How To Head a Soccer Ball Under Age 12

February 14, 2020

Today we are learning headers for players
under 12 years old! Well, more like what to do instead of heading
since in the United States players under age 12 are not allowed to head a ball. Yes, players under age 12 in the US cant head
a ball. Even if they are wearing a helmet! Whats going on? Little dap! Its DJ Diveny, former college player, pro
freestyler and coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! Today, I will teach you two things to do instead
of heading the ball. Plus, Ill share two tips on how to win a header
against a defender when you cant head it. Reason we are teaching what to do instead
of heading is because in the United States US Soccer created a rule that players under
the age of 12 are not permitted to head the ball. This rule was created for safety purposes
due to chronic head injury research. Whether you are agree or disagree with the
rule isnt the point of this OSA video. The point is to learn what to do instead of
heading the ball for players under 12 years old. Dont hate the the player, hate the game! For players over age 12 for proper heading
technique, click here to watch our OSA video titled How to Head a Soccer Ball. Key Points! Key Point One. Shoulder It. Since you cant head it, shoulder it! Luckily your shoulder cant get a concussion. To shoulder the ball without it being a handball
make contact on your shoulder bone. Not your upper bicep. To generate power when you shoulder the ball
pop your shoulder as the ball is about to hit you. For extra power when you shoulder it rotate
your chest. Key Point Two. Chest It. Using your chest is a great way to control
the ball out of the air. Chesting a ball allows for better speed of
play versus just shouldering the ball away. The main tip when chesting the ball is to
cushion the ball in as it is about to hit you by leaning back. For more tips on chesting a ball click here
to watch Coach Emilys OSA video titled How to Chest a Soccer Ball. Key Point Three. Back Up. If the ball is coming at your head on a toss
instead of letting the ball hit you on the head, back up! Simply back up a step or two and now you should
be in position to chest or shoulder the ball. Key Point Four. Have No Fear. Dont be scared! The most common thing for youth players and
headers is they are afraid. Even though we are suggesting using a chest
or shoulder, fear is still a factor. Pump yourself up to help get over the fear
factor. Key Point Five. Win Your Position. Winning a header, or rather a chester or shoulderer
in this situation, is all about winning your position. Most of the time the player who wins the ball
is the one who gets to where the ball is going to be first! If you see the ball is going to be two feet
to your right, get there first before your defender does. Dont gansta walk to your position! Sprint there! Key Point Six. Keep Your Position. You got there first and won your position,
now keep it. Dont be weird and mark your territory like
a cat. Instead keep your position by shielding the
ball. For tips on shielding click here to watch
our OSA video titled How to Shield a Soccer Ball. In short for shielding, stand sideways against
your defender for better balance. Bend your knees and dont be upright. Use your arm to feel where your defender is,
but dont grab them. Exercise to Practice. For an exercise to practice on your own you
will need a ball and a partner. First start off practicing the shoulder and
chest technique without the ball. Get your body use to how this will feel. Once comfortable have your partner toss you
the ball at different speeds and heights. You either chest or shoulder the ball back. Do a few of each and then switch. Now have your partner toss the ball to the
side of you and you have to track the moving ball. This focuses on winning the position. It can be out of the air or off the bounce. Next, focus on keeping your position. If you have a third partner get them involved
as a defender. If not, just imagine you have a defender. Your partner tosses the ball to your side
and you have to win your position and then keep your position by shielding the ball. When you shoulder or chest it forward dribble
a bit and then start over. Whats Wrong! If you keep heading the ball instead of shouldering
or chesting it you are not stepping back. If that ball is coming at your head, step
back a step or two so its now coming at your shoulder. Bonus Tip! If you are a player under 12 dont worry too
much about not learning how to head the ball until you are 12. Headers arent a massive principle of the game. Messi has 406 goals with his left foot, but
has only scored 24 headers! Yes, some players, like centerbacks, will
need to learn defensive and attacking heading as it will become a serious part of their
position, but if you are a hard working player you will learn heading in no time when the
time is right. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! My name is DJ Diveny and remember if you Believe
in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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