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FULL MATCH – Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre – NXT Championship Match: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

August 13, 2019

[SOUND] The bell. And Nigel, I want you to do your best DJ
Khaled impression, what is the major key to victory for both competitors,
beginning with the champion, Bobby Roode?>>Well, take a look at the picture there. Look at the size difference
between Roode and his opponent. Gotta be, what, three or four inches and
I’d say about 30 to 40 pounds. So you’re in there with a bigger man,
you gotta chop him down to your size. If you’re McIntyre, keep pressing
that advantage, make it difficult for Roode to breathe. That’s exactly what he’s doing here.>>Want to be a part of
the conversation on social media? It’s #NXTChampionship.>>As I said before though, an important
factor, just three days ago on NXT television, McIntyre faced
Roderick Strong in a match that, really, he had very little to gain from and
everything to lose. And yes, he won the match. But I guarantee you he’s not 100% today.>>And Bobby Roode interjected
himself in that match. He actually made the fourth title
defense of the NXT Championship against Roderick Roode. Roderick Strong, excuse me, on NXT TV. Here tonight, it’s Drew McIntyre and there’s the size advantage
already paying dividends.>>A power advantage as well.>>But Bobby Roode’s a champion. He’s a veteran. He’s gonna take his time.>>I can guarantee that Drew is going
to look to intimidate Roode tonight.>>Sir Winston Churchill said,
success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is courage to continue that counts. And after leaving WWE, Drew McIntyre became one of the busiest
sports entertainers on the planet. Traveling the globe, honing his craft. And since returning, again,
yet to taste defeat and now one win away from becoming NXT champ.>>[NOISE]
>>Drew backing up again, maybe it’d be good to go to the outside?>>Can’t escape the clutches of Drew
McIntyre, but he does turn the tables and delivering a series of knife-edge
chops to the challenger.>>[NOISE]
>>There we go. Whoa. Close, close, close. He was thinking of that glorious DDT.>>He knew what was coming. Get out of there.>>Wait for it guys. Now. Who is doing the intimidating?>>No time for show boating here.>>Booby Roode making it clear it’s his
NXT letting McIntyre know he was that close to being on the receiving
end of a glorious DDT, but they’re back in close quarters now. Reversal arm ringer by McIntyre but
then Roode uncorks a right hand.>>Now Roode picking up the pace.>>Reversal on the Irish
with a tip up by Roode, that time those bare feet
well scouted by McIntyre.>>Bobby went to the well
one too many times.>>Roode one step ahead,
or excuse me, McIntyre.>>Being sent for the ride. McIntyre telegraphs a back, body drop. But there’s a big boot that sends
Roode crashing to the canvas. And again all it takes is
that one claymore kick, we could have a new NXT Champion.>>He just tossed
Bobby Roode around the ring.>>An incredible display of strength
on the part of Drew Mcintyre.>>Mcintyre’s just so
much more confident in his game now.>>You can see the maturity level,
the composure. The fact that he knows he
now belongs in this spot.>>Look at that,
tossing the champion like a rag doll. Normally if you’re gonna suplex someone, you’re have to get your
hips lower than them. It’s superhuman strength of McIntyre to
be able to pick up 232 pounds like that.>>[NOISE]
>>Now Bobby Roode in all kinds of trouble courtsey of Drew McIntyre.>>What are you doing, Drew? Go on, get back in the ring. Let’s go.>>[CROSSTALK] the end for McIntyre.>>The champion’s advantage,
though McIntyre has to pin or submit Bobby Roode inside the ring.>>Can’t beat him by a count-out,
can’t get that title.>>McIntyre catching
the NXT Champion in mid-air.>>Bobby just got intercepted.>>[NOISE]
>>And Roode walks right into
the back elbow of McInytre.>>Four!>>Again,
the referree administering that count. And it’s to the benefit of
the NXT champion, Bobby Roode!>>[NOISE]
>>Wow, tilt-a-whirl, slam on the apron, the lower back of Bobby Roode
feeling the full effects of that.>>The question is, though, what effects has McIntyre felt from
that match with Strong three days ago? Let’s take a look here. Picks up the champion. Tilt a whirl onto the apron. Very little give on the outside there. Damage done to the back of the champion. [NOISE] [APPLAUSE]
>>Dueling chants here by the NXT universe, respecting both
NXT Champion Bobby Roode and the challenger Drew McIntyre. Roode avoiding calamity there with
that well-placed knee strike.>>Yes.
>>[SOUND]>>Swinging neck breaker off the middle rope by Bobby Roode that sends
McIntyre to the outside.>>Wasn’t pretty, but
a lot of damage done. McIntyre falling out awkwardly
onto the apron and into the floor. Take a look here. Look at the way his neck
ricochets off of that middle rope, and then the apron again.>>It’s that ring IQ by Bobby Roode, using every part of the ring
to his advantage as a weapon.>>Bobby Roode flying off
the apron with that blockbuster tight neck breaker on Drew McIntyre.>>Well, this is smart for Bobby Roode. He keeps this on the outside. What a genius plan. You can’t lose the title on the outside. You can certainly get some damage done.>>Two!>>Roode slamming McIntyre’s head
into the barricade around ringside. Finally rolling McIntyre into the ring
to break the referee’s count, but he’s not done with
the outside shenanigans. Big elbow right into
