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Football Boot Hacks! Best Soccer Cleat Tricks

October 9, 2019

what’s up guys matt from the football boost team and today we are here to bring you the sub 10 this boot hack to help you get boost bath in better feeling and also better performing so let’s get right into our first one I take our so our first track actually comes is two parts so there are two massive bonuses to this boot hack and we have got some force field protect off we can use any kind of creep protect but what this does is firstly going to waterproof you for this and secondly hopefully it’s also going to mean that you don’t have to clean them as often or as much so let’s get right into how to use it now this stuff is actually so good I’ll use on all my trainers and what they say is the force bill protectors a lead technology provides armor life protection and waterproofing for all types of footwear outerwear backpacks and also hat the invisible coating shields fabric from damage and prevents fading keeping gear looking new art longer so what we have to do is firstly give it a good old shake up with guard para for boots here make sure that either clean first give it a good old shake and then all you need to do is spray it onto the actual upper don’t put it onto the solo because it won’t really make that much difference there but you wanted to go all across the upper and also across the tongue because that’s where you want it to be most waterproof so after giving a little shake all you needed to open it up holy about 30 centimetres away that’s what I recommend maybe a little bit similar to the odorant in the morning and then all you need to do is just spray it on the sock and first you’ll notice it goes a little bit shiny so will give you a boost a nice looking finish as well so just spray it all over the upper part you don’t need to use too much really just keep spraying it make sure it’s all coated and then once we’ve done it I’ll bring in a little bit closer for you it says use sparingly to make sure it’s all over and then as a little bit of a close-up view guys are I bring in a little bit closer as real for you in a second will do a nice big close up just so you guys can see and then once this is dry what we’ll do we’re pour some all over the top to show you guys just how well this really does work so here’s a closer look at the two different boobs or mix slide these hadn’t been given any water proof in any protection and this is a pair which have so what we do now is just wait five minutes of so let’s actually get into it to find out if it actually does make a difference this force field protection so gamma warble and all will be doing spraying it over the top on the other and as you guys can see I’m literally pouring it on top and literally the water isn’t going anywhere inside the booth is just sitting on sort hoping you guys can pick that up on camera by the wharf is actually I could just shake it all off and your foot inside the boot is going to stay incredibly dry which means the water’s not going to go inside making the boot heavy they’re going to stay waterproof which is going to be brilliant especially in those winter conditions so how often do you need to do this protection coating well they say it lasts about 12 months but that is four trainers obviously full of those much more we’re much more aggressive play during your 90 minutes so I’d say do it after every time you wear them so wear them for your football game with quick clean and then put this spray on top leave them for a couple of minutes and then they are ready to go again little bit similar to Nikes ACC but this just make sure the waterproofing is a hundred percent every time you wear them today’s our first hack let’s move on to number two now for any of you guys that watch some videos Wrigley or know me will know that I personally wear the hypervenom finished I love the blue so much I think they’re quality but there is one problem with them which I actually have to address and there is a sock liner inside the boot just moves around so much leave no Nike grip and also not stuck in properly now there is one way to conquer it which we’re going to show you now now what got my family are two pairs of boots which are testing fairly recently and I experienced the exact same problem both the Opus 2 and the vapor 11 come with very standard sock liners know Nike grip and when I was actually testing them after half an hour once my feet got a little bit one and also the other slightly stretch a little bit there’s all kind of slight to move around ever so slightly now two ways you can do these they’re both very similar but firstly you can take the sock liner out and spray the play with a little bit of hairspray and also the bottom of the sock liner now after you spray with the hair spray put it back in stick it down for maybe like five minutes personal weight on it and trust me it’ll stay on a lot longer than it was just normally so using hairspray is the first way to deal with this situation but it is a second way it’s a little bit more unique but it works so much more powerfully so for any of you guys that go to physio and you get that Cato to help your muscles then your sometimes you either spray just before it now that spraying is some of the sticky stuff I’ve ever felt in my life if you put the tape on something to spray it won’t move for over a week trust me is unbelievably powerful see if you can use that spray across the bottom of the sock liner and then stick it into your soleplate your sort climbers won’t move whatsoever for such a long time but just make sure that you do want those sort of – to be the ones inside the boots because once you stick them in there is probably not going