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Florida Will CANCEL WrestleMania! Paige In-Ring RETURN! WWE Stars SENT HOME! | WrestleTalk News

March 24, 2020

In the wake of the Steve Corino epidemic,
Friday night saw the first ever episode of WWE air from an ‘empty arena’, behind
closed doors at the WWE Performance Center – where you couldn’t just not see John Cena. You also couldn’t see any fans. But it wasn’t just the audience that was
missing from Friday’s live broadcast, because WWE have reportedly sent The Revival home. Fightful revealed last week the tag team were
no longer being paid as they had exceeded their downside guarantee, and the Wrestling
Observer reported both are expected to leave between April and June for AEW when their
contracts expire. Now Fightful have now added – in the public
version of their report after it initially only being available on their Fightful Select
subscription service – that both Dash and Dawson have been “sent home”, with one
backstage source saying: “They’d be here if they could be.” Apparently the team were trying to have an
“amicable exit” from WWE, but, as usual, the promotion has made it as difficult as
possible for people to leave. This has been the situation since the start
of the month, where they worked a series of live events in New York. But it’s not just disgruntled wrestlers
that WWE have sent home. PWInsider is reporting that WWE sent out an
email to all employees yesterday about the Steve Corino outbreak, and that if they can
work from home for the foreseeable future, they should. This is off the back of WWE sending groups
of corporate personnel home last week as a test to see how remote working could function
for the company’s different divisions. And it doesn’t just apply to office staff,
as Friday’s SmackDown broadcast went ahead with a skeleton staff at the Performance Center
– with Vince McMahon himself staying away. While McMahon has been busy with the XFL over
the last few months, skipping many WWE TV tapings, the last few weeks have seen him
return backstage – which coincidentally happened the same time Raw got bad and Goldberg became
Universal champion. If only there was some kind of pattern. You’d think McMahon would’ve wanted to
directly oversee Friday’s first ever No Fans broadcast if he could. Before we get on with the rest of the episode,
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last Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, the Wrestling Observer and POST Wrestling have
revealed WWE have now delivered the same message to their own roster regarding Steve Corino:
if you aren’t comfortable coming to TV tapings, talent can “leave without any repercussions”
and “no one would be punished if they opted not to attend the shows.” If I’m Cedric Alexander or Ricochet, I am
taking the next four months off. And that’s even if they can get to the tapings
in the first place. Despite being advertised for Friday’s SmackDown,
Paige’s planned segment where she would confront Bayley didn’t go ahead. Paige has since revealed this was due to travel
restrictions put in place to contain the spread of Steve Corino:
“Sorry guys travel made it very hard for me to get there for #SmackDownLIVE with everything
that’s going on. Completely out of my control. 😔 very sorry.. But at least @itsBayleyWWE is keeping you
entertained” – with a gif of a woman spitting out her tea in laughter, implying Bayley was
not, in fact, keeping you entertained. But what could that mean?! Don’t worry, because Ryan Satin is here
to inform us all with his unparalleled backstage reporting while receiving a WWE via Fox paycheck:
“According to sources, Paige did not travel to Florida for #SmackDown due to coronavirus
related travel concerns which the company accommodated.” Scoop. This was before the major flight restrictions
were put in place though. Instead, it’s being speculated Paige stayed
away because she only underwent medical surgery the previous week, possibly weakening her
immune system. Paige still appears to be building a feud
with Bayley, though, which some reckon could either foreshadow her becoming a General Manager
on SmackDown now she’s not culturally appropriating the Kabuki Warriors anymore, or even an in-ring
return. A return that was thought impossible when
she announced her retirement due to neck injuries almost two years ago on the 9th April. But given Edge’s comeback from a similar
condition, rumours Paige could’ve also returned at January’s Royal Rumble – and now Paige’s
interview comments over the weekend with Inside The Ropes, saying “I think it is always