the throat of Drew McIntyre. And that will hinder his breathing.>>It’s a great time for
Bobby unload just like he’s doing. Drew’s down and can’t breathe. Smart.>>The longer this match goes,
the more I think it favors Bobby Roode. McIntyre, a bigger man, the bigger the guy is, the more
difficult it is for him to breathe. Certainly the longer a match goes.>>But keep in mind, Drew Mcintyre
is a completely different breed. The guy’s been in wars in the ring
before and he can straight out go.>>We’ve talked about the power
of Drew Mcintyre but the shrewd, wily champion Bobby Roode,
a step ahead with that corner clothesline. Hangman’s neck breaker, rude awakening.>>Two!
>>And a two-count for Bobby Roode, who has been a champion
wherever he’s competed. Now over 200 days as NXT Champion
after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura. And Bobby Roode is bringing
the fight to Drew McIntyre.>>And well aware of the five
count that he gets here, he knows every nuance of
a championship match.>>That’s why he’s the champion. Knowing Bobby Roode he will milk
every last second of it, too.>>Not a lot of muster behind those shots. You can understand why.>>McIntyre unloading a knife edge chop
trying to regain momentum reversal on the upper swift into the corner
as McIntyre goes back first into the turnbuckles. Bobby Roode remains one step ahead of
the number one contender, Drew McIntyre. The crafty champion measuring up his prey.>>[NOISE]
>>Missile drop-kick by Roode, comes off the turnbuckle.>>One, two-
>>Mixing up his attack for a two-count.>>I don’t know if you guys caught it but
I just thought I saw there, there was a deep, deep thigh bruise
on the left quadricep of Bobby Roode. I’m not sure when he would
have sustained that. Perhaps the apron I’m not sure. That could certainly be a factor though.>>I can see it. As of this point it’s not
seeming to bother him at all.>>The longer this match goes,
the more he is going to feel it. Here we go in the match
a beautiful drop-kick off the top, hurting the big guy, but
he continues to push the onslaught.>>Bobby Roode a 19 year veteran with 32
year old McIntyre started training at the age of 15. Both of them looking for their magnum
opus in this the main event of NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 with the NXT
championship hanging in the balance. Bobby Roode looking for the sleeper.>>Got it.>>Wait, wait.
>>Is it under the chin? Yes, is it on the carotid artery? Looks like it, but
perhaps not enough as McIntyre is up.>>Mcintyre driving Bobby Roode back
first into the turnbuckles, and that will allow him to escape the sleeper. McIntyre needs to make some
adjustments here and, wow, Roode looking to adjust McIntyre’s
dental work with that kick.>>Beautiful overhead belly
to belly throw by McIntyre. Will this be the opportunity
he’s been looking for?>>No question about it. He’s created some separation, some space. The question is who attacks first? Roode was coming in looking perhaps for
a clothesline but instead McIntyre catches him
with a strong belly to belly.>>And McIntyre just caught him with
a back elbow as Roode ran right into him and, Roode gets dropped chin
first on the top turnbuckle. After being launched by Drew McIntyre, McIntyre now beginning
to amplify his attack.>>Man, the toll that this battle has taken on both competitors here at the Barclay’s center in Brooklyn.>>And McIntyre takes to the skies and
drops down with a clothesline and there is the [CROSSTALK]
Scott with a gip up. And maybe McIntyre is signalling
his second wind has now arrived but Bobby Roode trying to
beat down the challenger. Manhattan drop by Bobby Roode. No! Knee lift by the NXT champion,
comes off the ropes, caught by McIntyre in mid
air into a fireman’s carry. And they crash there by, Drew McIntyre.>>One, two.>>[NOISE]
>>Two and a half, I hate to sound like a broken record, but just not enough
body weight across the shoulder. You can understand why,
though, gotta be exhausted.>>McIntyre calls this the Celtic Cross,
and he was almost able to cross NXT Championship off his
bucket list with a victory by Bobby Roode. Remaining tough here. The stakes have never been higher for Drew
McIntyre during his NXT tenure he just got his neck snapped off the top rope,
as the NXT champion buys valuable time.>>More damage done to that neck. We saw the neck break off
the middle rope on the outside.>>And Bobby Roode looking to go
all the way to the top turnbuckle. He’s intercepted by Drew McIntyre.>>Very rare mistake
there from the champion, taking his eye off of his opponent for
a second. McIntyre capitalized.>>Boy.>>McIntyre looking for
his piece de resistance but Bobby Roode cognizant of what’s at stake, valiantly unloading these right hands,
dropping McIntyre back to the canvas. McIntyre all the way up to the top,
turnbuckle. And McIntyre gets his eggs
scrambled by Bobby Roode. And McIntyre in a perilous position. And McIntyre now tied,
he’s in the tree of woe.>>The back of his skull hit the mat.>>Will the glorious NXT title
reign of Bobby Roode continue?>>My NXT.>>Wow. Core strength of Drew McIntyre on display, launching the NXT Champion
halfway across the ring. Could we-
>>He’s calling for it.>>Could we see the game changer,
the claymore.>>Roode looks like he’s out, breathing
heavily in the center of the ring, but he’s not getting up.>>In a prostrate position here.>>But is this smart? Is this a game plan? I don’t know. We saw Asuka do something similar in