to be any chance of it coming out at all so of course I mentioned about my finish and how I love him so much but the sock liner wasn’t probably for me and still live now one thing which is great about the Phantom 3 2001 or is that the sub planner actually comes with nice grip technology now firstly it just means that when the song is on top of the sock liner it won’t move whatsoever but it also features on the actual play itself inside the boot so the sort kind of stays attached very much more compared to the finish work so this next boot hack might be my favorite one of all time it’s so effective and you’re pretty much getting two pairs of boots for the price of one now you’re not have to getting two pairs of boots but what you are getting is the sole payments in changing stud configuration we’ve got that ultra nitro charges but this works in order Eddie – boots as well which have just been released we’ve gone SG soleplate here but on the right hand side exactly the same boot but we’ve got X G’s completely and the reason for that is only less SS ski boots actually come with replaceable FG studs so you can change them as you 1 OS g OS g or you can do a combination as well it really is that effective so guys when we bought these nitrile charges they did come as the HD sole pay the ones here but since then we’ve got the replacement studs and we made them into a full FG pair but let’s just say the pictures are starting to get a little bit with up and we want to start to put some HD studs back in so you’re probably going to want them at the back here at the hill so all we need to do is just unscrew these ones really simple how that other one out as well and the nice thing about these replacement studs they’re FG s is that they come with different sizes as well so you can put the longer ones at the back where you want them and also at the front you can get the smaller one so you can pretty much customize them is that anywhere you want but let’s just say we want to put those studs back in the hill we’ve got a tube and simple as putting them in like that so in the space of maybe a minute you’ve literally gone from SG to FG and then into a combination as well so that is so simple great boot hack so if you are playing on soft ground pitches and also firm ground then you could definitely go for an added ass model over 90 because a D that’s either only boots out there which you can only do this with so guys we’ve all been there we’ve got a new pair of boots that we went for training on Matthew and by the end of the session that tongue is all the way rolled over to the side which is really frustrating but there is a way to actually Canada and also helps their over responsive lockdown and snug fit now all you need to make sure it’s got an extra lace hole at the top now when you actually lace them up don’t go crisscross on the final one put it through the top to make a little loop here so we do the same on the other side we make it a little late to push you through the top and now we’ve got that extra hole now when you actually go to tie them up you can go through those holes and then you pull them tight and trust me that tongue either going to move whatsoever for the whole 90 minutes and also it makes such a tight fit around the ankle so this lacing singing was actually done by Lina Misti back in the day we played me Rosario added zeros here and of course these were his signature boobs at the time so that’s why they came with that extra lace hole at the top so he could create this top lacing hoop to make sure the feet is going to be absolutely top level in terms of being look down so guys this next bootleg is absolutely essential if you bought a pair of boots the wrong size you can’t send them back for whatever reason they might be hard to size too big or half the size too small now there’s a couple of ways that you also decide them to make them shrink or make them stretch a little bit now the first one is if the boots are half the size too big now this is really quick really simple all you need to do is drench the boots in warm water make sure they’re absolutely soaking wet and do exactly the same with a pair of football socks now once they are soaking wet all you need to do is put a sock on and then put the boot on as well so at that time you’ve got soaking wet pair of socks on and a soaking wet pair of boots on now all you need to do is stand there sit there lay down and just wait until your sock is completely dry and trust me by the time that happen the boot is shrunk half the size so just make sure that you don’t want to send these back for ever reason you’re happy with the boots once make them shrink ever so slightly I will trust me this will do that perfectly for you so then what’s the second way to actually give you guys a little bit more space in your booth maybe about half a size or so well you can stretch them out as well all you need to do is get one of those bags with a little seal on top fill up about 3/4 of the way up now once you’ve got that bag put them into the buoy itself pushing it right towards where they’re Chloe tie the ladies really tightly up and then once you’ve got that you put it into the freezer overnight now you need to leave it in the freezer overnight to make sure that it’s probably going to expand because once the water that you freeze it will just make it expand ever so slowly and trust me this is really powerful so will actually make a big difference to the overall fit so overnight you leave it in there it’s got the bag of water which is now frozen you take out in the morning you take the bag out and then you actually put the boots on and you will trust me feel a big big difference in terms of the fit they will just feel slightly stretched out now