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GM Siren — Cricket Bat Review 2020/21

January 14, 2020

Gunn & Moore Siren. Fresh into the Australian market, this is actually part of Gunn & Moore’s 20/21 range. We’ve got it in nice and early. The one I’ve got in my hands at the moment is the Grade 1 Original model. We really like these bats. As you can see, it’s a really low profile, so good for those guys that really like to play off the front foot. In these, you’ll get a 35mm edge and a 63mm profile. It’s got a really long, long spine. You’ll get a little bit of concaving in these, but not too much, they’re still nice and full, which is really good. Now, this is one of Gunn & Moore’s slightly shorter-bladed bats, it’s a 540mm length in the blade. The overall size of the bat is still that of a standard short handle bat. Just shortened it a little bit in order to aid with the pickup, make them a lot lighter, keep a lot more willow where you need it— in that attacking area, which is really good. Nice new grip from Gunn & Moore, a little bit different. They call it the hex grip, so it’s— If you come in and actually see it in store, you’ll sort of see that it looks maybe a little bit worn in areas, but that’s just how it’s designed— really nice in the hands, gives you that nice, nice feel, super grippy, so that’s really cool from Gunn & Moore. We’ve got this in a few models— as I said, this is the Original, so this is a Grade 1 bat. We’re carrying it in a Signature, which is a Grade 2. We’ve also got a 606 model in a senior bat, which is Grade 3. We’ve also got a couple of junior models, an 808 in an Academy and Harrow, and a 606 as well in the juniors, which goes from Academy all the way down to Size 5. Brand new bat from Gunn & Moore. We really like it, the blue looks super on the shelf, it’s really nice and bright and striking, so— Come in and check it out at one of our four stores, or of course, you can see the full Gunn & Moore range online at

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