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Fans catfished a college basketball player into one of his worst games

December 23, 2019

– [Seth] Guys I want to talk
about a college basketball player who thought that he
had met a potential girlfriend online but was in fact getting cat fished by an entire rival fan base. (laughing) – It’s not funny it’s really sad. – What an idiot. – A nightmare. A nightmare scenario. – No it’s great. – Okay so the year is 2006. That’s important because we need to put ourselves in a sort of 2006 head space. – You mean we need to be more innocent than we are now in 2019. – Yes, much more. – Yeah. – Gabe Pruitt, who went on
to a mediocre NBA Player, I think he played like one
or two years on the Celtics was a star guard for USC. And toward the end of the
season, March of 2006, he got an AOL instant message. A message on AIM. (giggling) – AOL instant messenger
for the children at home. – Yeah what’s that, it’s like
the Snapchat of our gen– – It’s basically just
texting on a computer. Its the equivalent of
like, DM’ing right now. – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – So he got an AIM message,
from an account that wasn’t in his buddy list. So someone he had never talked to before. – [Will] His buddy list.
(giggling) – [Seth] There were buddy lists. – Yeah I forgot that there was a buddy list. – And the account was ‘Sexy Bruin Babe’. – Sure. – Sexy Bruin Babe presented
herself as a student from UCLA, hence Sexy Bruin Babe. She also happened to be sexy
and share some pictures, who was interested in
hanging out with Gabe Pruitt and invited him to a
party that Saturday night. They flirted. They complimented each other. They sent each other pictures. He at one point sent this
individual who said her name was Victoria, a picture
of himself wearing a UCLA basketball jersey as in like,
her school not his school, flexing in front of a mirror. – [Clara] He’s head over heels. – This is a problem.
– Whoa. (laughing) – Clearly he was really into Victoria. And they agreed they would
meet at UCLA for a party on campus, that Saturday night. Saturday earlier, during the
day, he had a game at Cal, so, you know, up in Berkeley. Then the team would come
back, he would go to UCLA for that night, hopefully
after celebrating a win over Cal, an important rival right before the NCAA tournament. The Trojans go to Cal. Game starts. The entire Cal student
body, everyone in the crowd is chanting Gabe Pruitt’s name. His phone number. The name Victoria. They’re holding up signs
that say ‘Call Gabe” and have his phone number
on them and have images that he had sent to Victoria. – Yeah, yeah. – Oh God, kids are so cruel, it’s just– – But also so great at
organizing for nothing. To organize a cluster of 20 ish year olds, into a chant of a phone number. Like there’s orchestration
that has to happen there, that I’m pretty impressed with. – [Seth] Yeah. – But a phone number is like so many, it’s a long chant. That seems hard, yeah. – And we’ll get into the
person who actually perpetrated this, but as I’m sure we’ve all gathered, there was no Victoria. He had been cat fished. – Oh. – Are you– (giggles) – So you’re just catching up? – I wasn’t listening. (laughing) – You know what, I’m almost
glad it was a cat fish and there wasn’t like, a
real girl who defined herself as Sexy Bruin Babe. (laughing) It’s like what about me, what makes me– – [Will] What are the
three things about me? Well, I’m sexy. – [Clara] Mm-hmm. – [Will] Favorite school is UCLA. And the third thing about me,
I know I’ve said that I’m sexy but I’m also a babe. (laughing) – Did you ever, in like
sort of pre Facebook, or like proto Facebook era,
did you ever find yourself impersonating someone on the internet, or falling victim to someone
impersonating someone? – I really didn’t. – One hundred percent.
– That you know of. (Laughing) – But you did Will? – Yeah, I want to hear Clara
talk about her innocence, her youth. – Yeah I feel like I missed
out on an opportunity but like, the deceit didn’t come easily to me. I never really occurred
that could be happening, or that I should be doing that. I don’t think I even like,
traded photos with a stranger. I’m proud of myself. Yeah, this is good. – That’s great.
– Good for me. (laughing) – Have fun in heaven, like I don’t know. – There’s a really good
article, sort of history interviewing everyone
involved in this from 2016. From the ten year anniversary. Jeff Eisenberg from Yahoo
interviewed everyone involved. All of whom are like, cool about this now. Which is nice, I’m glad
nothing bad came of this. – What did Victoria have to say? (laughing) – No. – I feel like you’re still not– – Dude, if we’re talking babes. (laughing) – Get a little distracted. – So the guy who did it,
was as you might suspect a Cal student at the time,
and this was his thing. In the early days of
Facebook everyone would just, privacy didn’t exists yet. No one had considered that. We all had our phone numbers on there and our AIM screen names. – We were too dumb to use the internet. I definitely put my
phone number on Facebook and definitely had a thought
of like, babe might see. (laughing) – What, I thought you were
going to say a thought of like, this is a bad idea. – [Seth] No. – No have you heard any
of the things I’ve said? – Have you never been a 15 year old boy? I don’t understand. The other thing about Facebook
is that you would just friend whoever. If someone friend requested
you, you were like yeah sure. And like famous people
would be on Facebook and if they were our age and
kind of dumb and didn’t have agents yet, they would
put their phone numbers and friend whoever. So in college we used to always invite Roy Hibbert to our parties. Cause he was like, yeah
he friended all of us. He never came to the parties but. (laughing) You know, he went to a much
