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How to hold Bat in cricket? | Batting Grip | Part -1 | Nothing But Cricket

February 8, 2020

Hello viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna talk about batting grip Watch this video fully and remember every detail counts Grip also determines the ability of batsman in off side and leg side batting flow so watch this video fully and ask your doubts in comments before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get notifications Lets go into the video There are 2 types of grips : O-Grip and V-Grip V-Grip is right and O-Grip is wrong, It’s simple as that I’ll explain why and let you guys know the advantages and disadvantages of your current grip. Lets talk about V-Grip first V-grip is the right grip, because with that grip you can play all over the ground With V-Grip there will be easy flow when we play cover drive, on drive You can even play a lot squarer with the easy flow of bat This is the advantage of V-Grip In V-Grip both Top and bottom hand should form a V shape position and the peak point of the ‘V’ should be in-line with the center of the wrong bat You can see both ‘V’s are in line with the center of the wrong bat this is how we lift the bat So now we know how to hold the bat with V-Grip With the bottom hand in the guidance role you will have free flow of bat with V-Grip with top hand playing vital role, the flow will be good and you can extend the arm well while playing drives Let’s talk about the wrong grip now – O-Grip In O-Grip we won’t have ‘V’ Formation and we won’t hold the bottom hand loose It’ll look like we’re holding a stick without any gap between bottom hand palm and handle Bottom hand will be all over the handle When we play with full bottom hand, biceps and forearms will get stiff Forearms and wrist will be locked So when you drive the ball, You’ll not be able to extend your arms so you won’t get the full extension of your drive shots That’s why O-Grip is faulty When we hold the Bat with V-Grip there will be space between the bottom hand and bat handle With O-Grip there won’t gap with that grip you can’t play the drives properly This is why in cricket you have to follow few techniques as per book Everybody can play cricket according to their method and comfort but you can have more advantage by playing cricket as per book even with wrong grip you can drive the ball but it won’t be as efficient as driving with right grip This makes the difference.. You can play cricket however you want. If you have corrected Malinga’s bowling technique, He would have not been as successful as he is today If you are strong with your bottom hand you can play as you like But there are some disadvantages and to overcome it by playing it the right way Thanks for watching the video, share it with many of your friends because gripping the bat is basic Please do Subscribe and press the bell icon to get notifications. Thanks for watching, Keep supporting

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