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Hello Counselor – Park Miseon, Kim Jongmin, Jiyeon, Peter Hyun [ENG/THA/2017.08.21]

January 9, 2020

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! Here are our guests. Park Miseon. Hello. Nice to meet you. Kim Jongmin. T-ara’s Jiyeon. And Peter Hyun. Let’s cool off before we start. Do you like watermelons? Yes. Let’s have a watermelon party. Please give them out. (Jiyeon, Jongmin and Taejoon give them out) (It melts as you bite into it) (Great-tasting watermelon) (Have a cool summer) Please introduce yourself. I’m Peter Hyun from Vienna, Austria. – You’re from Vienna? / – Yes. Did you prepare something special? Can you sing a cool summer song for us, please? ♪ Let’s go off to the valley ♪ ♪ Where I can hear my echo ♪ ♪ Let’s go on a trip ♪ ♪ Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it ♪ ♪ I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted ♪ ♪ I fell right through the cracks ♪ ♪ Now I’m trying to get back ♪ I heard that you have a concern these days. What concern? Before the shoot, you kept saying how tired you were. I am. This year is the 30th anniversary of my debut. So I am planning to hold a 30th-anniversary dinner show and help out aspiring comedians in need. But male comedians don’t do that often. We have three concerns with us today. Please show us the keywords. “A frustrating concern.” “Why did you get married?” “A foolish dad.” “Why did you get married?” – She’s from Chungcheong-do? / – Yes. Hello, I am a housewife in her 40s who wants to turn back time. 17 years ago, my husband shyly asked me, (Husband) “Do you like to travel?” (Wife) “No, I don’t really like to travel.” “Good. Let’s get married.” Get married because she doesn’t like traveling? Is it that easy to marry someone? I must’ve been crazy. I never knew that would hold me back forever. It’s because of my workaholic husband. (Wife) “Oh no! I think the baby is coming.” (Husband) “Go to the hospital. I have to work.” Oh no. I gave birth to our three children by myself because he had to work. She must’ve been so lonely. Even when we got in an accident that totaled our car, he went to work. “Daughter! Why won’t you write a diary? “Isn’t that your vacation homework?” “There’s nothing to write about!” My husband puts work before us. Please stop him. He’s addicted to working. Miseon. Why did you marry Lee Bongwon? Because of his values? Please give us some time to laugh. That’s what everyone says. I’ll tell you. I was a fellow comedian, so I know everything. One time, all of us went on a trip together. Everyone was drinking and Bongwon got wasted. At the time, no one knew they were dating. He kept saying, “Bring Miseon to me. My Miseon. My Miseon.” He didn’t say “my Miseon.” He’s exaggerating. A comedian can’t only talk of facts. You can never expect a comedian to be truthful. He’s the only man I was afraid of. The only man I admitted was manly. I married him because he was manly down to his bones. If you could marry again, whom would you marry? I wouldn’t ever get married again. I’m going to live alone like Yeongja. Not me! If I’m born again, I’ll get married young so I can marry several times. I have a grudge. You’re on the top of my list! Me? I’m going to be born a plant! You could be eaten. I’ll be born as a poisonous mushroom. She’s concerned about her workaholic husband. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about her workaholic husband?) (Shin Sunae) (She didn’t come down the slide) Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m Shin Sunae and I’m from Cheongju. It’s so nice to meet you. You greeted us so beautifully. She walked out because of her bad back. What does your husband do? We… (What?) You sound different from when you greeted us. – You’re speaking in a dialect. / – I always do. You have a strong accent. He won’t ever take a day off. You’re not speaking like this on purpose? No. (So innocent) I always talk like this. How did you say hello earlier? Hello. It’s like she’s doing a comedy act. She only practiced saying hello in a Seoul dialect. – She’s like your younger sister. / – She is. What does he do? He owns an udon place. It’s not open 24 hours, right? – It closes at 2 a.m. / – At 2 a.m.? Did he really propose to you like that? He asked, “Do you like to travel?” So I answered, “No, not really.” He said, “Good. Let’s get married.” So we got married. How long did you two date? We slept together on the first night we met. Then we got married 4 weeks later. – In just 4 weeks? / – Yes. You slept together on the day you met? Yes. That’s why it’s called the first night. Without getting married? Doesn’t everyone do that? What? Not me. It was the first night you met. You must do so to call it your first night. Sure. That’s why it’s the first night. The first night was really the first night. You should’ve gone home on the first night. Well… (Tick!) (Tick! Tick!) She’s telling me to move on to the next question. (She’s such a funny person!) How did you meet your husband? I met him at my friend’s wedding reception. You’re speaking in a Seoul dialect now. The wedding must’ve been held in Seoul. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That’s where we met. He was dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt and a hat. At a friend’s wedding. – He wasn’t wearing a suit? / – No. I was quite surprised by his outfit. The first thing he asked me was, “Are you a married woman? Or a single lady?” How ridiculous. It was ridiculous. (It’s ridiculous even now) I’m a married woman. So what? He must’ve been interested in me. We were dancing and he asked me to slow dance with him. We started to sweat. He wiped his forehead like this under his hat. His forehead was so wide. Way too wide. – He was balding? / – Yes. But he appeared in my dream a few days later. He must’ve left quite an impression. Well, there was no other man in my life then. Not a single one. My father was in the hospital due to liver cirrhosis. The doctor told us to prepare for the worst and said he only had 3 months left to live. It was his wish to see his youngest child get married. – You’re the youngest? / – Yes. So he appeared in my dream. You two were destined. You rushed your marriage because of your father? Yes. I rushed to get married because of him. He lived 10 years more. He must’ve been so happy. Many people are in the restaurant business. But it’s rare for them to work without a day off. We have three daughters. He worked even when I went to give birth. I was hospitalized for a week after my third birth, – but he never came. / – For a week? He never went to see you during that time? You’d normally want to see the baby. – Why didn’t he go? / – He had to work. It’s not like he works 24 hours a day. Kids’ plays, entrance ceremonies, graduations. He never went to any of them. You haven’t been on a real trip for 17 years? We went on two trips. It’s not because he wanted to go. The restaurant was closed for renovations. For renovations. Whenever I suggest that we go on a trip, we argue and he asks his friends. “Must I go on a trip in this situation?” Your husband? (Why would he ask his friends?) So he unwillingly goes after an argument? Let’s meet her husband. How did he find time to come today? It was very hard to have him here today. Let’s meet him. Hello. (Who is this workaholic husband?) He’s handsome. Do you understand your wife’s concerns? What’s wrong with working hard? Right. It’s not like you’re fooling around. But you should rest as well. Why won’t you rest? You could live your life more comfortably. If the customers come and see that the restaurant is closed, they’d be upset. It’s okay to have a day off regularly. How would I earn money if I take a day off? You should’ve been there when