better school than I did, so Roy Hibbert you’re a
smart guy, you’re still invited to all my parties. The Cal student who perpetrated the thing, this guy would friend
players from opposing schools on Facebook, and then
he would like, you know print out pictures that they
had posted there’s like a story that he held up pictures
of Robin and Brook Lopez who were at Stanford at
the time, and like they dapped him up after the game. They’re like that was funny. – Oh yeah. – Other people got mad at him.
– Yeah. – But he would do this kind of stuff. So he made the Sexy Bruin Babe account. Invented the persona Victoria. I think he used the photo
of like a Cal student, just like someone he knew, and he tried to do this to Jordan Farmar. Another future NBA player
who was at UCLA at the time. And Jordan Farmar, who I
will point out, had a longer and more fruitful NBA
career than Gabe Pruitt, may or may not be related, was like, no, not interested. So undeterred, he moved on
to the next game, or whatever the next rival USC and
everything went great. Gabe Pruitt bought in completely. And so, after getting
texts and photos and stuff from Gabe Pruitt,
getting his phone number, sent all this stuff to his friends, figuring that a few of them
would chant at the game and they would like, hold
up signs or whatever. But it spread like wild fire
and so literally the entire crowd was chanting
Victoria, Victoria during the national anthem. – That’s a good name to chant. – And there is no question that’s what you’re doing.
– Right, right. Gabe knew immediately and
had to then explain it to all of the teammates
who didn’t know that he had a date that night. – But did he use that as
a way to unite the team and fight against a larger
enemy than intended. – Yeah, no great question. (laughing) – [Seth] Cal destroyed USC. Gabe Pruitt shot, I have it here. He shot three of 13 with
six turnovers which is a very bad game. – You can’t blame Gabe though. He just found out babe not real. (laughing) – By a large group of people. The fact he played, I would have left. Star basket ball player I
would have gotten my bag, they take a bag out, I don’t
know, gotten my back pack that I bring out to the court, and just like left. And transferred. Never seen again. – This story does not
look like this in 2019. – [Will] No. – Or anytime in the last ten years. And I will add that like,
the guy who did this to Gabe Pruitt, afterward, he had
to use the Sexy Bruin Babe account to contact him, but
contacted him and was like listen man, like that
went too far and like, appendicular, I’m sorry
that your phone number– – Well he’s the other thing,
he didn’t have to use the Sexy Babe, he could have texted him. He could have called him– – Why wasn’t Sexy babe
blocked at that point. – Okay, okay. Dude was an asshole. (laughing) – That fact that he went back to, cause that’s the moment of
like, oh your loved one died but how are they still contacting me. (laughing) – Oh Victoria. – I think the like meanest
thing I actually did, was just cyber bully Smarterchild. If you guys remember Smarterchild. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Wait we need to maybe
explain Smarterchild to the audience. – It’s maybe like, the first
bot that’s ever existed. So kind of almost like a
google instant messenger. – Yeah it was kind of a clippy for– – Yeah and it had a personality. It was like a genius child. – [Clara] Yeah.
– It was a smarter child. – Which I think is what
brought out the cyber bullying, it’s like just in it’s
screen name, Smarterchild, you think you’re better than me. (giggles) – And so you harassed the bot? – [Clara] Oh yeah. – I did this also I’m just gonna– – Yeah I don’t know, just
like strings of curse words. I remember it would always say
like, that’s not very nice. If you ever put a curse
in, even if it was nice. You’re looking fucking
great today Smarterchild, that’s not very nice. Well actually is it.
– [Will] Well it is. – Who’s so smart now? – It is nice. – That, whoever made it,
was definitely using it to harvest our personalities
and build the thing that will eventually kill all of us. – That Smarterchild, grew
up to the be Steve Google. (laughing)

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    The AIM chat sounds brought back memories…

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    Epic prank!

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    ahhhh a SMARTERCHILD reference. love it. only people of a certain age will get it.

    nice touch with the door close at the end.

  • Reply Bill_Nye_The_Russian_Spy December 22, 2019 at 9:14 am

    Clara looks 60 and 15 at the same time

  • Reply TheKandyCinema December 22, 2019 at 10:05 am

    A good episode idea would be detailing the time that John Scott, a hockey enforcer who exists solely to protect the stars and fight with little to no offensive abilities was fan voted into the NHL All-Star Game. Detailing how the NHL tried numerous methods to shut it down and him winning All Star MVP would be a fantastic episode.

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    this isnt cool this is abuse and is disgusting

  • Reply Greg C December 22, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    When I was in college, I was apart of the "research" team to find things out on facebook regarding the opposing teams. There was absolutely no privacy before 2010 on facebook (graduated in '11). Before each basketball game would would have print outs of all the chants for each individual player and bring in large cutouts of photos. It was so easy to access all that information back then and yeah people just accepted friend requests from everyone. Not surprising that catfishing happened and "sexybruinsbabe" wasn't that out of line as a s/n for a teenage/college girl back then.

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