How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger for Beginners – Trick Tutorial

February 14, 2020

Today, I’m going to teach you how to spin the basketball on your finger So if you everyone learn how to do this basketball trick this is going to be the story that will give you an idea how? To start doing just some basic learning how to spin the basketball on your finger There’s a couple different ways you can do it [um] actually. There’s a bunch of different ways you can do it to start There’s guys that’ll spin another thumb, and keep it going their fingers this guy’s that will do it [they’ll] just kind of like do that the ball and flick it the circle for a while And then we’ll get it started on their finger I’m going to show you two basic ways [how] [to] get it started spinning on your finger the very Easiest and the way, I think it’s best to start doing is to use both hands um It’s goes like this, okay Really when it comes out you just have to take a little bit of time so [to] practice it and get the feel for it Um it’s definitely one of those things that’s definitely a feel thing. It’s not so much about Mechanics I mean there is mechanics involved but a lot of this is going to get take time to get comfortable with it This is how it’s going to be done. You’re going to take both hands [you’re] gonna put them on the sides of the ball. Maybe slightly under the ball onto the sides of the ball um I Start you know with both hands on the ball elbows up drop them down And you got you got on wheels on it on the sides of the ball here um Like all the ways you want to try to maintain control of all of your figures um And then what you’re going to do is you’re going to spin the ball like that What you want to do is you want to make sure you’re spinning the ball perfectly sideways So it’s going like this. You don’t want to spin them like this or [like] this I mean try to spin the ball your finger on it smell like that [like] I don’t work for you Go or like that I can work pretty good you want to try to get it hurt is perfectly sideways as possible, okay? That’s your starting point one makes spinning perfectly signs as possible basically all you’re [gonna] do is twist Twist your hands one hand goes forward right hand coming back Use your fingers Pull them in ecology with the not a journal tutorial that I showed you on there the local fast dribbles learn and learn how to do that with the fingers You kind of just pulling your fingers in these are pushing out And you’re gonna get it to spin, okay? Okay, now one thing also to keep in mind I’d like to try and I think a lot of people do too is To try to keep you know where all these scenes meet [all] [right] you try to get the ball spinning on one of those Like right in the Middle one of them on. Let me show you here you [know] on what they eat at this point or this point at this point. I just find that the ball spins easier there I like to try to get the spin on one of those points unless you got one of the basketballs like this one of these Out patent leather basketballs Or the PVC. I’ve heard I’ve heard up dip different Name squirrel this is [a] wilson or a beta and I’m sorry this is a baby performer basketball um Another one is a lifetime street 33 basketball. That’s another one That’s got [the] shiny material um then for these kinds of balls They’re they’re not as uh they’re not like a regular basketball They don’t have all the little pebble bumps in it, so there’s less friction when the ball spins on your finger And it’s smooth everywhere So doesn’t matter quite as much as if you catch it in one of these scenes or if you have a ball? That’s got you know the pebbles of the leather or the synthetic leather type material or a rubber basketball? It’s going to be a little bit harder to Spin it on your finger. If you don’t catch it in the scenes Just because all those little bumps are going to continually be catching on your finger and slowing it down So it won’t spin for as long um so anyways back to what we’re doing um you want to try to get the spin [signers] as much as possible [trying] [to] catch it in one of the seam intersections there and When the ball is spinning you don’t have to throw up super high just throw it up. Maybe like three four inches when you’re starting And you want to try to catch the ball on when it’s spinning [there’s] going to be kind of a center point to where the spin is you can kind of see the axis of Where it’s spinning so even let’s say? [team] See that so you can see there’s sort of a center point to where the ball spinning. [wheel’] it closer? You can kind of catch See where the you know the center axis of where it is spinning is You want to try to catch the ball right in the middle of where that Spin is occurring as it’s coming down okay, so Wherever the middle of the spinning of the ball is that’s where you want your finger to be um? Another thing to keep in mind Column similar to like what I teach in my next stop That’s really hot I teach you to come down with the ball as it’s falling down you want to kind of try to [be] [out] [of] your finger [too] as the ball is coming down we want to come down a little bit with With the ball of your finger so as the ball is coming down you’re going to come down [your] finger to catch it So it doesn’t your fingers and just sitting here the ball Just pops you know bounces off your finger plus it might hurt your finger so you want to kind of try to come out with it to cushion the fall and catch a rise of it on where it’s spinning and [there] it is from there All you really want to try to do is make sure your fingers stays pointing straight [on] if you start pointing to the sides at all That’s when the [balls] going to start to fall off or start wobbling spinning a little funny and fall off Sooner the more upright you can keep your finger pointing straight up the longer you’ll have it spinning on on your finger and also Keep in mind. I find that the ball spins a lot longer on my finger nail Because there’s a lot smaller surface area that the ball is spinning on and therefore There’s less friction on the ball for it’s up to slow it down um If you catch it um normally I actually catch the ball on my finger path um so I would actually catch it on my finger Pad right here as it’s coming down And then I kind of convert try to convert the Spin no more onto my fingernail There’s a little bit less surface area it’s a harder surface. So it spins a little bit longer on there um So those are things you want [to] keep in [mind] um so catch it on a finger Pad coming down in the center [work] spinning and Then I usually convert [into] my finger tip Keep that finger pointing straight up, and you can get an action to spin for quite a while um the other way It’s [pretty] much gonna be exactly the same as far as what you’re going to do once the ball gets spinning in here It’s a different way to starting. It’s just the one hand um for that. You’re going to have your hands on notice how my Palm of my hand is not touching the bolts on fingertips And it’s underneath the ball try to get your fingers spread wide as much as possible so you know it’s covering quite a wide area along the bottom of the ball and You’re just gonna Twist your hand. It’s mostly the [lists] in [the] fingers It’s going to be like that Okay, [and] for that one. You’re actually not going to throw it up quite as high It’s just [good] [trying] [to] [get] fit as much [cyprus] as possible and that one I could try to cut [and] actually you’re going to be able to just give us a kind of Get your hand right under your finger right under the ball to catch it right away. It’s not as much [like] this one we’re throwing in the air and getting your finger under the Center point This like I think you can just kind of get the feel [for] it and and after a while You actually start to figure out be honest with doing this twisting motion where your finger needs to be immediately after to catch the ball in the center like that So those are the basic ways to get the ball to Spin on your finger um If you guys [want] to see anything else let me know make sure you check out my website wwf as [cabal] calm I got a lot of other trick tutorials on there also um Legal minigame tutorials basketball drills all kinds of stuff to help you improve your game or to help you learn new tricks Whatever they looking to do. I got a little bit of everything on there um comment rate subscribe all that good stuff Let me know what you think of this and what you want to see besides This trick or this mover what you just want to see in general? And I’ll try to get more videos [for] you guys like that. [thanks]

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