she gave birth. You didn’t go for too long. The hospital was quite far away. – Was it because you were busy working? / – That too. Until when will you work like this without a day off? Until I’m 65, or so. How old are you now? I’m 49 years old. Will you be able to rest then? (Over 10 years left) You can’t rest if working becomes a habit. I know that, but no one pays me if I take a day off. We earn money so that your family and you can be happy, right? It’s a shame to see you obsessed with work. It’s not a shame to me. He doesn’t think it’s a shame. (Frustrated!) He’s working very hard so that you can be happy when you’re older. I wish that were true. But no matter how hard we work, we still have debt to pay off. – You have debt? / – Yes. He started many other businesses out of ambition. He failed a few things? A branch store failed. Transportation business failed. Transportation business. A vending machine business. He’s working harder to make up for those failures. Summer is our off-season. It’d be nice to rest a little during the off-season. Our kids won’t even write their diaries. I asked why they won’t write them, and they said, “There’s nothing to write. We never go anywhere.” They have nothing to write about in their diaries. We can’t always be going out to have fun and eat out. It’s hard. There was a TV program of dads traveling with kids. I hate those kind of programs. (He must really hate it…) I hate those kind of programs with dads going places. Where would they go? Just to their udon place. But you do want to go on a trip with them, right? Who doesn’t want to have fun? Yes. He does want to go. Self-employed people do have these concerns. They need lots of money to raise their kids. Jiyeon, why don’t you talk to the girls? – Say hello to Jiyeon. / – Hi. (Hello) Do you understand your mom’s concern? Yes. When I was 7, my winter break homework was to take a family photo. We took a picture in front of the ski resort and came straight home without even skiing. You went there just to take a picture? – For a family photo? / – Yes. What do you want from your dad the most? I get jealous when my friends talk about going on dates with their dads. Dad never came to my school, so I was disappointed by that. I’m graduating elementary school soon and I don’t think he’ll be there either. She seems to be disappointed. What do you think? She thinks you care more about the restaurant than her. – She’s right, but… / – She’s right? I don’t really care. You don’t really care about her? I don’t really care about her school events. I can’t care about every little event she has. She only graduates once from her elementary school. There’s nothing to do at the graduation. She just stands there and comes back. That in itself is meaningful. You’re supposed to congratulate her for that. It doesn’t fit my schedule since it’s in the morning. So other parents go because it fits their schedules? You know that your dad works hard, right? But mom works more than he does. She works more? He only prepares the ingredients and comes back home. She’s the one who sells the food at night. – She’s the one? / – Yes. He goes to the gym at 7 p.m. and comes back at 11 p.m. – At night? / – Yes. Then he comes back home. So he’s done with work at 7 p.m.? The food we serve generally isn’t eaten at dinnertime. Most customers come late at night. So it’s busiest when you work? I work much harder than he does. I come home at 2 a.m. and sleep. Then at 7:30, I prepare breakfast for the girls and for my husband. Then you cook them dinner and go to work? You must be the busiest one in the family. You can’t sleep much. I sleep 8 hours in total throughout the day. Two hours at a time. That’s not really sleeping. – He doesn’t help out with the kids? / – No. – Not even with the house chores? / – No. You don’t seem to work that much. She works much more than you do. What do you do after work? I go to the gym. (What a great life) You work out every day? Monday through Friday. – You do work out every day. / – Yes. I used to work until 9-10 p.m. at night but it was too tiring for me since I have to work standing up. What about her then? Doesn’t she need to work out, too? She has a bad back. She only went to the gym for 3 days and then quit. She doesn’t get to sleep much. How could she work out in the gym? We heard that the second daughter also works a lot at home. I work so much that I’d like to send my concern here. That’s how much you work? Tell us everything. After school, I help out at the restaurant until 7 p.m., when the other employee comes. Then I have to do the laundry for all 5 of us. I help out because mom can’t do it because of her bad knees. She can’t mop the floor either, so I do it. Dad likes things clean, so I clean his room, too. He likes the place clean but doesn’t clean it himself? That’s right. What grade are you in now? I’m in sixth grade. You’re like Cinderella. He goes out to meet his friends, too. He does? He goes to play pool. He seems to care more about meeting his friends. She must really be disappointed with her dad. He even plays pool? He does have time. He has plenty of time. I just briefly go out with friends after work. But your wife is working while you’re out. You go out with friends while your wife is working? Yes. (Admitting it) What meetings do you have? I have meetings with friends. My elementary school friends, my middle school friends, and my high school friends. I hope you didn’t go to college. I didn’t. I meet former work colleagues of mine. Those I did the transportation business with. How many times a month do you go out? Once or twice a month. You should meet with your family once a month. It doesn’t fit my schedule. What do you mean? When is your restaurant the busiest? From 9 p.m. to midnight. But you’re not there at those hours. You’re at the gym. You know it’s the busiest time of the day. If I’m there, customers just leave. (What are you talking about?) That’s ridiculous. Then you should be home at that time. You should at least help out at home. There’s nothing to do at home. Kids do all the work. Why should they do all the work? While you’re just working out? Your daughter said you have bad knees. You couldn’t come down the slide earlier. How’s your health right now? I got an artificial joint surgery at age 40. The surgery didn’t go too well, so I got 3 surgeries on this knee and 2 on this one. I needed these surgeries. I needed his signature, but he said he had to work. Women who shared the hospital room with me asked me if I was a widow. They asked that because he never came to see me. Did the doctor explain why your knees got so bad? I have to work at the restaurant and at home. I have to look after the kids. He said it’s because I work too much. But my husband disagreed. He said it’s because I don’t work out enough. It hurts to hear him say that. Right. It hurts. Why didn’t you to the hospital for her? I did go see her later on. Why are you stuttering? He seems to go out to see his friends and enjoys his life that way. How do you relieve stress? Whenever I get stressed, I call my older sister. I rely on her a lot. Her older sister is here too, so let’s talk to her. Hello. It’s fortunate that she has you. Does she talk to you about her situation a lot? Yes, she calls me whenever she gets upset. She tells me, “All I do is work all day. I don’t think I should’ve married him.” Then I tell her to just divorce him. I get very upset, too. (Her sister gives her strength) Did you ever get upset at your brother-in-law? I was most upset about this. Our father may have lived longer thanks to him, but our father passed away later. But he didn’t show up at the funeral because of work. He didn’t? (No way…) He just showed up from time to time at night. Our