the NXT Women’s Championship match, it’s a wily maneuver, and yes.>>Yep.>>It’s clear, branching pin, cover. And a two count for Bobby Roode. Looking for
Future Shock with Drew MacIntyre. Back stabber by Bobby Roode. And the cover.>>One, two.>>And Bobby Roode almost retained
the NXT Title right there. Every moral fiber of Drew McIntyre’s
being went in to kicking out.>>You’ve got to keep in mind how
much damage has been done to the neck of Drew McIntyre up to this point.>>Take a look.
Beautiful back stabber from the champion. Those knees slipping off the back of the
shoulders up into the back of the skull.>>And an uptick in the offensive
output of Bobby Roode, lighting up Drew McIntyre with
those strikes in the corner. What a crushing corner
clothesline by Bobby Roode.>>Looking for that neck breaker,
backslide by McIntyre. Shoulder’s down and
Bobby Roode just escaped. Future pull, DET,
do we have a new NXT Champion? Almost, Wow.>>What guts and determination from
Bobby Roode, refusing to quit.>>And what about Drew McIntyre
resorting to every High octane move in his arsenal yet
to put away the NXT champion. He’s shocked that future
shock didn’t do it.>>Well, great execution on the DDT. Driving Roode’s head into the mat,
but Roode would not quit>>Fireman’s carry by Drew McIntyre. Former WWE intercontinental champion and
tag team champion. Yet he says he and his team title may mean even more because
of what it represents in his career. Are we going to, whoa! Power bomb! Will this be enough? Roode’s arm draped over. Drew McIntyre able to roll that right
shoulder just in the nick of time.>>Bobby barely had enough energy to get
his arm on Drew McIntyre for the cover.>>What an incredible match for
the NXT championship.>>Here it was out of the corner,
beautiful power bomb. Got all of it. Well like Percy said, just too weak, couldn’t hook the leg,
not enough left in the tank.>>All he was able to do was drape
that right arm over Drew McIntyre. McIntyre able to escape but McIntyre finding it difficult to get
back to a vertical base using the ropes. How much is left in his proverbial tank
as Roode unloads another right hand?>>Both guys almost running on fumes now. At this point in a match it
goes beyond your training, goes beyond your strategy,
it goes to your heart. How much do you want it?>>It’s all about the will,
it’s all about the will. It’s the ring of truth. This is where you find out
who you really are as a man, who you really are as a NXT superstar. And Bobby Roode and
Drew McIntyre pulling out all the stops. A slugfest breaks out in Brooklyn. Step up enziguri by Bobby Roode. Claymore, claymore! Bobby Roode on the receiving
end of the claymore. And his foot, wow. You talk about ring presence. You talk about the ring IQ of the NXT
champion knowing that bottom rope was right there after having his bell rung. Listen to this, guys.>>The sound of that claymore upside the
jaw of Bobby Roode would have beaten any other man apart from the NXT champion.>>How did Bobby Roode know
where the bottom rope was after getting decimated with that claymore? And of course-
>>One!>>Drew McIntyre needs the NXT
champion back in the ring if he is to become-
He cannot claim the title via count out.>>Three!>>Can’t beat him on the outside.>>Four!>>Aah!>>McIntyre coming off the ropes. Ma-ma-mia! Drew McIntyre throwing
caution to the wind.>>We’re talking about a guy who is 6’5″, 254 pounds with a.>>He caught Bobby Roode by surprise. He caught the entire
NXT Universe by surprise.>>At this point in the match,
you gotta throw safety to the wind and do something completely unorthodox.>>I don’t know.
>>It’s all about championship gold right here fellas.>>I don’t know if I agree with that. Look at the damage now,
he’s grabbing at his back. There’s damage done. He’s gotta get Roode in the ring.>>Yes, he does. The dead weight of the NXT
champion Bobby Roode. Referee administering the count. McIntyre rolling Roode back into the ring. Will he seize the opportunity? Carpe diem, seize the day!>>Here we go!>>The biggest day of
Drew McIntyre’s NXT career.>>Watch out, Bobby!>>Spine buster by Bobby Roode! And that will realign the spine and
jack the back of Drew McIntyre. Wow.>>What a move!>>Just like that, the pendulum of momentum swinging back
in the favor of the NXT champion.>>Here we go.
>>Glorious DDT, no,
>>Wait.>>A knee, shoulders are down for
a two count, wow.>>Here it is!>>Glorious DDT by Bobby Roode. Will he retain the gold? McIntyre escapes. Drew McIntyre not to be denied.>>I am shocked. McIntyre almost super human. He injured his back on the. He took the spine buster as well. And then the Glorious DDT. Still, he was able to kick out.>>Bobby Roode and
Drew McIntyre have taken the best of their respective
opponent here tonight. And yet,
this NXT championship match rages on.>>What does Roode? Hit it again?>>Roode, nursing a lower back injury. And yet, yes,
that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Going back to the well
with another glorious DDT.>>There it is!
Cover him!>>And I think the cover should be, what!>>He going for it again?>>He’s looking to hit the trifecta.>>This is gonna be the end.>>Here at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn
we’re looking for three glorious DDTs but
McIntyre with the claymore. The claymore by the Psychotic Scot.>>One, two, three!>>We’ve got a new champ!>>NXT champ!>>Here’s your winner, and
the new NXT champion, Drew McIntyre! Here in the concrete jungle
where dreams are made up, Drew McIntyre uses his concrete-hard
claymore kick to dethrone Bobby Roode.

