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How to Teach Your Child to Shoot a Basketball

September 12, 2019

Drill 7. Now we’re going to practice drill
6 but with the basketball and just shoot air shots. Take notice of the second and third
fingers coming off the shooting hand to make sure that they’re the last two that touch
the basketball. Do this drill on a straight line. Put your shooting foot on the line and
shoot straight down the line and try to hit the line as you follow through. Hold your
follow-through until the basketball bounces on the ground. We’ll do 25 repetitions of
drill 7. As you’re shooting to make sure you’re using
correct form, make sure that your elbow is at your eyebrow. And what I mean by that is
as you follow through your elbow should be at the level of your eyebrow. If you’re below,
your shot’s too low. If you’re up here, your shot’s too high. So you want your elbow at
about eyebrow level to have the correct arc and release on your shot. So when your child is shooting, just tell
them to make sure that their elbow finishes at their eyebrow. It’s a simple way for them
to release their shot correctly. Alright, now we’re going to move down the
line here. You’re going to do line shots straight down the line, put your arc on, hold your
follow-through until the ball hits the floor. Good. Get your hands ready to catch the ball.
Your head never drops. You’re in shooting position to start with. Good. Good. There
you go. Right there every time. Get your hands ready to catch it when it comes back to you.
Ball, good follow-through, hands ready to catch, be ready to catch. Okay. Get little more arch on, you want to
shoot it up into the air. There you go right there. Just want to get the ball on the yellow
line. Okay. Are your feet correct Think your feet are good enough Okay. Hands ready to
shoot. Okay. Get back down the yellow line. There you go. Now, don’t look up. You looked
up in the air that time. I want you to look down, pick a spot down the line where you’re
looking at when you shoot. Don’t look up at the ball when you shoot. There you go. Keep your eye on your target so you know what
you’re aiming for. Good. Okay. If you’re going to jump, make sure you come down the same
spot and you’re still concentrating on hitting the line and not jumping. Let’s stay stationary
now, don’t jump and keep your arch. Keep your arch on there. There you go. Right there.
Let’s do a couple more. Okay. Let’s knock it out on the elbow. Good. You’re okay. Okay.
Good enough.

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  • Reply omg CHEESE August 10, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    how do I put my elbow at my eyebrows I have long arms I can touch my knees without bending

  • Reply WildJordan February 9, 2017 at 1:07 am

    how do you look at the target and still make the shot you have to look at the back of the rim on the inside of the rim dumbass

  • Reply Full Of Gay September 12, 2017 at 1:38 am

    plan on playing basketball, and maybe volleyball, so finding ways of learning.

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