family was upset about that. (Didn’t attend wake) My youngest sister was most upset then. (She must’ve been more upset due to her dad’s death) Didn’t you think her family would be upset by that? I was working in the vending machine business then. I had to fill up the machines during the day and I went to the funeral in the evenings. I went back and forth. I was more tired than anyone else at the time. Couldn’t you have asked someone else to work for you? There was no one to ask. We know about vending machines. If it’s out of stock, we’d find another machine. My machines weren’t placed outdoors. I had a contract with a factory. If a drink or two were out of stock, it’s okay. But it’s a problem if all the machines are empty. In your opinion… He could’ve notified them that someone passed away. Anyone would’ve understood. That’s why I was upset. He wants me to be good to his parents. I like his mother. He’s always busy with work, so I take care of her. His mom was hospitalized for a week once. But I also worked at nights then, too. I would help out at the restaurant during the day. His mom didn’t like the hospital food, so I cooked and took the food to her at this hospital. When I was at the hospital, he called me, telling me to hurry over. Why? Because he had to go the gym. It was 7 p.m. – He had to work out even then? / – Yes. What? I had to go work at the restaurant in the evening. I did that for a week. Did he go see his mom in the hospital? I think he went once when she was discharged. Because he had to pay the bill. I asked him to take his mom on a trip for her 70th birthday and he told me to go without him. He said he’d work instead. So I went on a trip without him for three days. What daughter-in-law goes on a trip with her in-laws and three daughters without her husband? This is so frustrating. That’s not a trip. It’s a penance. Why didn’t you go see your mom at the hospital? It didn’t fit my schedule then either. Because I had to work during the day. You had no problem working out at the gym. Everything else doesn’t fit your schedule. She told me not to come. But it’s your duty to take the time to go see her. I hope this never happens, but what if you get sick and you’re hospitalized? How would you feel if your family doesn’t go see you at the hospital because they’re too busy? That would be a problem. He’s extremely selfish. You think you’re being good to your family, right? I want to ask you why you are working so hard to earn money. For our family’s well-being. Right? For their happiness. Do you think they’re happy right now? I think we’re happy in our own way. My kids and my wife. Your wife is having a hard time right now. I know, but we don’t have a choice right now. She has bad knees because she works too much. Your kids want to spend more time with you. They don’t know when they’ll ever be happy. Sometime in the near future… You said you’ll work this hard until you’re 65. I will be working until then, but whether it’s this year or next year, I’m sure we’ll find happiness soon. We’re not saying you’re a bad person. That’s not what we’re saying. It’s frustrating because you don’t realize it. She’s not asking for something big. She just small joys and your love for the family. To me, it looks like you don’t really care about them. That’s what I think. This is so upsetting. Right. I would’ve done something if she was my sister. This is not right. She’s in bad health. How can you say that to her? Why can’t you see that she’s working so hard? It’s so frustrating. Let me do this to cool off. How frustrating. (Applauding) I’m sorry to her husband. (Ah!) I’m sorry. Somebody help her. One, two, three! (Two men must help her up) Even strangers are helping me like this. You’ve been enduring this for years. What made you send your concern to us? My back was hurting so bad, so I went to the hospital. They asked me to get an MRI scan. They told me that my cervical disc ruptured and that I urgently needed surgery. It was my 10th surgery. I got scared. I’m older now and I’m diabetic. I was afraid I might not survive. So I got so angry. So I went through the surgery. He was there when I was done. So I returned to my hospital room. As soon as he saw me, he said bye and left. – Right after he saw you? / – Yes. He was satisfied that he was there until I got out. He didn’t ask if you were in pain or not? No. He just said, “I’m leaving.” But… What’s more enraging is that he told me to go work. – The day you returned home? / – Yes. I either had to stay lying down or standing up. – I couldn’t sit. / – Right. He told me to come and just stand there. He wanted me to be there to greet the customers. Why did you ask her to work the day she came home? I was afraid that customers would think the owner changed. Customers must like her a lot. Many of them come because of her. So you cared more about the customers? To ease your mind? I guess so. Because the restaurant comes first, right? I’m sorry. He’s apologizing for the first time. Please tell him what you want from him. This is what I want. I’m not asking you to go on a trip with us. I want you to spend time with the kids. Go play badminton on the court or something. Something small that people do ordinarily. That’s what I ask. (Wife wants a simple life) To be their father. You say you’re earning money for the family, but what have you done for them until now? That’s what I’d like to ask you. If you ask me what I really want… What is your wish? I want to sleep at night. How many hours do you want to sleep at night? Everyone else sleeps at night, but I never got to do that. I want to sleep at 10, and wake up in the morning. Nothing else. My wish is to sleep at night. (What is he thinking now?) I think that if you spend more time with your girls, your wife would work so hard. – Right? / – Yes. You’re usually positive and don’t cry often, right? That’s not because she doesn’t want to. She’s holding everything in. She’s trying to stay strong because if she collapses, everything else will collapse. I learned today that if someone asks me if I like to travel, I will say I do. Make sure you do, everyone. I’d rather be single than be married to him. – It’s good to have a husband, though. / – Right. Can you grant her wish? Yes, I can. I will have her take a day off every week or two. So she can rest. Is it a concern or not? It’s a concern. Please press the button. You said you wanted to work until you’re 65. My grandma worked until she was 65. She did nothing but work. She retired after that and she got depressed right away. If you only work, something that’s such a big part of your life is gone. And you get depressed right away. – So it’s a concern. / – It’s a concern. It’s a concern. You don’t have to eat expensive food to be happy. Even if you’re eating $1 noodle soup, to eat, talk, and laugh as a family is true happiness. Jiyeon. There is no need for words. I got upset as I listened to him speak. She kept sighing as he spoke. I actually can relate to him. I’m a workaholic, too. I feel like I’ll be unhappy if I don’t work. My family asks me to travel, but I say I’m too busy. It feels strange listening to this concern. