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GHC Chargers Basketball – 2019

October 29, 2019

The basketball experience here at
Georgia Highlands is about three things. Number one, graduation. We want you to
graduate. Virtually every student athlete that
comes through Georgia Highlands leaves here with the degree in their back
pocket. We put you with one on one tutoring sessions over in the library
with our great tutors. We also do team weekly study halls three times a week.
The level of care of our from our professors is outstanding. We also have a great athletic academic advisor in Coach Brandon Harrell who does a great
job with keeping you on track to graduate. We want you here at Georgia
Highlands to get a great education with an emphasis on graduation. Number two,
moving on. We want you to get recruited to your dream school.
Virtually every student athlete that comes here to Georgia Highlands gets recruited to four-year scholarship schools. We’ve had kids recruited from the AAC, SEC, ACC, all
the power five, all the power six conference schools.
[NANTZ] Gives it up quickly here’s Davenport stepping in. Pretty. What a nice role,
soft touch. [HILL] And I think he’s the key for them. He’s the X-factor. [RAFTERY] Just a good understanding of dribble-drive. When to stop, and not charge. Feathery little release. [ANNOUNCER] Bagley… [ANNOUNCER] Miles Bridges able to get stuff at the rim. That’s when he’s at his best, but shooting the ball’s gotten much improved. Ty’lik Evans comes in averaging around seven and a half points. Stands in at 5’7″.
Lightning quick. [ANNOUNCER] Corner three by Ty Cockfield. That’s his first. He’s got seven. No only have they got recruited there, but they have went on and had very very very successful careers. Some of the guys
after leaving their four-year schools go on to play pro basketball. We have had 10 guys in the last eight years move on to play professional basketball
either overseas or at home in the States. [EXCITED ANNOUNCER] (Speaking in Portuguese). Number three: championships. Here at
Georgia Highlands we want to win championships. This is going into our
eighth year as a program and we already have a winning tradition and a winning
culture. Three out of the last seven years we have won the region
championship here in the GCAA, and four out of the last seven years we have won the
regular season title. Our teams went out to Hutchinson, Kansas where the national
tournament is played every year we have not only went out to the national
tournament but we have excelled at the national tournament. We went to two
back-to-back national Final Fours and a national sweet 16. [ANNOUNCER] Doniel Dean handles. Right side. They go to Toney. A corner shot…IS GOOD! A basket by Golston has given them the lead. Four seconds. Three seconds.
Golden Eagles have to hit a shot to win. The ball goes up. It’s off. No good.
And the upset has happened! This is unbelievable basketball fans! Georgia Highlands has upset the Golden Eagles from Twin Falls, Idaho. Unbelievable! [ANNOUCER] And they’re stunned. Southern Idaho is stunned. They’re looking at everybody and
just saying, “did this just happen?” we are We are one of the elite teams in the country. We had a 56 game winning streak that to this day is still one of the greatest in
Georgia college basketball history at any level. Our motto here at Georgia
Highlands is better person, better student, better athlete. We want you to
become a better person. Every day we practice and preach how to mature
and grow as a person personal growth and personal development
here at Georgia Highlands is very important to our program. Becoming a
better student. We want you to love learning, love knowledge, and be curious
about the world. We want you to learn better study habits and better study
practices to make sure you’re a success here at Georgia Highlands and also at
your four-year institution. Become a better athlete. Our goal is to make you
the best basketball player you can be to help pay for your education after
Georgia Highlands College and hopefully play professional basketball and do what
you love doing. At Georgia Highlands, our goal is to win in the classroom and on the court.

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