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Fiery Crash | But I’m Chris Jericho | Season 2 Ep. 6

September 6, 2019

(rock music) – You know, that’s your script. – Pick up the script;
give it to me. Come on. Dropping my scripts everywhere. – You didn’t come
home last night and you showed up to set late? Are you back on caffeine? – No, even better. McGloin is
gonna produce our TV series. We spent the whole
night at his place. You should have seen it,
there was balloon ladies and a leopard man
and a pile of manure. Listen, I’ll explain
it to you later. Bottom line is
this, I don’t need this piece of crap show anymore. – Hey Chris. – Hey Lawrence. Sorry that I’m, uh late. – That’s perfectly alright
sweetheart, you do you, huh. (chuckle) – “You do you,” You do me! – Chris. – You see her coming
over here kissing my ass. She’s obviously heard
about the McGloin deal. She’s trying to give me
the respect I deserve, but guess what, too
little to late Lawrence. You fucking amateur! – Have you read
the latest script? – No, I never read the script. Besides, it’s a holiday show,
it’s a bunch of fluff anyways. – Chris–
– [Director] Are we ready to shoot this TV series today? Come on, let’s go people. – Ha ha, there he is! Sup man? Thanks for joining us. – You wish, Todd. – Yes. – Alright, we don’t have
much time guys, let’s go. – Oh yeah, lack of time is the
reason why this show sucks. – Let’s just get through
the first shot, okay? First positions.
– [Cameraman] Rolling. – [Director] Action!
(dramatic music) – If we don’t get the
Tesseract necklace back to the Flarkin princess
the whole universe could collapse onto
itself, by Gorah! – The necklace is trouble in
the Flarkin princesses’ hands and I can’t let that happen
during a special time of year Captain Chance.
(yawns) – I’m sorry, sorry, continue. – She wouldn’t even know (sighs)
the power of the Tesseract if ye’ hadn’t
stolen’ it from her in the first place, Sergeant. The fate of the holiday and
all future holiday seasons depends on it.
(ringtone goes off) Uh, seriously? – Oh my – Talk to me, Phil. – Chris, my rock! – [Chris] Once again
this is Chris Jericho not Chris Rock and I
don’t have his number. – Aw, that’s okay. Hey! How is everything
going at Star Crusaders? It’s a pretty great
show isn’t it? It pays well don’t it? – I’m not gonna
have to be involved with this turkey
too much longer, but that doesn’t matter. Now listen, more
important things, did McGloin call you back,
did he send the contract yet? – Well that’s why
I’m calling you, unfortunately Randy
is a little bit dead. – Dead! What happened? – E. Coli bacteria,
apparently the guy drank a very dirty martini! I don’t know what
that guy was up to but they found three pounds
of horse manure in his system. – What does it mean
for Space Brawlers? – [Phil] What’s it
mean? It’s gone, dead. Kaput! Not going to happen-o! – Okay, I get it, I get it. – Sorry Sheila, that dog’s
not going to hunt anymore. Auf Weidersehen! Ciao Bell
(phone hangs up) – (moans) Okay, (laughs) guys – Have a nice chat, Chris? – Well you know
what happened is, I am not feeling
a hundred percent and this is such a great show, great home for me, good people. It was unprofessional,
I apologize for that. I think we should move forward
and make this amazing show. I love all of you, I love
holiday season shows. Long live space Christmas shows. – Thanks Chris. Now let’s shoot your
death scene and move on. – Death scene? – Yes, that’s what I
was trynna tell you, you get run over by a clone. – A clone? I have a clone? I finally have a clone! So the clone hits me and it
turns out that I’m really the clone, so the clone
is me and I’m the clone? – Yeah, sure. Alright let’s pick it
up from Chris’s line. Action! – I just wanna say
how cool this is that I have a clone, especially
here on the holiday special, this is huge! – And action. – Okay, give me
your line Michelle. (dramatic music)
– The fate of the holiday and all future holidays