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not a problem because he’s a workaholic. Work is an excuse. She actually works much harder. So much that she’s ruined her body. He’s using work as an excuse, not a goal. – Think about it, Jongmin. / – I have! Have you been listening? What you’re saying is not right. You must listen to other people. You won’t listen to your wife after you marry, huh? That’s why I think it’s a grave concern. Oh, Jongmin. If you can relate to her concerns, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. – Time’s up. / – Please stop. So many people pressed the button. Many people voted. Many people were sighing as they listened. I could hear people sighing. By the way, I’m very sorry. We’ve just met. I feel bad. It’ll be aired anyway. He sought revenge timidly. – I’m sorry. / – Don’t worry about others. Please say a word to your wife. What do you normally call her? Honey. Honey, I loved you ever since I first met you. That hasn’t changed. I still love you. I love you, honey. Since we’re here today, we’ll discuss it and change things now. My values are starting to waver now. Coming here was helpful. Please say a word to your daughters, too. (High anticipation) I… I will spend more time with you. Be sure to go to her graduation. I will. (Wow) Look at how happy she is. He said he’ll be at your graduation! He’ll be there. He said he’ll be at your graduation! (Hahahaha) (Sure sure) She’s saying, “Sure, sure.” Be sure to look after your health. Please show us the result. What’s the perfect score? 200 votes. There’s no perfect score. It’s more than half if it goes over 100 votes. 165? 175? 165? 165! They got so many votes. (They got 165 votes / It was a concern) It’s about a father who is obsessed. He’s crazy over his daughter. Hello. (He’s a master of vocal impressions) I’m a 15-year-old girl from Gyeongju. I’m the youngest of 3 daughters. I’m here on behalf of my sisters. Ring. Ring. “Where are you? When are you coming home?” Ring. Ring. “Daughter, you’re done now, right?” “I’m in front of the cafe. Come out.” My father checks where we are again and again and again. Ring. “Where are you?” “I’m nearby. Why?” “Your skirt is a little too short.” “I’m not wearing a skirt.” “Turn around.” I got chills when I saw my dad behind me. I feel like I’m being watched 24/7. “It’s because I love you guys so much.” If this is love, we want to reject it. Please stop my dad from watching us. How’s Lee Bongwon with your daughter? He really doesn’t know how to express love. He is really shy about it. When he gets drunk, he wakes her up and gives her allowance. He seems to have something to say, but he just tells her good night and leaves. He really has something to say but he can’t. He really is kind to younger actors and comedians. I was in a drama with him once and he took such good care of me. Wait. You should’ve invited him here instead then. She’s here on behalf of her sisters. Please come on out. (Gwon Yumin) How much does your dad love you three? How severe is it that it’s a concern? He’s well-known in Gyeongju. Really? Gyeongju is a quite a big city. We can’t wear skirts. – No skirts? / – No. Shorts must come down to the knees. If we buy low-cut shirts, we must throw them away. – Throw them away? / – Yes. He must like this type of outfit. This is it, right? Does he sneak up on you often? Yes. His acquaintances would call him. Someone tips him off? Yes. He says we’re within the palm of his hand. One time, I secretly wore a skirt. Of course. You’re a girl. Then he called me again. “Why are you wearing a skirt?” You must’ve been surprised. I said, “I’m not wearing a skirt.” He said, “Turn around.” So I did. He was standing right behind me. I got chills down my back. He must have spies everywhere in Gyeongju. Is he the sheriff? He’s famous for doting on his daughters. Hello. Hello. I’m sure you’re worried about your daughters, but aren’t you being too nosy? I love them so much and they’re underage. What about when they become adults? Once they’re 20, you’ll let them be free? That’s what I think now, but I’ll see when the time comes. It’d be scary to have him as my father-in-law. Are you that worried about your kids? Yes. I’m very worried. They must call when they’re going somewhere. Call when they’ve arrived at their destination. Call me when they’re about to go to bed and call me when they wake up. – Call when they wake up? / – Yes. Is that a reason why you’re like this? Did something happen in the past? Nothing happened, but our twins were born prematurely. They weighed 1.5kg when they were born. The doctors said they might not make it. They were sick very often, too. They were weak. So you always know where your daughters are? She said that you have informants. How do you always know where they are? Did you download a location-tracking application? See if she has a chip inside her body. Whenever they’re spending time downtown, people call me. “Your twins are here.” Or I’d go out for a drive downtown when I have time. You scan the area? I know where she usually hangs out. – You know where she usually goes. / – Yes. Did you ask people to call you when they see your daughters? Since I dote on my daughters so much they voluntarily call me first. “Your daughter is passing by here.” Like this? I get calls like that, too. “Your husband is drinking here again.” They just tell me even if I don’t ask. Right. Why do you go to them then? It’s understandable that you call them. I like to play pranks. – So it’s to scare them? / – Yes. I just surprise them by showing up. Then you should do that and go home. Why do you make them come with you? They should come home once they see me. (Oh, come on) Then you went to take them home, not joke around. I’m curious. Do parents worry about their children like this in Austria? It’s very different there. Once children become 18 years old, most of them move out and live on their own. They become independent sooner. And once they are 16 years old, they can legally be outside at all hours with no curfew. Really? Children can drink at age 16. – They’re seen as adults. / – It’s very different. That’s why I thought of moving to Austria as a child. What about your mother? How is she? She isn’t really interested in us. (Different than dad) She talks to stuffed animals. She seems to have another concern. She talks to stuffed animals? That’s a concern. She must’ve been shocked by her husband. Let’s meet her mother, who loves stuffed animals. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Did you get all of them from machines? My husband did. He gave them to you so you can talk to them? Since he gets me so many stuffed animals I talk to them. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?” I talk to them like they have souls inside. She’s like a child at heart. Could you please show us how you do it? Pretend that I’m a stuffed rabbit that you love. What? (Will she do it?) Hi, rabbit. Did you sleep well? How was your day? I had a great day. How do you feel, rabbit? It must be tough. It must be quite tough to be you. (You must go through a lot at home) Is this why you go after your children? So mom, did you know that your daughters had this concern? Yes, I did. But he was worse with me. When you two were dating? Yes, when we were dating and even after we got married. Can you give us some examples? I have a job. He calls me when I’m on my way home. – To say he’s behind you? / – Yes. Yes, he’s behind me! Was it like a surprise event? (Amazing) Is your husband’s favorite song Park Jinyoung’s “Behind you?” Doesn’t he go out and have drinks with friends? He should, but he doesn’t. His nickname is “Finished Man.” He’s finished after he comes home. Finished after work. He should go to the gym. He always goes to the gym at 7 in the evening. Does he always eat dinner at home? Yes. Oh my god. Does she cook for you? Or do you cook yourself? She cooks breakfast and I cook dinner. – You cook for yourself? / – Yes, and for the kids. Your daughter just said that – he cooks dinner for his daughters as well. / – Wow! If that’s the case… (This isn’t what I pictured) Not many dads cook dinner for the family! (He’s the best dad in the world) There’s no need to talk about your dad now. Let’s talk about your mom now. Say that you’re having a hard time from her stuffed animals. There aren’t many men like him. – Does his