Boot
that was allocated in the script. Since then, the seven-foot star
has had plenty of ups and
downs outside of WWE, and its clear that Superstar
should stick to the script, to
avoid a similar fate. Now, earlier this year, Vince
McMahon caused quite a stir
when he revealed that the WWE was looking at selling
some Pay Per View streaming
rights to other companies. Since that fateful 2019 Fourth
Quarter Earnings report, fans
have heard relatively little about the state of any
potential deals, but with
what’s happening in the world right now, it’s unlikely
that any other distributor
will be snapping up WWE programming. One company that looked
possible was ESPN, but
according to Dave Meltzer, a deal to bring WWE Pay Per
Views to the ESPN+ service
has fallen through. He said: “I’ve heard that they’re far
apart on money. Vince wants
a figure and I don’t know if it’s accurate — they are in
negotiations — but, the figure
I heard, and again, I don’t know if it’s accurate and
I’m not giving the number, but
it was way higher than the UFC number and I
thought, ‘Well, there’s no
way that they’re paying that,’ and maybe it’s like a first
number or Vince actually
believes that his pay-per- views are worth more than
UFC’s and again, is ESPN
gonna jump into a big financial thing?” Despite this, ESPN will be
airing classic WrestleManias
for the next three weeks, so a potential deal between the
two parties may not be dead
and buried just yet. Back to AEW now, as last
week’s show didn’t just see
the debut of Matt Hardy, but Brodie Lee, formerly known
as WWE’s Luke Harper, also
debuted, being revealed as the Dark Order’s Exalted One. In a tweet, the Dark Order
leader ominously posted
“Odd that you would welcome the wolf to a land full of lambs.” Ever since Lee was released
from his WWE contract last
year, it was common knowledge that AEW was after
him, and it’ll certainlyy be
interesting to see where his career goes as the leader
of the Dark Order, after years
as a member of the Wyatt family. Back to WWE now, and we
mentioned that NXT UK Take
Over Dublin is set to take place in April, and this has
caused a lot of chatter from
the company’s Irish Superstars. Whilst speaking to Sportskeeda
this week, Sheamus commented
on the show, saying he’d love to take part,
but WWE hasn’t contacted
him about it yet. He said: “I’d love to go. I’d love a match
with Finn, would be great.
Walter. Wolfgang. You know what I’m saying? There’s
a lot of great talent over there.
I’m up for it all but no-one has approached me
at all about it.” As of right now, the show is
set to take place on April
26th, from the 3Arena in Ireland, though of course, this
may change given the fact
that gatherings of over 50 people should be avoided. In 2015, Balor and Sheamus
had a match in that very
venue, and it looks like a rematch may happen down
the line. We’re looking at some serious
news now, as nearly 13 years
after the Chris Benoit tragedy, the final actions of
the former World Champion
continue to haunt the wrestling world. After m*****ing his wife Nancy
and son Daniel, Benoit k****
himself in June 2007, and since then, fans have
been able to learn more
about the talented, but deeply disturbed superstar. Later this year, VICE will cover
Benoit in the Season 2
Premiere of their ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ series, and during
the show, Chris Jericho
speaks about how intense the Rabid Wolverine was. In the show, Jericho recalls a
non-televised match between
the two, where Benoit failed to take a spin-kick the
right way, and the AEW Star
said he later found Benoit backstage, doing 500
squats as penance for his
mistake. It’s this dedication to perfection
that made Benoit be regarded
as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time,
but his legacy and career
have forever been tarnished by his final actions
on this earth. And finally, today we’re ending
with some lighter news, as
whilst the global c******** has everyone worried,
people are still being able to
have some fun. Recently, Game Changer
Wrestling hosted the first ever
‘Social Distancing’ Match, poking fun at the ***
Guidelines for individuals to
keep their distance during this worrying time. In the match, Joey Janela and
Jimmy Lloyd are able to pull
of some big manouveres despite never
coming into contact with
each other, as the duo mimed taking headlock, lockups and
even shoulder tackles. Though it’s important that
people do try and follow the
Social Distancing guidelines, it’s good that these
wrestlers were able to have
some fun and provide some much needed
entertainment at this very
worrying time.

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