a possibility one day, you can never say never. It’s not going to be any time soon.” – that retirement, like many in wrestling,
doesn’t seem as permanent as when it was initially announced. It’s almost like nothing in wrestling is
real… In a shocking reveal – Sean Ross Sapp tweeted
out footage from an international broadcast of Friday’s SmackDown, where it showed live
what was happening during the adbreak during the tag team match of Bayley and Sasha against
Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. They stopped wrestling and started joking
around! It makes total sense. Why put your body through the bump punishment
if JOEbody’s going to see it? Possibly because of this weird times, weird
times curiosity factor – and WWE now having a captive, self-isolated audience – SmackDown’s
viewership was up almost 150,000 viewers. Raw will also be broadcast live from the Performance
Center without any fans tonight, after the originally scheduled Pittsburgh arena show
was cancelled due to Steve Corino concerns. All the big names originally advertised are
still expected to be there, with Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrating 3/16 day, The Undertaker
and Edge in attendance, with the Rated R Superstar tweeting about his travel plans down:
“Pick up truck in the wind. @PearlJam cranked. Here I come #RAW”
Please drive the pick-up truck out onto the stage. With WWE now facing the realities of the Steve
Corino outbreak, and what it means for their live events business, it seems even more certain
that WrestleMania 36 will indeed be cancelled. And if not by Vince McMahon, then by the government
themselves. The Center For Disease Control announced yesterday
“that they recommend postponing or canceling any event that will have more than 50 people
for the next eight weeks to stop spread of COVID-19”. Let’s see if WrestleMania fits their criteria
for going ahead…nope, WrestleMania will be 69,950 people over that limit, and it’s
in three weeks time, not eight. Florida held a crisis meeting last Thursday
and cancelled almost all major public gatherings for the foreseeable future… apart from WrestleMania. Instead, officials said they were going to
reassess WWE’s biggest show of the year in a week’s time. Vince McMahon was reportedly at the crisis
meeting, and it’s speculated he pressured the council not to announce WrestleMania was
cancelled, as he either wanted to do it himself, or hadn’t fully accepted the seriousness
of the situation yet. Supporting that theory, Hillsborough Commissioner
Les Miller – the county where WrestleMania is going to be held – has stated at a press
conference: “I’m hoping that Vince McMahon, WrestleMania
and WWE make the call themselves. A week from now, if they’ve not done that
and we’re still in the situation we’re in, we’ll probably have to pull the plug
on that.” That implies Florida has every intention of
cancelling WrestleMania, they’re just giving WWE a week to do it on their terms. It’s deeply unfortunate McMahon hasn’t
gotten ahead on this, especially considering how other sports organisations the NBA, MLW
and MLS suspended their seasons last Wednesday. Still behaving as though WrestleMania is going
ahead isn’t just irresponsible from a business standpoint, it’s creating another point
of uncertainty for all those fans who’ve bought tickets for the show. AEW, meanwhile, appear to be facing the reality
of the situation far more head on, with the Wrestling Observer reporting Tony Khan has
been rewriting the shows to accommodate not having any fans in attendance. Apparently AEW “pretty much have everything
booked” up until May 23rd’s Double or Nothing, and they will go ahead with the Inner
Circle vs Elite Blood & Guts Don’t Call It War Games match in two weeks’ time to
an empty crowd. And Cody Rhodes has explained why AEW will
continue with storylines despite lacking the crowd atmosphere:
“A lot of folks are sitting at home. Some scared…all bored. Just like real community leaders have come
forward, entertainment leaders have to follow suit(safely). People need to laugh, cry, forget, love, all
the good stuff. My personal opinion, we shouldn’t hold back.” Which is exactly what we’re doing today
with WrestleTalk Showcase: No Fans Monday! Tune in right here to WrestleTalk’s YouTube
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weekend – we’ve got a hell of a replacement for our tag match. With Nathan Cruz and Lucas Steel vs Robbie
X and Scotty Davis! And our huge main event of boyfriend vs girlfriend,
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