food taste good? / – Is he a good cook? Yes. He’s really good. He’s good, but… Are you here to brag about your dad? (Good girl!) Wait! Let’s talk to the udon restaurant owner. Sir! You have three daughters too, right? Have you ever made snacks for your girls? (Silent) He can’t because he doesn’t have time. (Right, his schedule) He doesn’t have enough time. Let’s meet with the other daughters. Hello. – You’re the eldest? / – Yes. I’m Gwon Yujin. Do you understand your sister’s concern? Yes, I do. He was worse when I was in middle school. It could’ve been worse for the eldest daughter. My curfew in middle school was 6 p.m. He called me every 10 minutes if I was even a bit late. Every 10 minutes? Did you have security cameras at home? Yes, until last year. CCTV? – At home? / – Yes. You can watch through your phones these days. We had one in the living room and one by the door. He kept his eyes on us even when he was out. The one by the door is good for security reasons, but the one in the living room always made me feel like someone was watching me. (24 hours surveillance) He might’ve got it for safety, but it’s actually surveillance. Did you get rid of the camera? Yes, they’re broken. She broke them, not thrown them out. (They must’ve broken them on purpose) Let’s meet the informant who – made the dad keep surveillance. / – It’s him. Hello. Hello. What kind of things did you inform him of? He doesn’t like his daughters wearing short clothing, so I call him if they are wearing short clothing. Since they’re twins, they’re always together. If I see one of them by herself, I call him to see if everything is alright. Do you get paid for informing him? That’s a possibility. How many informants like you are there in Gyeongju? About 10 people. That’s terrible! 10 informants. (Dad I’m scared…) Gyeongju isn’t a large city, so he knows a lot of people. He’s also friendly. (He’s friends with a lot of people) You don’t have to inform him of everything, no matter how curious he is. He often talks about his daughters. I can track them down with this application, so I say, “Look. My daughters are hanging out here.” He even showed the cameras he has at home and said, “Look. My daughters are hanging out at home.” He often tells me these things, so I ended up doing the same. (All the daughters are in shock) What is your job? I work at a media company. – You’re a reporter? / – A reporter? So that’s why he’s such a great informant! (Reporter’s mind + doting father’s mind) So he’s a reporter! Did you know that he’s a reporter? Yes, I did. My dad always says, “You’re always under my control.” He said he knows a lot of people (No fooling around) and told me who they each are. He even revealed who his informants are. Twin sister? – Hello. / – Hello. – It’s a concern for you, too, right? / – Yes. Yumin likes to stay at home, – but I like to go out. / – Different preferences, huh? So I want to go out, but dad always tells us to either go out together or don’t go out at all. What is she talking about? You can’t go out by yourself? No. Since we are twins, dad always tells us to go out together. Have you never heard of the “Twins Rule”? (We have to stick together) My sister knew some friends that I didn’t know, so I didn’t want to go out, but she wanted to go. However, dad told us to go out together, so she ended up staying home. Can’t you just sneak out? I did once and he scolded me. (Got caught sneaking out) He got very upset, so I never snuck out again. He gets upset too. – Why do they go out together? / – Yeah, why? They’re twins. The “Twins Rule” exists for a reason. Must triplets always go out together, then? What about quadruplets? I saw that other families treated (Dad’s defense) their twins as separate human beings. They became two different people as they grew up. How is that a problem? They are different human beings! (Isn’t that natural?) I feel that nowadays, they get along just fine. But conflicts arise instead of building sisterhood. Let me ask the older twin. What problems did you face because he always wanted you to be together? Yumin wanted to learn Taekwondo, but I wanted to learn Judo or Kendo. Since we’re twins, he told us to go to the same dojo, so back then, I had to learn Taekwondo. I think this is more of a concern. Couldn’t you let them learn what they want? I’ve never thought of them as different human beings. (Wow) I think you are very wrong here. Were there any other problems? In our second year of junior high, we ended up in different classrooms. Dad didn’t want us in different homerooms, – so he called the principal and… / – Wow! Got us in the same classroom. Since our last name is Gwon, other kids’ class numbers moved back because of us. Their class numbers all changed, right? (So annoying!) So we caused a nuisance to our classmates. Do you like that you two are in the same class? Or is it inconvenient? Please be honest and tell us. It’s more inconvenient as we grow older. It was good to be together as children, right? Yes. (Geez) – You two might have different friends, right? / – Yes. What is your opinion on your husband’s principle that twins must stay together, Mrs. Gwon? I don’t think they need to be together all the time. Why didn’t you tell your husband that? I did, but he gets upset whenever I tell him these things. – He easily gets upset? / – Yes. What if they have boyfriends? Does the other irrelevant sister have to go out on a date as three people? No, that’s wrong. You can’t! – Yes. / – Yes? They just have friends who are boys, not lovers. It’s fine to hang out together. (Weird expression) You don’t know a thing about teens these days. That’s ridiculous! You think they never had boyfriends, dad? Not that I know of. The truth comes out now. – Please be honest with us. / – Please be honest. (Hesitant) – I… Recently broke up with my boyfriend. / – Really? Her dad is shocked! – Was he your first boyfriend? / – No. (Oh, no. Dad) Hold on, sir. How many boyfriends have you had before? – He was my sixth. / – He was her sixth boyfriend! (Aha!) – This is what happens! / – 6th boyfriend! (His lips are drying up) How do you feel after hearing that? Are you shocked? I’m sure they weren’t deep relationships. I’m sure she briefly dated them and broke up. Was the relationship brief or deep? I met him over social media, so… So you guys met online. Yes, we couldn’t meet in person, so… You never met him in person? He was just your boyfriend over social media? Did you go on dates with him? No. Then you were never really in a relationship. What about the older twin sister? I broke up last year. How long did you two date? (You too?) Did you really watch them? How many? How many? Two. I think that you’re in shock. The color of your face became darker. How do you feel now? I think… I’m going to be a bit upset. Just a little upset, okay? Is there a type of boyfriend or son-in-law that you like among the men here? I just want someone who is nice and would be good to my daughters. Based on first impressions, I’d choose Kim Jongmin. (Really? Me?) (I’ll just date people over social media) Who would you oppose then based on first impressions? Someone they should avoid. Choi Taejoon? I think it’s me. – Peter Hyun. / – It’s just for fun. This is Peter Hyun and this is Choi Taejoon. (Time to make a decision) Shin Dongyeob? No, next to him. (He chooses Peter Hyun) Why? Because he’s too handsome? Right! Handsome boys have problems! Is it really because he’s too handsome? He smiles with his eyes. Because he smiles with his eyes! (Picked for his looks) Who is the closest to your ideal man? I definitely don’t think it’ll be Kim Jongmin. Seriously. Kim Jongmin is old enough to be her uncle. – You. / – Me? (I’m happy) – And? / – This handsome guy… Choi Taejoon! She