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Government should have mercy on us else we will go naked for them – Woman vents | Legit TV

January 21, 2020

Q: How has market been since year 2020 started? A: Things have not been easy. It’s been tough. Since we voted in 2019, Nigeria has been in turmoil. There is a scarcity of cash flow. Those governing us do not know that the poor are suffering. They have enough money to spend. They need to make the money circulate so everyone can be alright. Things are expensive. We do not even have money to invest in business. Our children that are graduates are idle. Now some of them are engaged in criminal activities. Why won’t this be when there isn’t enough money and there are no jobs? Why won’t they steal? Their own children live abroad. They relocated them to comfort zones. Meanwhile, we are suffering. They should have mercy on us. We voted them in so they should be compassionate. They should help us before we go naked for their sake. Help us beg them. I’m talking about those governing us starting from President Buhari himself. Even Sanwoolu that is our governor in Lagos should also have mercy on us. They should let money flow. Let them have mercy on Nigerians. They should help us fix our roads. We do not have good roads. We do not have power supply. No power supply to pump water. The roads are bad. We don’t enjoy smooth rides in cars because of the potholes on the road. We spend longer time going to places that are not far because of the bad roads. They should have mercy on us as there is no money to spend. They should not push us to the point where we curse them. We will not vote for them again. We will vote neither APC nor PDP candidates in again. We won’t vote for them again. They are the ones destroying this country. Things are tough for Nigerians. The country is not settled. We are enduring serious hardship. They should have mercy on us. Q: Have you sold since you set up today? A: I haven’t. That’s why I’m seated on this high stool. We have not been able to sell. We came to the market to play. We are not selling. In the past we would have sold enough goods by this time. I’ve not sold up to N10,000 today despite the fact that I sell in bulk. Business is slow as there is no money. We are not selling. Q: How many children have you? Did you train them? A: I have three children. I’m training only one for now and it’s a struggle to do that. I am struggling hard to educate him at the university level. I asked the other two to hold on as I have no money to train them. And I really want them to be educated as I did not have that opportunity. Q: What would you then like the government to do for you? A: The government should have mercy on us. Let them make money go round. They should make us comfortable. Let them create jobs. They should let everyone have sustainable jobs. The educated youths are unemployed. They are involved in menial jobs. They are being offered ridiculous amounts as salaries. Imagine that despite the money and effort spent in educating them. Some graduates are conductors. It is absurd. Q: If you have the opportunity to be in power what will you do? What will you change? A: Job creation will be the first thing I’ll see to. Once our youths are gainfully employed, then parents can be relieved. Our wards can take care of us if they are employed. There are no jobs and money is scarce. Yet, things are becoming more expensive. Prices of commodities get hiked on a regular basis. The amount used in purchasing five bags of a product in the past can only buy a bag of the same product. That’s all! Reporter: Thank you.

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  • Reply Shol Lly January 17, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    Instead of you people to go out and protest sit there and be lamenting

  • Reply Shol Lly January 17, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    When they told you to vote for better people you said you want to die with APC, well ur wish is granted

  • Reply AGE January 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    Sebi una collect sanwo rice, Sanwo garri, Sanwo oil, 10k trader money. And una say Sai Baba. Una never know anything. Ema je iyan yin ni isu. Next time una brain go reset. Next time vote for AAC.

  • Reply Unmasking Evil January 17, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    I thought you want trader moni….lmao

  • Reply Jyde 007 January 18, 2020 at 3:46 am

    Go naked, we would only see free yansh ni. Nothing will change

  • Reply Musa Usman Kabir January 18, 2020 at 7:36 am

    Yoruba with bad mouth as always.

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