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How To Improve My 1v1 Ability In Soccer? Ask The Coaches – Renegade Soccer Training

December 9, 2019

The moments in a soccer game that truly
matter are when you have to take on another player. Whether it’s to push it
past someone or turn on them, these 1v1 situations make or break
games. Stay tuned to learn how to improve your
one v one ability. Hi, I’m Coach JR with Renegade Soccer Training. I often get questions “Coach how can I take a defender on 1v1 or how do i improve my one v one ability?” That’s a pretty complicated
question but I think I have an answer for you. 1v1 come in many different forms and
we always think about the guy that’s going to take a guy on and go straight
to goal, but most 1v1 are not actually that. A lot of 1v1 are “I’m
gonna turn on a guy and I just have to distribute a ball, or I’m going for a
ball and I’m going to get there just before another player and I have to shield them off the ball and
play it back to one of my players.” So 1v1’s are all over the field and
they come in many different forms. Now if you’re talking about taking on and going
to goal, we’re going to talk about that in a totally different video that is
learning scissors, Matthews, Elasticos and how to push the ball into space and beat
a guy. What i wanna talk about here is the progression of “How do I actually get
better at any one of those moves?” So this isn’t one of those fancy soccer videos. What
I want to talk about is the progression of how you go from whatever move you
wanna learn, learning that, gaining precision, adding timing, and now working
at it again speed. That is our progression, so we developed our Renegade
Soccer Training Triangle and at the base is rhythm and coordination because any
move at any moment against any defender. It’s learning to flow with the ball and
that’s really where you want to be so it’s not some predetermined move against
someone. So you want to start off with rhythm and coordination. So no matter what
you’re trying to learn the basics, how does this feel? What is my special
relationship with the ball? How do I move with the ball? How do I move off the ball.
That is rhythm and coordination. This literally takes hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of touches, and
it’s ok because at the beginning your gonna be very uncoordinated and clunky on the
ball, but as you get better at it, you get fluid, you’ll add your own style, you
start throwing in some shoulder movements, some head fakes and then you
learn to master it. Now after I push the ball and I’ve decided to beat somebody
whether I’m turning on them are pushing it past them I have to make sure where I
pushed the ball is absolutely precise, so that way it doesn’t carve too close to
the defender, but also doesn’t go too far away so I waste time. This is where our
precision comes in. And so our next level is to give you targets and gates, and you
work on “I’m gonna do that move just like I did with rhythm in coordination but
I’m gonna make sure the ball ends up exactly where I wanted to end up.” The
third level is to add a passive defender because we can do all these fancy moves
but if I don’t understand when to do them with a defender approaches me, this
is a timing issue. So after precision your next stages timing. There’s this
weird relationship and everybody thinks its space but its timing relationship
between you and the defender. So you have to set up a passive defender who you know
isn’t gonna just blow you up with the ball, but it’s gonna mirror you, and it
teaches you “Hey when I pull off this move?” It’s a matter of space and timing
and just a feeling inside you. You have to develop that. So that’s our timing
level. On top of that let’s say you want to work on your timing, but you don’t
have anyone else to train with, so you’re training by yourself but you still kinda
work on timing. So what I would say is go pick out a few of your favorite songs and
listen for a certain base hit and every single time you hear that base hit,
perform the move, that way something other than yourself is determining when
you’re gonna do that move and make sure you’re changing between different sorts
of songs and that way you create different rhythms that you’re following.
So you might say to yourself how do I protect the ball when I’m by myself? Well
that’s a good question and when you start off with that rhythm
and coordination you’re obviously just really focused on your feet as it might
feel awkward. But then you have to start to imagine yourself where will that
defender be and as you start pulling off your new move, you have to think about
creating your shield. So I’m shielding the ball, and as you get into precision
yet to carry that shield through in a precision. Now this is naturally gonna
become apparent when you get into timing, because you’ll have another defender
right there and they’re not being hyper aggressive, but you can still see exactly
when you’re gonna have to shield the ball during a move. So this helps you shield
the ball even though you’re training along. The final level is game speed
and this does not mean you go out onto a full pitch and play a scrimmage game
that’s not what it means that all. This means is that you are going to be at
game speed with intensity and with incentive to win. So it could be having
some running on the line or some burpee on the line or some sort of bragging rights. It kind of doesn’t matter whether it’s positive
or negative reinforcement as long as you are trying your hardest. That’s the final
level because you can do everything you want to get some passive defender but
all of a sudden when he can slide against you or you can put a body on you
very very different. So the final level is game speed. So let’s go back to the
beginning, rhythm and coordination. We have set up an entire library called our
Renegades Soccer Training Codex and then this we go into the lab with Coach
Capo and he breaks down over 30 different ways to maneuver the ball. It’s
called ball control but you can use many of those different moves to beat a guy
one-on-one, ok if I have a girl out on the flank I can be her one-on-one.
However you need to train that’s the beginning so if your home and your alone
so you don’t have that, that timing aspect or you don’t have that game speed aspect you can
work on those first two levels o you want to perfect the rhythm and
coordination go through our Codex, learn the move, and then there’s repeated
again and again do it for a minute, rest, do it for
another minute, rest. Continue on until it feels smooth. Until you can lift your eyes
up and you don’t have to worry about where that ball is. Now put down some
gates work your way through those gates and when I say gates I mean cones, that’s what
we called gates a couple of cones create a gate. You can use socks if you don’t have any
cone it doesn’t matter. I didn’t have cone when I was growing up I just used socks, use pine cones it makes
no difference, but put down some targets so if I turn and I pushed the ball into
space does it go through those targets? That develops your precision. Then when
you get a friend, now you can add some timing. Have them mark you with some
passive pressure and then finally try out your new move that you’ve just
mastered and some kind of a scrimmage situation and that way when you’re playing
on Saturday you feel confident in pulling it off in a game. I hope that
walking through our Renegade Soccer Training progression, our pyramid of ball
control you can see how you can take any move and go from not knowing how to do
it all the way up to pulling it off at game speed. Thi is Coach JR with Renegade Soccer Training. If you have any additional questions please add them to
the comments below, and remember only renegades become legends.

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