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Gaizka Mendieta on what it takes to succeed in football

February 13, 2020

hi I’m Joe for betting expert and I’m
joined here today by Guizka Mendieta and we’re going to talk about the top
five keys to success when it comes to winning football matches just get into
it Gaizka so throughout your career how important was home advantage?That’s
very important I mean I I got to realize that when I started to play when
I was younger I always thought I mean people always used to speak about always very
important player almost very different when you put away it’s the points away
it’s very important because they got to experience obviously that when we’re not
tied to play professionally and how tough it is to play away and relieve the
pressure the pitch you are more familiarized with with the dressing room
the funds you feel more confident because you play home so it is very
important I’m all some of the most intimidating
atmospheres you played in I’d say probably they’re the toughest one is
your home way but you know doing well they’re very tough no they awake awake
games turkey turkey was very intimidating with the flowers and fires
I remember like coming up a tunnel like he’s finally like waiting until the she
allow you to go out Italy could be we hopefully top screens as well play in
the derby last year one we lost and yes I think in general those two Stein
apartment to Holly and Charlie Turkey so on XK is for individual talent in the
team he talked through some of the most talented players that you played with
your career in my career off I when I started to play and I wasn’t the most
taking place I improved with the year so I was a big fan of technique player and
the first I probably remember being more impressed with was probably my operation
when we after which sign for Valencia I was quick
we had two legs with score goals kind of playmaker team of the player
firstly impressed me then in a different level like romário was unbelievable to
me skillful with like kind of playstation
slow sort of player but the driver also very technical very very good most of
generation without yet but she was realistic
a very technique and very far up are ya show beak he was very with his peers we
talked about yeah skillful players but we also think that experience plays a
lot as well and in a successful team do you talk about and when you were a
younger player how did it experience best help you well a lot especially when
I sign for volunteer was 17 and it can be quite intimidating it’s not like
nowadays you get to the dressing room and you kind of don’t know what to see
you have to wait for the players to tell you with the space we normally see the
the bottom of the dressing room in there in the corner in Iran but I was very
lucky because a Palenque was Roberto a lot of London which is from Vichy a Tony
Acosta yearning he was really present like that so he kind of was my got me in
Valencia and always felt protective in a way it shows you how things work how
things are training everything I think it’s very important when you go
somewhere to say when you are young about a young age to have someone that
elite very very hot you up in ski all the club has a structure where he helps
these new players getting to understand most things in them only outside the
city powerful important and interesting another key as well we see form being
really important and momentum for a player I mean how did you deal with
obviously with win winning runs is probably a lot easier when your back was
against the wall your team who were performing so well how did you deal with
that as a player as a player I guess assess poor man it is very important to
be to be balanced to not to be too high when you win and not to win this nothing
actually should be the other way round when you wouldn’t you have to keep it
low I used to focus on I remember when I when we used to run a game or score one
two goals and I always focus on what I did wrong
so what I could improve over that performance so it was a great
performance but you can always do better and one is not very good obviously you
can always improve what could I improve to next game be
better so I think that’s what is important not enough player trying to be
a balance and no ups and downs which normally woke up in the press and fans
doing one one game and always like winning the league now and you lose two
games and like validating for a player is kind of more balanced I think lastly
for our most important thing we think tactics is really important and really
key can you talk a little bit about the difference in styles between Spain and
England obscene baby no those were ago yeah it is very important I think it
gives a lot of support as a manager you you have to focus on the project you
have with type of praise you have what system you want to play which ones are
your key players and how you can get the most out of them and there is this
system if is what it really provides them so you have to be very certain and
in that way because the way I play systems weren’t very good actually you
always used to play like I know for for to trading on the flank but I always
used to come inside because I was a very athletic player a big finish on the left
my position what maybe other systems for the police doesn’t work you need to have
more of the ball around him or maybe the ball in the financing you
want you to make the most of us troika depends a super strikers stronger and
they on the arrow is better on the food so taxis are having in that way maybe no
not as much from that I’m the number like whether it is four three three four
four two but on the positions on the pitch and where to be or not to be when
you have to you

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