said, “You and this handsome guy.” She was just polite because I read her concern. You’re like the pedestal to step on to get to him! What about the older twin? Who’s your ideal man? – Me? It’s also Choi Taejoon… / – Ah, Choi Taejoon. Oh, you two like the same person! Look. Let’s say one is dating Choi Taejoon, and they go on dates together. They end up liking the same man. This could cause a problem later. I’m sure one of them will back down. (That’s not something to back down about) There’s no backing down when it comes to love. That’s ridiculous! (Geez) They will start to have conflicts. They’re in 8th grade. They’ll go through puberty now. Is there something that you wish your father would change? All the doors in our house are open. Do you have to keep all the doors open? He left cables in between the doors. You can’t lock the doors because of the cables. Did he do that on purpose? Yes. – So you can’t lock the doors? / – Yes. Since we are now teenagers, please let us at least close the doors. Why won’t you let them close the door? I’ve done that since they were young. If children close their doors, we can’t communicate. Because of a single door. Since I made them leave the doors open, they have no secrets. But you just found out that they have a lot. (There won’t be any more secrets) I understand about the doors to their rooms, but what about the master bedroom? I knew you’d be worried about that. Please tell us! Mrs. Gwon. Is there no door to the master bedroom? Our master bedroom is completely open as well. How did you have three children? I suffer because of it, too. We can’t do any married couple things, and since everything is open… You talk to stuffed animals. We can’t be physical with each other either. That’s why we go out to do it. What are you saying so suddenly, ma’am? (Ma’am…) (Embarrassed) You’re coming in too strong! You should’ve said that when we were ready. His expression is even darker than before. (The face of an honest dad) Have you ever been in a bind? Because of the door? It’s embarrassing to say this, but I have periods now. Right. You’re at that age. Dad comes in while I’m changing the pads. (A huge accident) When he does, both of us are surprised. He would then close the door without a word. He didn’t know what you were doing, right? Didn’t you face similar moments like that? She’s my daughter. It’s father and daughter. You should give them privacy. Yes, but I can’t let them lock their doors. Why are you so insistent about that? It only takes 5-10 minutes to get changed. I can give them that much time, (I really don’t get it) but I can’t let them lock their doors completely. Have you ever thought of this? It’s important to always communicate with each other, but sometimes, they need time to be alone. (He can’t agree) What about the oldest one? I’ll be 20 and an adult in a few months, so… – You can escape? / – Freedom. What if you turn 20, but he doesn’t change his ways? Then I’ll have to move out and live on my own. She’s planning to move out. She wants to move out. You’re doing this for your daughters, but they want to hurry up and get to 20 to escape. Choi Taejoon, you’re out of line here. You think you’re his son-in-law or something? It’s so frustrating! You’re talking to him like you’re his son-in-law. Father-in-law! You shouldn’t be like this. I think the biggest issue here is the door. The family may look harmonious at a glance, but he thinks the family will build walls if you start to close doors. But they may have walls already in their hearts. (Please open up before it’s too late) What freedom will you give them when they’re adults? They should be able to act as adults. What time would be their curfew? 9 p.m. That’s not giving them freedom. You bore and raised these girls, but you’re keeping them on a very short leash. You bore these children, but they are not yours. The moment they’re born, they are separated from you, so you must be prepared to let them go. What would you like to tell your father? Dad. I know you love us, but… (Hesitant) You have to tell him now. She can’t say what’s on her mind! She feels bad for him. They are such nice girls! Sir. Regardless of what she says you can’t get upset. Promise? You’re already upset, aren’t you? He’s already upset! (We’re already too late) He’s already upset! He’ll be upset whether you say it or not, so just come out with it. We’re teenagers now, so we want to have fun. It’s frightening if you abruptly show up from behind. We like that we’re being loved, but please don’t love us too much. You know that I love you, right? (How cute) It’s a problem when you love someone too much. She was worried that he might be upset so she acted cute. You know, right? (We know) When I first heard her story, I didn’t think it was a concern. But the more that I hear about it, there are more problems, so I think it’s a concern. Is it a concern. Kim Jongmin? If I have a daughter, I might do the same thing, but… I think you’ll dote on your girl as well. I think it’s a concern, too. Which part is the most concerning? (You always make me laugh…) I think I would do the same when I have a daughter, but I think it’s a concern. Which part? (Care to explain?) Who is he doing this for? If something happens to them, I would be very worried. (Fast forwarding because it’s too long) It’s for my own happiness. (It’s for his own good, not for the girls – Jongmin) You think the dad is doing it for himself. Not exactly… I think it’s a concern. Peter. I think it’s a concern. When the girls get married, he would have a hard time. He’d be very lonely, right? Excuse me for asking, but how old are you? I’m 46. We’re the same age. Hi, buddy. Nice to meet you. Your daughter chose me. That’s strange! – He’s not laughing. / – He can’t laugh. Please press the button if you relate to her concern! (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please say a word to your daughters. Yumin. Yuyeon. Yujin. I don’t care whether you get good grades or not. All I care is that you are healthy. I love you all. Please show us the results! It ends with a 5. Is it a tie? They got over 100 votes. They need to get 175 votes to win. (They got 155 votes) I don’t know how she lived like this for 10 years. It must’ve been quite frustrating. Hello. I’m a woman who’s been married for 12 years. I married my husband because he’s taciturn. But he is so taciturn that I want to slap him when I see his mouth. “How was work today, honey?” “How’s my cooking? Is it good?” (Silence) It may sound like a lie, but he has never said my name in the past 12 years. I’ve never been called honey or sweetheart. One day, there was no toilet paper in the bathroom. I thought it was a good opportunity so I sat there waiting. After about 10 minutes… E… E… What? Excuse me! (Are we strangers?) That’s how he called me for the first time. Excuse me. What should I do with this man? (Silent married couple) Please help him open his mouth. Let’s meet her. Please come on out! (Who’s concerned about her silent husband?) (Jeong Hyunseon) (Welcome) How taciturn is he? It sometimes feels like he forgot how to speak. He seems like a baby who’s just learning to speak. We’ve been married for 12 years now, and he has never called out my name first. He has never spoken to me first. So we’ve been married for 12 years, but it’s still awkward when it’s just the two of us. After 12 years of marriage? He’s never said anything like, “You’re beautiful”? – “I love you.” / – What about “It’s delicious”? He never told you that he loves you? Never. – Even when you were dating? / – No. – Yet you still married him? / – Yes. Did he even propose to you? We got married because I got pregnant. (Oh…) You got pregnant without a word? There is no need for words, then. But there are times