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How To Beat A Defender | 1 on 1 Tips | Street Soccer International

December 4, 2019

today we’ve got three tips for you on
what to look for when you’re trying to beat a player now Silas Silas is more of
a regular football player he plays a game type situation now yeah yeah
so he’s in an academy type situation now and he’s you get that he plays a lot of
matches once or twice a week right training four to five times a
week yeah yeah yeah so he’s gonna give you some of his tips for what he looks
to do when he’s trying to beat a player what position do you usually play I’m a
minute I’m playing left wing a lot, yep because then I like to cut inside and
take shots. So one of your main things is cutting in yeah cutting in, what do you look for when
you’re approaching a player and what you’re trying to do and if you want to
use cues and examples we’ll do that well the first thing what I look for is it’s
a big one and it’s pretty obvious as well as body language of a defender so
when you’re on the wing most of the time the defender will want to show you out
wide because that’s away from where the ball is
so will they step out kind of step into they give you their yeah so they’re going to
show you down this way but because that’s where they want you to go so they’re
going to show you this way and when you dribble down that way it makes it big
gonna come and try and cut you off so whichever way we’re showing you try and
cut them up we have a way so if you’re gonna show me out wide
my idea is is to fake so like a classic step over fake that you do
yeah so you think in and an exit yeah yeah any others that you use any other kind
of moves that you used to fake like a chop I’ll chop the chops to a good use, it’s
a really good move because a lot of defenders don’t expect a player to do a
chop so you’re coming out and showing you out while they’re showing you wide
nice like that so great great tips of body language is
big important thing and this time I won’t pre Academy kids as well and this
is something we’ve been working on in defending is trying to show them out
wide a good thing Silas has got inspiration from as well because he’s
been playing a lot street football with myself he’s also learning to read what
the defenders do as well so he’s learning to mix it and change it and you
you changing changing their body language into situations you want them
to be in rather than the defender wanting you to be in yeah yeah would you
say that yeah so okay second so we’ve talked about body language what
would you be a tip then what would be your second tip for like if you taken
them on quite a few times you’ve been successful they’re catching on to what
you’re doing what would you would you look to do would you look to change the
variables you need to be unpredictable to take a defender on successful is
because after the first one or two times have taken the same defender on they’re
gonna start knowing what you can have in your mind so if you keep doing step
overs all the time they’re gonna know where you’re gonna go so if I did one
step over I know what you’re gonna do so maybe you’ll try instead of taking them on well
maybe you’ll pass it a few times maybe you’ll lay it back a few times or maybe
you’ll try some different skills are trying if you’re going on the outside
all the time maybe you try coming on the inside or if you’re going on the inside all the time maybe try going on my outside so try and be unpredictable as possible because that’s how you catch your defender out our view they’ll become unpredictable as
a player would you say it’s through a lot of practice practice and a lot of
different using a lot of different skills rather than your basic stuff
basic scissors your basic step over as you basic inside outside and try and
learn different skills so maybe it’s more to incorporate more Street stuff
into it so like your V’s, la croquetas your maradonna roulettes let’s, so try and use all different skills so it’s basically a lot of self practice
solo practice on your own and then a lot of practicing games and just find things so what’s your third tip and I well
I think I think I know what you’re gonna say here but what was the third ones a
lot a lot to do with your confidence as well but the main thing is don’t be
afraid to make a mistake I’ll lose the ball because I’m actually on the way
you’ll learn you need two skills like you learn on the training ground you
need to try in a match because that’s the only way that you’ll ever get better
at taking defenders on so if you lose the ball just go and win it back so if I
get tackled recover quick and try and win the ball back work out to get it
back as soon as you lose it so there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake
especially on the final third it’s the best position to lose a ball because
you’re the furthest away from the goal so go out and express yourself when
you’re in that final third so don’t be afraid to lose a ball I think that’s
important one especially for kids that are learning to play the game don’t be
afraid to make mistakes you’ve got to make mistakes to get right you’re not
gonna learn a skill in one go are you not going to become a master of skill in
one go you’ve got to practice it a few times in your garden in your training
space you’ve got practice it then in your training matches and then you go on
practice it in the game that’s the only way you’re going to get good executing
skills and that’s the fundamental thing is practice and what Silas is basically
saying is be confident to practice things in the game as well if you lose
the ball go back work hard and win it back because that’s still showing them
that from getting something wrong that you prepare to learn from that mistake
and you’re prepared to fight for the team basically, yeah thanks guys for watching these were my tips on
how to beat a defender I hope you can incorporate them into your game please
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