seasons depends on it. – We need to talk about this
over some festive food slides. Come on. – [Director] And
you see the car. – No–
– [Director] And, bam! – Ooph – Cut, perfect. – Yeah, that has
some good energy. Tony, what do you think? (Tony snores) He had a rough
night, thanks guys! – Alright let’s shoot
Chris in the car. (chair rolling) – Alright, so what
do we got here? Have I been searching for
this guy for a long time, like an intergalactic bounty
hunter sorta thing or? – Nope, you’re just
on a nice Sunday drive having some space cream. – They eat styrofoam in space? – No, we’re going to CGI
in the space cream okay? ‘Cause it doesn’t
exist on Earth. – Oh.
– And act– – Is it okay if
I have an accent? – Whatever. And action. And you’re driving along,
you’re licking your space cream. (Chris licking) And you’re gonna
fiddle with the radio. Okay, oh no you’ve
dropped your space cream. (styrofoam hits floor)
Reach down to pick it up – Why am I reaching
for ice cream? – ‘Cause it’s space cream
it’s really expensive. And you see your
clone, say your line! – Mamma mia itsa mia! – Okay and bam! And you lose control (Chris yells) Kablooie! The car explodes
that’s a series wrap on Chris Jericho everyone. (clapping) Thank God. – Series? Both of me died? – Get him out of here,
I want him out, okay. – We thought you’d be too
busy on your new show. – There’s no new
show, Miss Lawrence. This is my show,
this is my home! – Oh well. Looks like I did “do you”
– Huh? – from what you said earlier. (Chris groans) – I’m so sorry, Chris. – I tried man, I held
it off for weeks. (ping pong ball bounces) – Oops
– Thanks man. – Okay. – [Director] Alright
folks we gotta move on, someone take that chair. – Alright, here we go. – Fuck you and fuck you
and fuck you and fuck you! I own this town bitches! Chris and I have our own show– (screams) – Let’s go!
– Ow ow, mom-om – [Lawrence] Come on
– [Lawrence’s Son] Ow, mom. – [Lawrence] This is
a place of business, you can not behave like this. (door shutting) – Great job! (footsteps walking away) (cap hits floor) (Chris sighs) (action music) – The necklace is trouble in
the Flarkin princess’s hands, and I can’t let that happen
during a special time of year. – She wouldn’t even
know the power of the Tesseract if
you hadn’t stolen it from her in the first
place Sergeant– – Did I miss your big scene? – Unfortunately not. – [Chris on TV] Okay we
need to talk about this over some festive food slabs. Come on. – Mamma mia itsa mia! (screaming) (car explodes) – I can’t believe I
literally crashed and burned. – The fans will hate it, it’s gonna blow up online. – I sure hope so (laughter) – Hey, cheer up, you
didn’t even notice the mistletoe I’m holding. – Hm. – [Tony] I saw it. – Tony would you get outta here? – Yeah, yeah totally. I’m gonna be in the backyard
freezing if you guys need me. – We won’t.
– We won’t. (Tony struggling) – Now where were we? (ringtone) – Hm, it’s Phil. – Hey Phil. – [Phil] Great double
death in that episode. You looked like James
Cagney out there. – Um, thanks. – Gotta tell you, they love
death scenes in the biz. My phones been
ringing off the hook, I just got off the
phone with Smerken. – You’re kidding me. Phil, please tell me
The Human Gluestick is back on the table. – Not exactly, but
they have a character called Protractor Pete. He’s animated, he can only
say protractor, protractor. But they think you’ll
be perfect for it. – Well it’s not exactly
a Christmas miracle but I’ll take it. – It is kind of a
miracle because after that Scoops fiasco, I
thought I’d never hear from them again. – Well you know what Phil,
we’ve been through a lot and I just want to
thank you for everything you’ve done for me and
happy holidays, man. – Happy Holidays to you,
you’re my number one guy. Shalom! (chuckles) (Phone hangs up) (small laughter) (gentle kiss) (phone rings) – [Colin] What’s up homie? – Colin Mochrie! How’s my number one guy? (rock music)

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