when he needs to answer. He has this certain look when he answers. He has this face like he stepped in poop. Like this. – He just barely answers? / – Right. Shouldn’t you have a daily conversation though? In order to continue your marriage? He works for 4 days and has 4 days off. If I don’t check the days in advance, he’s at work if I don’t see him in the morning. If he’s home, it’s his day off. What is his position at work? I didn’t know. Do you still not know? (You’ve really been married for 12 years, right?) I want to take this chance to hear him explain. I don’t know what he does. You don’t know what he does for work? (So frustrating) I once asked him what his job is. – He said he fixes things. / – He fixes things? “What do you fix?” “Heaters or whatever.” So I asked him, “Your job is fixing heaters?” What kind of an explanation is that? He should explain things better. It’s like we’re playing 20 questions. What does he like? I don’t know what he likes. That’s what being newlyweds is about, though… I’m sure you go out to eat sometimes. Does he just point to what he wants to order? He just says the menu. – Potato soup. / – Yes, yes, yes. – Black bean noodles. / – Yes. Beef soup. Doesn’t he ever ask for more side dishes? I do that. I’m sure he just pushes the empty plate towards her. He doesn’t say anything even when he wants more. I just order more if he seems to want more. Doesn’t he talk much with his son too? Or is he talkative with his son? Our son also wants to converse with him. Is your son taciturn, too? No. He’s quite talkative. (It’s quite frustrating) – It’s going to be difficult. / – He’s a quiet man. What if he doesn’t speak much today? Hello. (He briefly waves) – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. He spoke! Please introduce yourself! (So awkward / Shy) (Shaky hands) I’m from Cheonan, 43 years old, and my name is Han Jinseop. – What? / – You’re 43 and what? I’m Han Jinseop. Your ears must be very itchy. 43-year-old Han Jinseop. Do you understand your wife’s concern? Yes. He understands. Can you give us longer answers? Why do you think it’s a concern? – Because it’s frustrating? / – You are? So you admit that you don’t speak much? Yes. Are you this quiet just with your wife? Or are you like this with everyone else? I’m like this with everyone else. Are you frustrated with yourself as well? Is it that you want to speak, but you just can’t? Well… This is just how I am. Can you speak faster please? (Geez!) He always pauses before he speaks. Have you ever heard him talk a lot? I remember two incidents. You can remember when he spoke? That’s so funny. (How long did he not speak for?) We’re usually with our kid, but we were once in our car alone. I was explaining that I was having a hard time because of this terrible customer. He usually never answers, so I kept talking. But he suddenly interrupted me! – He interrupted you? / – He did! (It’s a miracle!) He interrupted you, and? What was wrong with him? (What a surprise) You still remember that moment? I can never forget that moment! You must’ve been quite surprised. Was that the longest answer you’ve heard? I was touched that day. What was the other incident? (She was touched by that?) One time, I was reading a book, and it said that it’s harder to have a husband who is taciturn than one who loves women and alcohol. So I talked to him about what I read. Then he said, “If no one talks to me, I could not speak for a week.” That was a really long sentence. He expressed his opinion clearly. I just wanted to just pinch his lips. You wanted to grab and shake his lips? People say there’s joy in life. You must’ve never felt that. I always tell him that my life is like riding a merry-go-round instead of a roller coaster. It’s like riding a merry-go-round all my life. It’s stagnant. No ups and downs in life. People living a roller coaster life are jealous of the merry-go-round life. What is life like for you? My entire life is a roller coaster ride. It’s never boring, but… They say it’s harder to live with a taciturn man, but if you really meet a man who loves women and alcohol, it’ll really be tough. You may lose your house one day! It’d be easy to leave a man like that, but I can’t leave him. No, no. You can’t abandon a man like that either. (There’s never the right time to leave him) Did you not watch other husbands on our program? She seems to be quite frustrated, so do you have any plans to talk a bit more? I am thinking about it, but it’s not that easy. Was there an incident that made you this way? I was like this since I was a child. Since you were young? Is your father taciturn? He was a talkative man, but he never spoke much at home. So you grew up in that atmosphere. Has he ever made a joke and made you laugh? – Of course, not. / – No? Has he ever made you laugh? Not from speech, but… When he said, “Excuse me.” Why did you call her by saying “excuse me”? How can you call her like that? (It’s like a sitcom) This is not a historical drama… I’ve never really called her honey or by her name. So I contemplated on what I should call her, and said that as a joke. That was a joke? “Excuse me?” Then she laughed at his joke for the first time. She must’ve fell in love with you at one point, right? – Yes. / – Did you not strike up a conversation then? I didn’t. How is that possible? I just went to see her when I missed her. I see. For women, when a man shows up without a word, they love it because they think it’s a surprise event, But if he does it over and over… It goes on like that forever. That’s scary! So you started dating and you must have had your first kiss, right? As a man, you must’ve set the mood for the kiss, right? What did you tell her? (Thinking hard) I don’t think I made the move first. (Oh!) Oh! (Love blooms even during a war) People always find a way to love. So you’ve never heard him sing? We’ve never been to a karaoke room together. We’ve never been to a cafe either. To a cafe? There’s no need because they never talk. It’s uncomfortable to sit across from him. It’s uncomfortable to sit across from him. That’s so strange. I saw him quietly converse with the person sitting next to him. She’s my sister, and she is quite talkative, so she tries to converse with him on purpose. He can’t stay silent since it’s his sister-in-law. He doesn’t talk to her first, right? Of course not. Let’s talk to her. Hello. Hello. Your brother-in-law doesn’t talk much, right? Yes. Since he is so quiet, I am impressed that my sister lives with him. Before we introduced you, he whispered something to you, right? What did he say? I also found out new things today, so I asked him if it’s true. – He said… / – Yeah… That’s what it was? (You’ve really never been to a cafe together?) (Never…) What do you do for a living? Your wife really wants to know. How big are the heaters that you fix? You’re finding out his job after 12 years of marriage? Let’s find out what his job is! My wife is mistaken. I work at a vacuum pump company. (Not heaters?) – When a vacuum pump breaks… / – You fix it? Yes. I work in a department where we disassemble, put new parts in and reassemble it. What are vacuum pumps used for? In order to manufacture semiconductors, many types of gases are used, so the process must be done in a vacuum state. You’re quite eloquent with your words! Why didn’t you tell your wife about this? I never thought there was a need to do so. You thought that there was no need? (It’s making me feel bitter) What is your position at work? I’m the team manager of the team that supports other teams. You’re quite logical and eloquent! He’s quite accurate with his explanations. You speak so well, so why didn’t you tell her? In this case, I’m just explaining about my work, right? It’s easy for me