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    Drew Mcintyre had so much potential when he first arrived from NXT to RAW and unfortunately Bobby Roode got buried so badly ? same with EC3, ASUKA, Ember Moon, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, The Ascenison it really sucks

  • Reply Cesar Read August 10, 2019 at 5:17 am

    Drew is the freaking man!

  • Reply Jamie Cook August 10, 2019 at 7:00 am

    Roode should come to AEW

  • Reply Arshia Shabani August 10, 2019 at 8:48 am

    I hope you stop wasting Bobby Roode on the main roster. Push this trio of Roode, EC3 and Young and have Roode as the leader of the group. They deserve much Bette than this

  • Reply Cordero August 10, 2019 at 8:53 am

    this is A VERY GOOD MATCh…of course 98% of Roman reigns assfan will say things different…pendejo

  • Reply David Rosca August 10, 2019 at 9:51 am

    I'm really mad how bad McIntyre is booked …. he should be a villian , he is big ,strong ,evil and good on mic …. Wwe just wasting talent …he is Universal material

  • Reply Tim Brown August 10, 2019 at 10:20 am

    What’s said is when guys and women are in NXT under HHH they shine and are used perfectly but once the main roster it’s like just wasted I can name a few
    Finn Balor, The Revival, damn near almost mostly all the women that came from NXT except Charlotte Flair, Sanity Ember Moon Asuka anybody please add

  • Reply Akash Das August 10, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    What a match man NXT is love

  • Reply K Zaman August 10, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Drew Is just overrated I haven't seen anything great from him, he always trash talking about how's he's going to destroy people he's done nothing ! Lol and the commentators are cringe always hyping drew up.

  • Reply Hahaman August 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Both of these two should leave for AEW unless they like being jobbers which they have become again thanks to yours truly god of wwe..

  • Reply og mudbone August 10, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    Me when I see my bed 4:08

  • Reply Dark Raider August 11, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Can NXT build their own company and start competing with WWE?

  • Reply Fire GK Highlights August 11, 2019 at 10:31 am

    Remember how over was Roode in NXT as a heel!

  • Reply Jaden Barrant August 11, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    I've been to every nxt takeover and to me NXT Takeover Toronto 2019 was the best

  • Reply Denise Ward August 12, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    Finally drew wins a title ?

  • Reply JEY 2K August 12, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    I love this match the two of the best psychology wrestlers make a great match and tell a story very good

  • Reply Gerald Fawcett August 13, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    That was awesome ? rematch’s

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