if you want to stretch it even more you can just keep repeating the process but just make sure you really want to do this because it is a slight chance that you could damage the upper so guys this nice boot hack is going to be perfect if you’re in two situations firstly you’ve bought a brand new pair of football boots and they’re half a size too big and for whatever reason you can’t send them back or secondly you’ve been wearing your booster such a long time that I’ve actually stretched and are now too big now what can you do to if you help this well if you can’t send them back or if they all just stretch that and they’re too big now you can simply just put another pet of sort panels inside the boot which is exactly what you might need for the pair of purecontrol you’re siphoning these boot is so if you happen to get the perfect size for you so tight and you get really bad blisters on the back and two loops and your foot slides around and gets some real bad Hill Skippy now all you need to do is get your second pair of sock liners hopefully you can get thus nearest ones as possible to the actual model it was and you’ve got the original ones in there and just slide these ones on top we’ve mentioned this before but trust me it’s such a good boot hack for customizing the fit and just like that these are now half the size smaller if they have stretch or they are too big you have now just conquered that within the space of two minutes so guys we’ve got like in the background taking some pictures and this boot hack was his one because this is something which he does in his own personal boot light before he buys any pair of fall boots he goes to the sports shop and actually try them on so although you can pick them up online cheaper you can definitely go to a sports shop try them on to make sure they’re going to fit you firstly in terms of width and if you can also get the perfect sizing for you so just say I wanted the pure controls go down to the sports shop ask to try them on do they firstly fit me in width and secondly what size do r1 once you got those answers go online and search for the best price and again very similar in the Mercurial Vapor xi very tight fitting boot overall if you’ve never had them you might not know if they’re actually going to fit your type of foot go down to a Sport Shop try them on make sure they do and if they do then go and buy them online with all those about two codes discount codes they’re going to be much cheaper than what you found in a Fulton boot shop yes guys we’ve all been there we play ninety minutes on the wiki’s muddies pitch you’ve ever played on in your life now by the end of it you’ve got the muddiest boost all that pitch has now become onto your boots and it’s an absolute disaster now you can spend loads of time and make loads of mess with a toothbrush a brush and fairly liquid making the boot clean again but trust me it’s such of a lot off there is a better way to do it now on screen now we are showing you how to put your food in the washing machine using a brand new product it is so simple it doesn’t do any damage to the boots or damage to the washing machine there has been a couple of football channels out there who said don’t put your boots in the washing machine it’s going to kill your boots don’t do it do not put your boots washing machine I can confirm to you / my boots in the washing machine for my entire playing career it won’t do any damage whatsoever unless they are leather so if you have leather fall boots then do clean them properly if you have synthetic boots on liquid food species put them in the bag stick in the washing machine but you don’t even need the bag at the end of the day that’s just an added bonus so if you do have money boots like the stick them in the washing machine that’s why I’m going to do straight after these videos so he’s coming into pre-season and I can almost guarantee that at least 75% of us are going to experience some kind of blister on half the firstly due to the very hard ground and because of brand-new football boots but there is one way to help with blisters on the back of the hill but it is very extreme and something I probably wouldn’t recommend and we saw it from Philip platino in the latter stages of this season just pop now he wears the Mercurial Vapor 11 and what he did when he got a hill blister was actually cut out the back portion in a square shape as I said guys it is very extreme but just so your blisters are that bad you’re playing so much bubble that it’s nicely healing what you can do is actually Carlos shape on that specific part of the foot to make sure there’s no additional pressure in that area which is causing pain yes guys this is the bootleg that you’re all here for and all want to know how do you get free boots for life well it’s not actually that simple but what you can do is send your boots back to Nike for whatever reason within one month to get a new pair you can only really do it once because it might affect your future purchasing right but just thing you get a vapor level through other phantom3 you go for a kick about with your mates and you don’t really like the way they fit fill or perform so what you can do is send them back to Nike and ask for a different model or a different size we can only do once as I said because in my essential right to the purchase on so there it is guys the black and orange team’s top 10 best boot has to help you guys with any boot issues you may be experiencing but what’s been your favorite also what ones have you tried yourself in the past please let us know in the comment section below but that pretty much wraps up today’s video so hope you enjoyed it thanks for watching juice

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