to give an answer, but I can’t do the same about the things I don’t know. I think he’s quite clumsy with expressing himself. If that’s normally the case, what about emergencies? For example, your wife suddenly got cramps from swimming, so it’s an emergency, I would dive in. But it’s too dangerous for you to go in alone, and the lifeguard is looking elsewhere. Help… Can you shout it out? Help! Like this. (Very frustrated) – You want me to shout? / – Please do it! – I want to hear it. / – It’s an emergency! (Shaking) (Would he do it?) Help. Okay, I’ll help. (Sure, I’ll help) I’m so frustrated. So frustrated! Who would help if he yells out like that? It’s all relative. I’m sure you’re stressed out every day, but when were you stressed out the most? When my son was 3-4 years old, we went to Guam for a vacation. He got a high fever as soon as we arrived there. We had to go out and buy him medicine, but we didn’t know our way around. My English isn’t very good so I said, “Baby. Very hot” like this to ask around. He never opened his mouth once the whole time. Maybe he doesn’t speak English? I… Couldn’t check. He never speaks, so I don’t know whether he can speak English or not. But he’s good enough to go overseas for business trips. He just silently stood by your side? Not even by my side. He was a bit far away. With his hands back like it’s not his business? Why did you do that when your son was sick? Why didn’t you say anything? (Why, brother-in-law?) I didn’t say anything because… She is mistaken. She thinks I can speak English fairly well, but I can’t. (The secrets come out) You were like that because you’re bad at English? But you should know the basics. How old are you? I can answer those questions. Then please answer. How old are you? 43 years old. He’s pretty good! Your wife isn’t good either, and your son was sick, so shouldn’t you have stepped up in that situation? Or at least help her? I’m a bit slow. She gets things done before I do, so I just tagged along. Since you don’t speak much, your wife always does everything for you, right? / – Yes. Did you become comfortable with that lifestyle? In some ways, yes. That’s so unfair. We asked earlier if you talk to your son or not. I’m sure that he’s curious about stuff, right? Their son is here, so let’s hear him out. Hello. Hello. You know why you’re here, right? How did you feel after hearing about all this? It was quite serious. Do you not talk with your dad much either? He just speaks in short sentences. Do this. Do that. What are you going to eat? Did you eat? – That’s it? / – I’ve pretty much given up. You’ve pretty much given up, huh? Sons usually hang out with their dads, (Worried) so did dad play with you when you were young? I don’t remember. Does he play with you now? You’re still young! How can you not remember? He’s talking about when he was a baby. Have you ever been sad because he doesn’t talk? Because he doesn’t talk with me… Yes. You’re kind of frustrating as well. For example, If dad used to play with him and suddenly stops one day, he can be disappointed. However, he has never had that experience. He has never chatted with his dad or asked him questions nonstop. (Please… For our son) How do you feel now that you’ve heard from your son? He is so frustrated that he’s given up. I want to do a lot more for him, but… – You’re too shy? / – Yes. I’m worried that he might become just like his dad in the future. He might do the same thing to his wife. (Nope) Because he learns from his parents. It looks like he’s even too lazy to act. – I feel really bad. / – Right. A lot. He’s the same age as my son. Dad must spend time with his son in order for the son to develop his social skills. You must’ve spent too much time with your son. He’s too friendly. He brought his son last time and he was such a rascal! He has too many social skills. When your son was born… When he was first born… I’m sure he was happy then. I stayed with my parents after giving birth. My mom knows my husband’s personality well, and since he never goes into see the baby, she told him to go in, And he did. My mom wanted to see how he reacted so she looked in through the window. But the baby was lying there and he was staring at him. How did you feel when you first saw your son? Who do you resemble? You’re cute. (Who are you?) Excuse me. Whose son are you? When he heard the story, he put his head down. Were you truly happy when your son was born? Yes, I was. He never express himself. Were you ever upset because he never talks to the boy? He’s 12 now, so he’ll be a teenager soon. As you know, talking to teens is very important. But by then, I fear that their relationship will end. Do you understand what your wife is saying? Yes, I understand. Will you try to talk to them more? I will… Try. (Hesitant) He’s so nice! You never called her honey or sweetheart before, right? Right. Since you’ll be on TV, can you call her that please? (Very nervous) Look at him shaking. (His hands are shaking as well) Why are you massaging your chest? He is so embarrassed. Is there something you’d like to call her? I want to try everything. Maybe what he really wants to call her is something like “Sweetie” or “Cutie pie.” That’s true! It’s possible. Honey bunny! Maybe there really is something like that! Let’s start with sweetheart. (Very awkward) (How many years have I waited for this?) Sweetheart. (Cheesy) (Heartthrob) (Her hands are shaking because she’s ecstatic) Look at how happy she is. They’ve been married for 12 years with a kid! Try honey. Look at her face! (Try “Honey” too!) Honey. Oh my. Is this possible? Is this for real? Honey. Sweetheart. My lovely sweetheart. (With more emotions) You should end in a high tone! You can’t just be… Sweetheart. Honey. Pretend no one else is here. (Be brave!) My lovely sweetheart! Look here. (Big resolve) I love you, sweetheart. I love you, sweetheart. (Big smiles) That’s it! It’s been 12 years! – How do you feel? / – Is the problem solved? I’m perplexed because it’s my first time. You’re happy, right? (I want to hear it everyday) I won’t be able to hear it at home. How does it feel to say it? Can you do it? It’s not so bad after I’ve said it once. It’s not that hard. Call her that from now on. Sweetheart. Nothing is hard after you’ve done it once. (From now on, please call her that more often) Any final words for your husband? Honey! We have many more years ahead of us, so don’t you think we should talk more and enjoy life? Please talk a little bit more, and if that’s too hard, at least answer me properly when I ask you something. I think both of you are very nice and good people. What do you think? Is it a concern? It’s a concern. – I think it’s a concern. / – It’s a concern, huh? – Jongmin. / – I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern either. Press the button if you relate to her concern. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please show us the results! “A frustrating concern.” Did they get over 100 votes? It did! 124 votes. (124 votes) How was it today, Peter? It was really fun, and I learned a lot. I’m not Korean, so by being here and listening to these concerns, I can understand the Korean culture more, and I feel like I can understand the families more, too. How was it today, Kim Jongmin? – I learned a lot. / – What did you learn? Let’s hear one of them out. What did you learn? I shouldn’t be like that. (Soulless…) Which one? The one who doesn’t talk? I learned that I should converse more and be more attentive to children, but I shouldn’t dote on them too much. I learned a lot today. Alright. (Nice catch!) The concern, “Why did you get married?” takes first place! (“Why did you get married?” won) Congratulations!

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